Alan M. Newman has been calling the stock market for decades. He sees the current market as grossly over-valued and a potentially dangerous place to be. He's looking at precious metals as safe haven. He's concerned about the prospect of inflation and economic instablity as well as the deterioration of the Middle East and other international hot spots. 

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Why Gold surged last Thursday;
  • Sinclair’s Denver Meeting—Bear Market Over;
  • What’s going on Iraq;
  • De-dollarization comments from Russia;
  • What’s going on in Ukraine;
  • Modri getting ready to announce new PM policy?;
  • European PMI sixth low;
  • Baltic Dry Index down to near all time low;
  • US Food inflation soaring;
  • Highest gas prices ever except 2008 right before crash;
  • Shanghai gold exchange is going international!
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We discuss last week's precious metal price action. An amazing week that confirmed what we all knew. Sometimes it takes a few months and sometimes it takes a few years but the end is always the same. This weeks is going to be amazing. Please help support the show at ClubFSN

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John Rubino of joined us for our Monday morning chat. We agreed that last Thursday's run up in precious metals prices was a confirmation of the price movements that started earlier in the year. Now's your opportunity not to make the mistakes that you've make so many times before. It's so obvious what's going to happen. Stacking maybe your last chance to cash in. 

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