's Ross Kenneth Urken has hit upon a way for you to save some good money, especially if your credit score has gone up recently. Refinance your high rate auto loan. Just Google it and you could be on your way to substantial savings. There's a number of lenders that will compete for your business. The old mortgage lead generator LendingTree is even getting in on the action. So check it out today. 

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Robert Ian made the bold prediction many months ago that the housing recovery had no legs and would soon peter out. Sure enough even all the massaged data put forth by Uncle Sam are showing what we've known for months, the Emperor's Housing Boom is a Bust! There's also a special offer for the Liberty Mastermind Videos so listen up. 

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Some believe that the deteriorating situation in could be the Black Swan that throws the oils markets into complete chaos. Not so's Joe Deaux. He thinks it's still to early to tell. So far oil prices are high but they haven't gone parabolic. It looks like oil is still flowing from Iraq and that's a good thing. Will it continue, no one knows for sure. The situation is fluid and could change at any moment. 

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New York State's highest court has struck the final nail in the coffin of Nanny Bloomberg's dreaded double gulp soda ban. But it's not really a victory for personal liberty. The fact that such trivial personal rights must now be litigated all the way to the highest courts shows just how little credence our rights are afforded by the political system. And the decision wasn't unanimous, two judges on the saw nothing wrong with such nannyism, after all obesity is an epidemic. In other news, gold and silver are holding on to their gains, even though it's Friday. What a nice change. 

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