Darryl R. Schoon has always been an out of the box, ahead of the curve thinker. He sees us all as riding a surf board atop a wave of debt. Unfortunately, that wave is about to crash upon the shore, leaving all to many shattered. Your only defense against the destruction about to be wrought is precious metals. But too few have to taken heed and the time left is running very short.

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Mises Institute's Mark Thornton stopped by today for the first time. When it comes to free markets and Austrian Economics, he's a heavy weight. His writings are found on the Mises site and around the web. We discussed the proliferation of super tall buildings happening across the globe. Mark has shown that they're a surefire sign of malinvestment that comes from artificially low interest rates. These buildings are popping up in North America, Europe, the Middle East and China. Will the usual economic bust follow in their path? Well if past is prologue, expect economic devastation to follow in their paths. 

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Gold and Silver are holding up very nicely considering that it's Federal Open Market Committee Week. We've got Dave Kranzler talking about the real news on real estate and gold and silver. We've got the Mises Institute's Mark Thornton talking about his much heralded skyskraper index. And finally we've got Darryl R. Schoon talking about what's next for the economy and the world. All-in-all a great day for FSN. 

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Dave Kranzler watches the real estate market very closely and sees some alarming trends happening now. Whereas low inventory has been the buzzword for the past two years, now inventory is increasing and sales are slowing. This bad trend shows no signs of slowing. There's still a record number of people who are underwater in their homes and thus have no ability to move. Combine this with the millenials who have crushing student debt and no wonder the housing market has lost its legs. 

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