Doubtful that a China deal will happen. Brexit is delayed but not forgotten. The stock is just not valid from a fundamental perspective. Risks are to the downside. Tax-loss selling ahead. The Fed will have no choice but to cut in 2020. After the spectacular run up in metals it make sense that there would be a pullback. Trillion dollar deficits, China in a slow down, how can it be bearish for gold? Anyone sourcing product out of China is seeing their costs go up and it will eventually be passed down to the consumer. Can it not have an affect on the stock market? Hong Kong is buying metals aggressively and selling off HK$ for US$. Iran is melting down. Demonstrations and riots are heading close to a tipping point. There are so many countries approaching political metldown. Just pick one and watch what happens next. 

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While CBD may not be a cure all, it seems to help anxiety and back pain. The body actually has a system for producing and using CBD. CBD appears to effectively treat Epilepsy and helps control convulsions. The problem is that big pharma wants to take it over. Jay says he’s got a lot of repeat customers. It’s very does specific to the individual. There really isn’t anybody who can accurately prescribe exact amounts. Too much isn’t a good thing. And too little won’t help either. Method of ingestion is important too. Oil suspensions and tinctures appear to be the best means of taking it. Where is it grown and harvested? Beware of Chinese and Asian CBD. European is strictly regulated and pure. How is it extracted and bottled? Beware of CBD extracted through a chemical process. We need more research and studies to establish CBD’s benefits. Look for US Hemp Authority seal of approval, which will assure the purity of the CBD you're purchasing. 

Direct download: Jay_Grover_15.NOV.19.mp3
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Elan Musk's Boring Company could be his greatest innovation to date. One day while sitting in his car, making the commute and getting stuck in the famous LA traffic, it occurred to Elan, as it so often does, that we're going about this transportation thing all wrong. Why not dig tunnels and put all the traffic underground? Thus the Boring Company was born. Using high-speed low-cost tunneling equipment derived from his Tesla EV technology, he's managed to bring the price of tunneling down from $500 million per mile to just $10-15 million per mile, which makes tunnels the way to go. Add that to the Tesla EV vehicle and you've really got something. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_15.Nov.19.mp3
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Watch out for digital payment services. It’s all in your phone and the fraudsters are out there taking your data. Through the miracle of the NFC (Near field communication) protocol, thieves can steal your financial info in a flash. Beware of fuel thieves, especially in Florida. They steal credit card data and then go to gas stations and load up their hidden tanks with a few hundred gallons. Then you get charged and the gas station is left to pick up the tab. While you’re busy with your life and its distractions, the data thieves are vacuuming up card numbers and charging up a storm. Small business is really getting hit. Vigilance is your only defense. 

Direct download: Heather_Wagenhals_14.Nov.19.mp3
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A hero of the Left has passed away. One of the most famous undead people in the world, the Islamic State (ISIS) caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been reported dead yet again, and this time it actually appears to be true. The Washington Post headlined its story about the killing as if Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was one of their favored anti-Trump intellectuals, dead at a tragically young age: “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48.” Bloomberg wrote that “Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi transformed himself from a little-known teacher of Koranic recitation into the self-proclaimed ruler of an entity that covered swaths of Syria and Iraq.” The respect! The deference! The admiration! Isn't it touching? 

Direct download: Robert_Spencer_14.Nov.19.mp3
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Joel has always been in favor of Trump but believes that he’s ill-equipped for the battle. Every law enforcement organization in the nation is connected to the deep state. It’s a case a whack-a-mole. Every time he fires a deep stater, he winds up hiring another. He has to rely upon the advice of main stream republicans who cannot be trusted. The key is whether the deep staters in the Senate will openly vote in favor of the removal. Joel believes that Trump has done nothing illegal. Biden isn’t immune from investigation and Trump had every right to request it. Not to mention that there’s a treaty with Ukraine that requires investigation of wrong doing. What do we do with Donald Trump? He has good instincts but bad morals and not much else. The deep state keeps getting its way. Joel is worried that after Trump the US will never have another republican president. Just look at the state of Virginia which is now solid blue thanks to illegal immigration. 

Direct download: Joel_Skousen_12.Nov.19.mp3
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Austin has its hearts and sidewalks to the homeless. Following the example of San Francisco the city council passed an ordinance allowing homeless to sleep in virtually any place except the mayor’s home. Finally the Governor stepped in and cleaned the place up. The city has fought back by warning the homeless of impending sweeps. What standard should we use to commit these individuals to mental health facility? The current standard of imminent harm to themselves or to others is not working. It’s time to protect society and individuals from this societal degredation. Forcible medication needs to be looked at and perhaps implemented. 

Direct download: Dr_John_Huber_12.Nov.19.mp3
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US Gold Corp (symbol USAU) reported major news today. CEO Ed Karr is very pleased with the recent drill results that yielded .4 grams per ton of gold. Ed believes that this is the edge or halo of a major gold system. The company's Keystone 20 square mile project is huge and discovering gold here akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But these results further affirm the potential for large gold systems here, with similar potential to the neighboring Cortez Hills district. And while the needle has been elusive, they now have a much clearer idea where it's lurking. US Gold's technical staff plans to spend the winter going over the results and figuring out where to drill next. Exciting times ahead!

Direct download: Ed_Karr_12.Nov.19.mp3
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Martin Armstrong is back explaining what’s really happening in the Repo market. It’s all about Europe. It’s a function of the Euro’s failure and the march into the safe-haven US Dollar. The Repo crisis is about Deutch Bank going down and the European politicians refuse to bail it out, what happens next? No one wants to merge with it, it’s the red-headed step child of international banking. The US Dollar has no choice but to keep going up. Dow is headed much, much higher. Gold will take off as confidence in the system ebbs. US Government debt is still the standard and will remain so for a while to come. 

Direct download: Martin_Armstrong_12.Nov.19.mp3
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Hey Bernie, It's 'Medicare For All' That Would Be 'Cruel' And 'Dysfunctional'

During last week's Democratic presidential debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders called the current U.S. healthcare system "dysfunctional" and "cruel." Words like that are more appropriate descriptors of the government-run healthcare systems abroad that Sanders would like to import to the United States. NOTE: President Trump shared this article on Facebook. It was also shared by his official campaign Twitter and Facebook page, as well as by Kayleigh McEnany, the National Press Secretary for his 2020 reelection campaign.

Direct download: Sally_Pipes_11.Nov.19.mp3
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CLO (collateralized loan obligation) markets starting to tank. Market for risky corporate debt is softening and turning to real junk. Even the WSJ ran a story about people going even further into debt. There's ever more underwater car loans because of negative equity in the consumer's current auto. By rolling over the balance into a new loan, they’re effectively paying interest on interest. How can all of this end well for the country or the consumer? 

Direct download: John_Rubino_11.Nov.19.mp3
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The risks of getting and paying for a college education have never been higher. That's why Robert Farrington's site is so valuable. Robert teaches Millennials how to choose and pay for college. Before undertaking 6 figure debt, it's essential that you have a college strategy. That means, figuring out the value of your eventual diploma, assuming you make it through the rigors of higher education. Robert says, figure out what your 1st year earnings out of college will be and then don't exceed that figure in student loans. A site that gives an invaluable view of what you're in for is College Scorecard. There's information here that has never been available before. It will help you and your child make a more rational decision. 

Direct download: Robert_Farrington_05.Nov.19.mp3
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Peter Hanks joined DailyFX as a Junior Analyst after contributing market insights while still a student at Loyola University Chicago where he received his degree in Finance. Actively trading since he was a teenager, Peter focuses on using fundamental analysis to trade around macroeconomic issues, while utilizing technical analysis to find attractive entry and exit points. His experience ranges from spot currency, commodities, stocks and options. In his role at DailyFX, Peter centers his attention on the US equity market, closely following earnings season and other corporate developments that are influenced by broader macroeconomic matters. To that end, he has conducted presentations on the stock market impact from themes that include trade wars, global growth, geopolitics and monetary policy at the Chicago Trader's Expo.

World stocks edged higher on Tuesday, lifted by strong earnings from big U.S. drugmakers Merck and Pfizer and expectations of another dose of policy stimulus from the U.S. Federal Reserve, while oil prices pared earlier losses. European shares slid as they headed toward their worst quarterly earnings in more than three years.

The benchmark U.S. S&P 500 index eked out a fresh record high, led by Merck and Pfizer, though a disappointing profit report from Google parent Alphabet kept the technology-rich Nasdaq in the red. The index breached its all-time high set in July on Monday, spurred by hopes of a U.S.-China trade deal and expectations of another Fed rate cut. The steepening of the two- and 10-year yield curve suggests a budding risk-on sentiment among investors, now that some form of a U.S.-Sino trade agreement is likely.

Direct download: Peter_Hanks_06.Nov.19.mp3
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According to noted columnist and expert Bill Whittle, the Right has already won the culture war. It's hard to believe, given how left-wing Hollywood is, but he's convinced it's true. There's a lot of evidence to back up his thesis. Movies that feminize men and seek to push the progressive agenda are getting killed at the box office. Left-wing news outlets are dying a painful death. How much longer before the social justice warriors acknowledge defeat and throw in the towel?

Direct download: Bill_Whittle_05.Nov.19.mp3
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Should Sex Work Be Decriminalized? Elizabeth Warren; Bernie Sanders and Kaytlin Bailey say yes. Prostitution has been called the world's oldest profession. But outside of a handful of counties in Nevada, it's illegal in the U.S. A movement is now gaining traction to decriminalize sex work. The City Council in Washington, D.C., and the New York state Legislature are considering separate decriminalization bills. Under decriminalization, selling and buying sex would still be illegal but would carry no criminal penalties. Several Democratic candidates for president — including Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker — have said they would consider decriminalizing sex work nationwide.

My main issue with Kaytlin was why not just legalize and regulate it. She's of the opinion that the brothel owners will benefit, rather than the lowly prostitute. And what about street walkers, should we encourage them to ply their trade on the mean streets of America? Kaytlin is of the opinion, supposedly backed by research that street walkers are a result of so-called sex work being illegal. Once decriminalized all that will end. 

What's your opinion? 

Direct download: Kaytlin_Bailey_05.Nov.19.mp3
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Crista Huff is bullish on the stock market. So are we. But is it really just a melt up or is it a sign that the real economy is taking off? We don't really know the answer to that one yet. But we do know that a trend in motion stays in motion. And right now the trend is bullish, so until it stops, we have higher numbers to look forward to. 

Direct download: Christa_Huff_04.Nov.19.mp3
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The Fed would like you to believe that there’s nothing to see here. Just a seasonal blip and there’s no reason to be concerned. Dave believes there’s something far more profound taking place. Could all the credit bubbles be getting ready to pop? Is there major bank asset deterioration taking place? It’s not just the debt, it’s all the derivatives that are wrapped up around the debt. If the underlying debt blows up, so will the derivatives that were created to profit off of it. There’s a good chance that the hedge fund industry has hit hard times. The physical gold market has become detached from the paper market. Now we’re in the midst of India’s major gold buying season. Imports have shot up and so have premiums. Now things could be getting interesting. China is still buying gold every day.. They could be part of the reason why gold shot up in the summer. 

Direct download: Dave_Kranzler_05.Nov.19.mp3
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The swine flu epidemic in China has reached a new phase. Chinese are now switching from pork to chicken. Currently there’s a Chinese Embargo on the importation of US chicken products, which will probably be lifted  shortly. Egg demand is also increasing dramatically. Which leads to the question, Which leads to the question, which will they run out of first, the chickens or the eggs? Ned recommends a number of companies that will profit from this state of affairs. Finally, will the swine flu epidemic give China an added impetus to reach a much sought after trade agreement with Trump? 

Direct download: Ned_Schmidt_04.Nov.19.mp3
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Stock markets were up again in October with DJIA up .5%. Dollar was down 2%. Euro up to 112. Bitcoin up to 9131. Metals were up with gold closing at 1512 and silver closing at 18.07. Palladium shot up again to 1780. WTI flat. Uranium down to 24. Pt to Pd still at all time low of .53. Gold to silver eased to 83.7. Till next month!

DJIA 10/31/19 27046 0.50%
S&P 500 10/31/19 3038 2.00%
NASDAQ 10/31/19 8292 3.70%
RUS 2000 10/31/19 1562 2.60%
TSX 10/31/19 16483 -1.10%
TSX.V 10/31/19 538 -3.80%
MCSI 10/31/19 1044 4.30%
VIX 10/31/19 13.22  
DXY 10/31/19 97.22 -2.20%
EURO 10/31/19 112 2.40%
10 Year 10/31/19 1.69 0.60%
Bitcoin 10/31/19 9131 10.50%
Au 10/31/19 1513 2.80%
Ag 10/31/19 18.07 6.50%
Pt 10/31/19 935 6.40%
Pd 10/31/19 1780 7.60%
Cu 10/31/19 2.64 1.90%
WTI 10/31/19 54.18 0.20%
Brent 10/31/19 60.23 -0.90%
Henry Hub 10/31/19 2.63 12.90%
U308 10/31/19 24 -5.90%
Ratios Au : Ag Pt : Au Pt : Pd
  83.7 0.62 0.53


Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_04.Nov.19.mp3
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The Fed has no choice, once they started cutting rates, they have to continue to cut rates. No doubt there will be a trade deal with China. They’re out there looming and the financial markets like these headlines. It sells and that’s all that matters. Record highs on Wall Street. It doesn’t matter that there’s no long term solution, everyone has to wear a happy face. But eventually, real news will prevail. We’re in the midst of an 11 year bull market. The average is 6 years, so where does that leave us. Healthy borrowers are now at a premium. Cutting rates won’t change that. We’re out of good credits to loan money to. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_04.Nov.19.mp3
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Trilogy Metals is on the cusp of a major expansion/transition. And renowned mining veteran CEO Jim Gowans is the man to lead them through the next phase.

Trilogy's Ambler District is what he calls a stranded asset. A polymetallic project with huge amounts of copper, zinc, lead, silver and gold, it's remote location in the Arctic Circle has kept it off the radar until recently. While the resource has long been known to exist, its harsh inaccessible venue made development extremely challenging. This is exactly the type of project that Jim has brought to fruition many times in the past, as he did with the Red Dog mine located in the Northwest Arctic Borough of Alaska, just west of the Ambler District. Right now approvals are being sought for a toll road which will give road access to Ambler.

Jim is one of very few managers who has the talent and experience to such a project online. South 32 the giant Aussie mining company has an option agreement with Trilogy to obtain a 50% percent interest in Ambler in exchange for $150 million, already having invested $30 million and should they exercise it (decision due in January 2020), this could be the catalyst that's needed to reset Trilogy's market value. 

All of this makes Trilogy Metals a stock worth your attention.. 

Direct download: Jim_Gowans_01.Nov.19.mp3
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Months ago Craig said on this show that the Fed would soon be cutting interest rates and that gold was looking just the way it did in 2009, just before its meteoric rise. He’s been right on both counts as gold took off and the Fed has just cut rates for the third time this year. But of course they’re very hesitant about the next cut, but will they do it just the same? Find out more of what’s in store in this interview. 

Direct download: Craig_Hemke_27.Oct.19.mp3
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According to Chris Vermeulen gold is finishing its consolidation and will soon be heading into to much higher territory. The stock market is finishing it’s 10 year old bull market as well. Cycles are turning and there’s just no getting away from it 

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The recent vaping scare has been caused by illegal black market THC cartridges. I has nothing to do with nicotine vapors. There's no high school vaping epidemic. While huge numbers of kids are experimenting, very few are becoming smokers. Less than 3 percent of all vapers are children and less 1 percent of the total papers are children. The banning of the flavors will do nothing to reduce nicotine use. The absence of the flavors will hurt people trying to give up cigarettes. It's the Classic Baptist Bootlegger Scenario. Banning vaping will put the vape shops out of business. They provide high quality products at low prices. Big tobacco is lobbying to ban flavors to protect their business. There’s an estimated 10-12 million adult vapers who’ve used them to quit smoking. So what's more of a threat to public health, vaping or smoking? 

Direct download: Dr._Joel_Nitzkin_24.Oct.19.mp3
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Corruption in the swamp knows no bounds. The Bidens have been cashing in on Joe Biden's political connections for years. Whether it's Ukraine, China or Romania, they've had their hands out. Now they're trying to blame Trump for their own corrupt acts. And now there's Bull Durham. His investigation has officially become a criminal matter. Can a grand jury and indictments be far behind? Some might call it a coup and others may call it treason. Will heads roll and indictments follow? 

Direct download: Frank_Vernuccio_25.Oct.19.mp3
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