Renowned geologist Dave Mathewson had been acquiring claims in the famed Nevada Cortez Hills Trend for many years. He connected with Ed Karr, a well known trader and founder of several investment management and investment banking firms. Thus was born US Gold Corp (an FSN Sponsor). Mathewson has high hopes for the project and so does Karr. It's located nearby several other prolific mines that have been producing huge quantities of gold for decades, and its geology appears very similar. It could turn into a major discovery. And with over 40 years of Nevada exploration experience and numerous big finds under his belt, you have to take Mathewson seriously when he says. “It’s the best exploration project I have seen in my career.” As if that wasn't enough, US Gold Corp acquired the Copper King Project in Wyoming, an advanced-stage gold and copper exploration and development, with an estimated $178 million net present value (according to the PEA). If things go right, there could be loads of value unlocked by US Gold Corp. 

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Retirement planning is a must. Unfortunately most people don't start until it's too late, hoping that things will just work out. As they say, if you're not planning to succeed, you're planning to fail. No wonder so many people approaching retirement find themselves in such a bind. The lesson is simple, start saving early and often!

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