Prepare now and don’t become low hanging fruit for an opportunistic blood-sucking attorney. A series LLC structure outside of California can be just the thing to insulate you from frivilous lawsuits. It’s cost-effective and easy to administer. You can create one parent LLC with an infinite number of child LLC’s. Sound estate planning also fits in with this strategy as well. Setting up a living trust fits in perfectly. Don't overly rely upon your insurance company to protect you, they might leave you disappointed and subject to large liability. 

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2nd highest number of CEO's step down in 2019. New CEO at Google, is he real or a figurehead. The tech oligarchs have too much power and have the ability influence everything we do, especially our vote. Google is busy siding with China against the US. It's time to reign them in. But how? There's a group of State's Attorneys General pursuing an anti-trust action against the tech giants. Whatever happened to Don't Be Evil? 

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Auryn’s Sombrero project’s drill license should becoming any day now. When you’re dealing with governtment bureaucracies, even friendly ones, delays are inevitable. Ivan says they’re only a few weeks behind schedule. The drill plan is to commence in Q1 and they’re sticking to that schedule until further notice.  

Bonanza silver sample grades at the company’s Curibaya project have been nothing short of breathtaking. Permitting in Curibaya is far easier matter than Sombrero because of the desert like conditions and lower population density. Best of all, there’s water and electric nearby. Drilling could be right around the corner. 

Auryn is actually three companies in one, the Canadian projects, Sombrero and Curibaya, all with amazing potential. Things should really start heating up in 2020, hopefully taking the stock price with it. (In the interest of full disclosure, Auryn is an FSN sponsor and we like it so much we own the shares)

Direct download: Ivan_Bebek_26.Dec.19.mp3
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China and the US have reached a trade agreement. Actually, it's more like a letter of intent where the parties have agreed to agree. Where it's actually heading is anyone's guess. But these markets don't seem to care about minor items like that, or impeachment or rapidly expanding debt. The market's making new highs and that's really all that matters to Wall Street. The system is working

Direct download: Jeff_Socha_24.Dec.19.mp3
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Is Paul Volker a legend or a myth? He's largely credited as the man who broke the back of inflation. While he vigorously attacked inflation through double digit interest rates, but that was after the Fed had dramatically raised the money supply and caused the inflationary wave we were suffering through. History will be the judge of interest rate manipulation. 

Direct download: Keith_Weiner_21.Dec.19.mp3
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For years Richard K. Vedder has railed against the dysfunctional federal student loan program. The availability of cheap federal student loans has enabled universities to increase tuition fees aggressively, helping fund an unproductive academic arms race that, among other things, has led to sizable administrative bloat on most campuses.

The proportion of recent college graduates from the lowest quartile of the income distribution is lower than it was in 1970, suggesting that student loans have not been a successful vehicle for providing college access to those from low-income backgrounds—a primary program goal. Proof that the student loan program boondogle is accomplishing exactly the opposite of its stated purpose. 

Direct download: Richard_K._Vedder_21.Dec.19.mp3
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Greg Crowe sat down with us recently to give us the latest updates on Silver One's ever expanding Candelaria Project. Metallurgical testing to bring the heaps back into production has been underway and they should know shortly how to recover the 40 plus million ounces contained therein. Exploration and pre-development is also taking place. The drills are turning with 8-10 holes underway. The historic 43-101 is being update and is expected to be completed sometime in Q1-Q2 of 2020. These are extremely high grade ore on a par or better than some of the highest producing mines in the world. He's also working on newly acquired Cherokee. It also appears to have to some extremely high-grade silver. A lot more will be know soon, but we're certain that our sponsor Silver One is extremely well situated to move ahead with both projects. 

Direct download: Greg_Crowe_20.Dec.19.mp3
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The legendary investor, author, wealth coach joined us today. He has a new book out Who Stole My Pension? We discmussed the coming pension crisis both at the private and government levels. What are the solutions? How do we find our way out of this mess? What about the Trump Tax Law’s windfall for real estate investors? How is the real economy doing? What about precious metals? Where are we really headed, with insurmountable debt in our paths? 

Direct download: Robert_Kyosaki_20.Dec.19.mp3
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The second edition of Martin’s seminal work Manipluating the World Economy has just been released. We sat down with Martin for a long interview on economic history and how we got where we are today. We will take questions for Martin on our follow-up interview next month. Please send them to We will answer all. Sit back, relax and listen to the way things really are from someone who may well be one of the great economic thinkers of our time. 

Direct download: Martin_Armstrong_-_19.Dec.19.mp3
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All of the current democrat presidential candidates are unelectable and are fake candidates. They have absolutely no chance of beating Trump. And the Dem Party knows this and have chosen these people for exactly this reason. The top 4 candidates, Biden, Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg have been unwittingly or perhaps knowlingly recruited to split the vote, insuring that no candidate heading into the convention will have the necessary 1990 delegates to clinch the nomination. This allows the true insider pick to emerge from behind the curtain and assume their rightful place as the nominee. The only question is will it be Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz or Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.  We rate the odds of each one being selected. The governors are probably best situated to help recover the Midwest blue collar voter. But is it enough and are the Dems thinking that rationally? Let’s see what happens next. 

Direct download: TLR476_18.Dec.19.mp3
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Phonics, the only effective way to teach reading is again become dominant. Our knowledge based education system has failed to educate 10’s of millions. Bruce believes that boys are particularly hard hit by the move away from phonics. Boys are devastated by their inability to learn reading and language. It makes it almost impossible to become a proficient reader. There’s no mystery about it. Once a kid learns how to read he can educate himself and really doesn’t need to go to school. Check out Bruce’s article.

Direct download: Bruce_Dechert_Price_18.Dec.19.mp3
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Risks that were overhanging the market are all coming to pass. Brexit gets reaffirmed. Trade deal with China. Getting rid of some tarrifs. The Fed came out and announced stready as she goes, no rate hikes or cuts down the pike. Or at least until so-called inflation passes two percent, which it never will because the real rate of inflation is way higher than the stated rate. 

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Jordan Roy-Byrne is quite optimistic about miner’s stocks performance for the coming year. The GDXJ and other indicators are pointing positive even in the face of stagnant gold and silver prices. The silver miners are doing even better. And it appears that while prices could go lower, they’re in a trading that could see major advances end of Q4 to middle of Q1. While past is not always prologue, the track record for this rally is close to 80 percent. That could be a profitable bet worth taking. 

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Joel Gilbert's new movie The Trayvon Hoax:Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America is having some unintended consequences. Upon discovery of the fraud that was unleashed again him by the State of Florida, Martin's Family and attorney Benjamin Crump, George Zimmerman has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the parties. Perhaps now the country will come to understand what happens when race hucksters are allowed to ply their toxic wares to the public unchallenged. 

Direct download: Joel_Gilbert_13.Dec.19.mp3
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Newsletter writer David Erfle is extremely bullish on mining stocks for the coming year. They're outperforming the metal and they've made higher lows. Once this consolidation period is over, they're most certainly heading higher, probably to new highs. There's so many good companies out there and David talks about 3 of them. Always a great dialogue. 

Direct download: David_Erfle_12.Dec.19.mp3
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Ian Winer is an investor, philosopher, writer and public speaker who connects people to the truth of market places and human behavior. A regular contributor to CNBC, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Reuters, to name just a few, he is known for seeking connections through non consensus thinking and making it relatable to everyone. Ian left his career on Wall Street after 22 years to further explore his theory of “Ubiquitous Relativity” which suggests ways to enhance our connections to others. His first book, "Ubiquitous Relativity," which was just published on June 4th, 2019, takes a deep dive into how his theory can improve the lives of everyone.

Direct download: Ian_Winer_13.Dec.19.mp3
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Stock Market will be moving higher but not greatly so. Could be warning signs flashing in Q1 & Q2 of 2020. 

Gold Q1 rally might not happen till February. A coupl of decent rallies in 2020 for gold, perhaps holding and waiting. No end of the year rally coming. Perhaps a minor rally in December from mid to late December, but no sticking power. 

Oil Need a weekly close over $60 but otherwise the trend is still down, to around $46. It’s a multi-year trend taking place. OPEC is attempting to lower production and increase prices. Something negative could always his the market. Risk turns to the unexpected. 

Interest Rates continue to decline to lower rates and then on to a new advance later. Long term cycles point to the middle of 2020 as the most likely time for the next significant top in rates. Between now Q2 we could see rates edge lower. In June/July 2020 there could be a significant reversal of the 30 year trend towards lower rates. 

Dollar Confined to a tight trading range for the foreseeable future. Could see a decline in late December. Could see a more significant bottom in January/February. Not a necessarily a significant change in the trend. Still hasn’t recpatured its previous highs. Would need to see it break beneath the 94-95 level. 

Direct download: Eric_Hadik_12.Dec.19.mp3
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The situation in Canada continues to deteriorate at an alarming pace. Bankruptcies/insolvencies are rising rapidly. So goes Canada, so goes the US? When in doubt cut rates, it always works. Danielle believes the country needs to diversify and develope new businesses. Let’s not forget about China’s worsening economy and its inability to revive the its exports. How will Canada be affected? 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_12.Dec.19.mp3
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Bull and bear markets have been with us throughout history. Bubbles are a natural result of events. Bob took the price of gold in senior currency terms from the 1700’s on and there’s regular pattern. Gold runs up in price, using a relative strength index and the gold to silver ratio. The real price of gold represents profitability of the gold miners. In 2011 the gold bear hit. It based and now it has broken out of the range. The real price turns up and then it’s off to the races for the mining sector. We’re in the early stages of a major golden bull, with minor interruptions. It’s the one sector in a post bubble recession that will do well. Inverted yield curve means a recession is on the way, always!

Direct download: Bob_Hoye_11.Dec.19.mp3
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Sunday is a big day. More China tarrifs or not? 2019 has been an incredible year for gold. We saw a $1370 ceiling and this year it broke through resistance. We could see a big spike come Sunday or Monday or it could hover in this range for a while. We’re right below a 50 percent retracement - $1481 - if we breakthrough it we could be looking at $1500 and then up from there. Rally began at $1270 and stopped at $1565. But these numbers are irrelevant whether Trump does or doesn’t. The power of the media cycle cannot be underestimated. 

Direct download: Gary_Wagner_11.Dec.19.mp3
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Remember just a few months ago when repo rates went from 1 percent to 10 percent overnight. The Fed assured us that it was because of quarterly tax payments, or who knows may it was a YouTube video that caused the meltdown. Well, we speculated from the get go that it was one or more major banks going bust. We were close to the truth, at least according to the BIS (Bank for International Settlements)  it was hedge funds hocking their treasuries to stay liquid. But the main funding big banks pulled the plug. Seems they were rattled by the sudden surge in demand and were trying to reign in their risk. But we're convinced this is only part of the story and the net result is still the same, QE3.5 or better is with us forever. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_10.Dec.19.mp3
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Gold will resume its upward trajectory towards the end of Q1 2020. US stock market will not see a blow-off yet. Interest rates are not going up, they're going lower still. Starting middle of January long rates will be heading down. Unemployment will pick up next year and recession is likely. Oil longer term cycles are down, as low as $36 per barrel. Natgas hit it’s price target on the down side and we should see a bounce. Longer term we could $1.70. Dollar will stay in the range until beginning of next year and then go a bit higher. Real estate approaching a new high, but it's an intermediate one that will see prices go yet higher. Bonds, gold and silver are the investments for the coming year. 

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The so-called democratic field of presidential candidates is a farce. It's not real, it's simply intended to deceive and distract. And it's working! If sleepy creepy Joe Biden wins the nomination he will be removed prior to the convention, ostensibly for health reasons. Then we'll see one of three people take his place. Hillary, Andy Cuomo or Tim Walz (Minnesota's Governor). My money is on Tim. He an outsider insider. He's lefty enough for the core of the party. Perhaps he can hold Minnesota in the election and pick-up a couple of midwestern states that were claimed by Trump in 2020. Whatever happens, rest assured that none of the current crop of candidates will be the actual nominee. Like impeachment, it's all just a side show to the main event.

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Dozens of countries around the world are seeing massive social unrest. The foundation of the movement is freedom and income inequality. No more central planning and no more government control over individuals. The people in Hong Kong are fighting for their lives. Gerald explains why the Chinese have not shut down HK's massive civil unrest. In Spain it's Catalonia. The list goes on and on. All around the world. Major currencies are hitting new lows against the US dollar. And this is just the beginning. 

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U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President Eric Rosengren attend a presentation by the East Hartford CONNects, a Working Cities Challenge initiative, and community residents project at Silver Lane Elementary School in East Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.,

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Monday night that the current level of interest rates should sustain the economic expansion in the United States, signaling that no more rate cuts are likely at the moment.

At a speech in Providence, R.I., Powell said the central bank’s three consecutive rate cuts this year have left interest rates at a level “likely to remain appropriate.” The target federal funds rate is now in the range of 1.50% to 1.75%.

“At this point in the long expansion, I see the glass as much more than half full,” Powell said in Providence. His speech wrapped up a day of meetings in East Hartford, Connecticut, where Powell toured the local community’s workforce development initiatives.

Powell said that while he saw monetary policy as “well positioned,” he reiterated that policymakers are not on a “preset course” and said the Fed’s path on rates could change if there were a “material reassessment” of economic conditions.

Powell’s commentary echoes his remarks to Congress less than two weeks ago, when he told lawmakers that “there’s no reason” why the economic expansion, now the longest in American history, can’t continue. His testimony similarly described interest rate levels as “likely to remain appropriate.”

Powell continued to point to tepid inflationary pressures, weakening global growth, and trade developments as risks that the central bank hoped to hedge against by cutting rates by a total of 75 basis points this year.

‘Far from dull’

But Powell noted that the full effects of those cuts have not been realized yet, adding to the argument that the Fed should pause on further rate cuts while it assesses the effects of its easing.

“The full effects of these monetary policy actions will be felt over time, but we believe they are already helping to support consumer and business sentiment and boosting spending in interest-sensitive sectors, such as housing and consumer durable goods,” Powell said.

Looking back on 2019, Powell acknowledged that monetary policy decisions have been “far from dull.” During the year, the Fed shifted from a commitment to gradual rate hikes, to a pause on interest rate changes, and then to easing policy. 

But through those changes, Powell said the “favorable” outlook from policymakers has not changed much. Powell said the Fed’s pivot to easing helped “keep the favorable outlook on track.”

Powell said letting the economy run has benefited low- and middle- income households, which have seen more rapid wage growth relative to other income groups. Powell said extending the economic expansion will ultimately bolster the “half full” view of the U.S. economy.

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