Danielle joined us to talk about the global luxury housing slump. Whether it's in the Hamptons, Vancouver or LA, it's happening now. How can this be with such a strong economy? We also talked about the fallacy of recycling, how it's devolved into a corporatist affair and isn't doing much to help the environment or the economy. Recently, Trudeau was called out for shipping Canada's garbage to the Philippines. Ah the global non-economics of recycling. 

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No sooner has the Mueller Report come up snake eyes for the Dems then they are busy issuing a flurry of subpoenas to the Trump Admin. They cover a variety of topics but their sole intent is to harass and attempt to dig up negative info on Trump, his businesses, his family members and administration members. Seems they're jealous of the 2800 subpoenas issued by Herr Mueller and are doing their best to play catch-up. But now Trump has turned the tables. He's asserting executive privilege and refusing to comply. Is this the start of a new impeachment drive. Stay tuned!

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Daniel Greenfield believes that the Democrat Party is rapidly shifting towards being the anti-semitic party. Their resounding failure to censure Rep. Omar is a perfect case in point. It's an amazing thing when we consider that the modern Democrat Party was in large measure supported and brought into being by all too many Jews. What does that say about its future? 

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