Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital, has come up with a unifying theory of what's been going on in the financial world for the past decade. It's called the Milkshake Theory. As Brent explains it, central banks responded to the 2008-09 Crash with unlimited liquidity to keep the world afloat. Unfortunately, once the toothpaste is out of the tube, there's no way to get it back in. And all sorts of unintended consequences happen. Art and real estate prices soar, consumer prices stay low and gold gets crushed because the stock market takes off for the moon. And how about Bitcoin? You see what he's getting at. And there's lots more ahead. 

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Pete Buttigieg mayor of South Bend, IN is running for president. If you can't pronounce his last name, just say Buttplug! The Democrat lineup is truly a freak show. Pocahontas, Kamala, Corey or the candidate du jour. Anyone who's ever had a desire to run for president has either announced or will announce shortly. Let's see how whacked out the lineup can get.

Whatever happened to manners and common courtesy. We take a close look at the issue and explain why they're so important. We also look at a friendly troll and comments to the article. 

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It's no secret that centrals banks across the world have been accumulating gold. The word is out on China and India and others. However, has the Fed been doing the same? Unfortunately, due to the lack of transparency, we can't establish this one way or the other. However, the Fed gets the best information and has the so-called brightest minds working there, so it wouldn't be outrageous to believe in the possibility. But we won't know until they want us too. 

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Dr. William H. Northam says, "Taking the political structure into account it seems that far more Democrats have a positive view of socialism than of capitalism. If accurate, is this bad news for Democrats, and worse news for the country as a whole? Does this expose Democrats as completely out-of-touch with mainstream America? Does it show that the far left has cemented its grip on the party? What is a socialist? What is the basis for their views?"

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US Stock markets DOW flat in March S&P up and NASDAQ up 2.6%. Canadian markets up and emerging markets down. Dollar up, Euro down, Bitcoin up, 10 year treasury yield way way down. Metals got hit badly, with the exception of Palladium. Copper slammed. WTI up 5.2% for the month. Natgas was down 3.6%. Uranium was back down over 10%. Gold/silver ratio approaching 86. Plat to Pal up a bit to .62. That's it for March, check back next month for April's performance. 

DJIA 3/31/19            25927 0.00%
S&P 500 3/31/19              2834 1.80%
NASDAQ 3/31/19              7729 2.60%
RUS 2000 3/31/19 1540 -2.20%
TSX 3/31/19 16102 0.60%
TSX.V 3/31/19 627 0.50%
MCSI 3/31/19 1058 -2.24%
VIX 3/31/19 13.71  
DXY 3/31/19 97.20 1.10%
EURO 3/31/19 112.00 -1.50%
10 Year 3/31/19 2.41 -11.70%
Bitcoin 3/31/19 4076 7.20%
Au 3/31/19 1292 -1.60%
Ag 3/31/19 15 -3.10%
Pt 3/31/19 837 -2.50%
Pd 3/31/19 1364 -10.40%
Cu 3/31/19 2.94 -0.50%
WTI 3/31/19 60.18 5.20%
Brent 3/31/19 67.58 2.30%
Henry Hub 3/31/19 2.71 -3.60%
U308 3/31/19 24.88 -10.30%
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