Former Congressman John LeBoutillier believes that Bergdahl swap was merely a smokescreen to get the VA Scandal off the front pages. If that was the case, it failed miserably. The VA Scandal isn't going away and neither is the scandal that arose from releasing 5 of the most dangerous Taliban leaders kept in Gitmo. 

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Danielle Park joined us for our bi-weekly discussion. During an economic downturn it's important to temper your expectations when it comes to your return. Instead of 8 percent with mountains of risk, a 2-4 percent riskless return starts looking pretty good. If you don't believe it, just look at Detroit's pension fund. It's beneficiaries are taking a major hit in the bankruptcy because it's former mayor decided to line his pockets at their expense. 

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Comrade DeBlasio who succeeded Nanny Bloomberg as mayor of New York City has a not so-secret plan to expand the City's welfare rolls. He's dropping the work requirement for recipients to receive welfare and foodstamps. This reverses a 20 year old policy that reduced the number of public assistance beneficiaries by nearly 80 percent. But now it's gone. That's progressive progress!

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Don Watkins of the Ayn Rand Institute has a new book out, RooseveltCare: How Social Security Is Sabotaging the Land of Self-Reliance. In it he makes a very pursuasive argument that abolishing Social Security will help restore America to economic sanity. The program has had a very corrosive effect upon American's self reliance and has led to an involuntary multi-generational transfer of wealth. If left unchecked, an economic meltdown is sure to occur. 

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Jason Hartman has been investing in real estate for decades. He's been extremely successful at it and he wants you to be too. His system is simple and easy and he stays with you every step of the way. For 10 lucky people who win this contest, you and a person of your choosing will get to attend one of his amazing events on Saturday, June 28, 2014. Listen to the interview and enter. It will be fun and profitable!

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