We had a great interview with noted economist and author Richard Duncan yesterday. While he advocates a pragmatic view and acceptance of the status quo and abandonment of our ideals and capitalism, I can't accept that. Expecting the government to make successful bets on future technologies is a long shot that is destined to fail. Rather we need to find a way back to our roots and sound money and to mitigate the inevitable damage, because either way, pain is going to occur. 

Speaking of failure of the existing paradigm there's Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. That's the actual name of the Ocean State. And they had a referendum in 2010 because some people believed it was racist. Plantation in English meant colony. But they have far greater problems, the state is a Stalinist Theme Park. It's an epic fail. Liberalism and Progressivism have had their way since 1935 and the place is falling apart. And the people are too arrogant or stupid or both to see it. 

Then there's that other epic fail, Detroit. What to try next? Perhaps urban homesteading. Knocking down all 40,000 abandoned homes will only cost $850 million or $22k each. Sounds like a steal! Why not have an Uber wrecking App and have a Dutch Auction? These homes are truly worth more dead than alive. 

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James Hirsen says the recent primary election results in California brought some rare good tidings to the beleaguered Golden State GOP. The Democrats in the California State Legislature, who once thought that they were easily going to recapture supermajorities in both state houses, now see their desired outcome as a much more remote possibility. Surprisingly, candidates in key races for the California State Senate, who by significant margins obtained the highest vote counts, were Republicans. The state senate is significant in that it is the legislative body in which Democrats were involved in scandals, which resulted in three politicians being suspended from office and criminal charges being lodged against them.

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Gordon T. Long was on today talking about the Uber Revolution taking place in Europe. Seems the state-sponsored taxi monopolies are none too happy about the competition that this little app is causing them. Nevermind the employment opportunities for all the unemployed students, it's undermining the power of the state. And what's going on with the re-hypothecation scandal in China. Who owns anything anymore? Nonone knows. Just wait till the next crash. 

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