Like the much vaunted butterfly affect, so too with financial markets and debt. We go merrily along out way thinking everything is fine, only to discover that we were wrong. While we totally mis-called the market from 2011 to late last year, eventually the chickens come home to roost. And then Apple has a major miss and the market can't stop going down. But wait, the next day everything is fine and the market goes way up. There's something happening here, but what? 

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If the purpose of a market is price discovery then clearly there's something major wrong with what passes for markets today. Numerous times throughout the day, questionable series of transactions take place which leads markets heading in a direction that is favorable to the powers that be. When will markets begin to serve their primary function? And what about those yellow vests in France, why have their protests been completely ignored by the lame stream media? Obviously things are not nearly what they appear. And old man debt just keeps rolling along. 

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It's easy to get depressed and anxious when you see the value of your investments go down daily. However, you need to find perspective. Dr. Huber suggests a vigorous exercise regimen to help you manage the stress. Perhaps seeing someone can help you deal with it. But don't go out on ledge thinking it will solve anything. A study of unsuccessful jumpers off the Golden Gate Bridge, found that all of them believed they could handle any life situation once they experienced a jump. Seems that it's an excellent way of putting things in perspective. 

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It's been a long wait but Bob Hoye turned bullish on gold in November. According to economic historian Bob, it's merely following the path that it's followed many times in the past. He still believes that the dollar will continue to be the best looking cow in the slaughter house. A lot of people went into the market as pigs and are going to come out as sausages. 

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Daniel Greenfield believes that the problem with Millennials is that they just won't grow up. They're leaving the home later, marrying later and have children even later than any generation before it. That's why they're so attracted to an attractive moron like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Adds credence to never trusting anyone with a hyphen in the last name. But grow up they must and the crash will help them do that just fine. Get ready for the Millennials to grow up really fast. And watch what happens when they try to impeach President Trump. It's the Dems Obamacare. 

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There have been warnings for decades and now it's finally coming to pass. Pretty soon, interest on the public debt will become the largest line item on the federal budget. It's going to slow down economic growth and require dramatic restructuring of your government and the services it provides. Jeff is looking forward to limited or no growth for 2019. After that it's anyone's guess. But the future looks bleak. 

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Noted federal employment lawyer Jonathan Bell explains that regardless of what we may think of federal employees, they're people and they will suffer from the shutdown. Now there's a lawsuit that's been brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act to aid them. The law, which may cover federal government employees provides that employees cannot be forced to work in the absence of being paid a salary. Will it work? That remains to be seen. 

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DJIA 23327 -8.7% -11.8% -3.9% -5.6%
S&P 500 2507 -9.2% -14.0% -7.8% -6.2%
NASDAQ 6635 -9.5% -17.5% -11.7% -3.9%
Rus 2000 1349 -12.0% -20.5% -6.7% -12.9%
TSX    557 -5.6% -21.4% -24.7% -34.5%
TSX.V 2.69 -11.2% -11.8% -5.3% 12.1%
MSCI 966 -2.9% -7.8% -9.9% -16.6%
VIX 25.42        
DXY 96.17 -1.1% 1.1% 1.8% 4.2%
Euro 1.1467 1.37% -1.27% -1.91% -4.47%
10Yr 2.69 -11.2 -11.8 -5.30% 12.10%
Au 1282 4.90% 7.60% 2.40% 1.50%
Ag                15.47                         9.3%               5.7% -3.9% -8.6%
Pt                   794                        -0.4%              -2.5% -6.8%              -14.3%
Pd 1252 7.00% 17.00% 32.10% 18.80%
Cu 2.72                         -3.7%               -3.3%               -9.4%            -16.70%
WTI               14323 -5.8% -10.9% -12.0% -11.6%
Brent                52.28                      -12.1%             -36.8%             -34.2%              -21.8%
HenryH 2.94 -36.80% -2.30% 7.00% 1.00%
E308                28.70                        -0.2%                4.4%              26.5%               19.6%
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