John Zimrak put together a special guide for college bound students. He helps parents guide their children's choices based on economics, social issues and political considerations as well as academic concerns. Armed with this guide, students can find colleges that will be a better fit for their personality types as well as their political leanings. This will help keep your child safe from crazy political indoctrination centers and help them get the real life skills they need to succeed. 

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When Chris Vermeulen was 16 years old he got a brochure in the mail extolling the virtues of stock market investing. From that moment on he was hooked. He helped pay for college with his profits from trading and online poker. Now he helps you profit from technical trading and he has automated products that will help you take the emotion out of making money in numerous markets. His story is quite amazing. Listen as he tells how it's done. 

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Joe Deaux of gives his perspective of Fed Chairwoman's latest moves and her presser yesterday. Politicians are usually okay until they start telling the truth. That's when they really run into trouble. Fortunately she has a different language called Fedspeak. And since unemployment no longer matters, everything is going to be just fine, because Janet says so, that's why. 

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Jordan Roy-Byrne of sees this weeks action in gold and silver as a temporary correction after gold's breakout that took place since the first of the year. The GDXJ and numerous junior miner stocks have performed extremely well and he's quite optimistic and for good reason. The turmoil that's starting in China could be extremely bullish. 2014 is definitely going to be a watershed year in many respects. 

Direct download: Jordan_Roy-Burne_20.Mar.14.mp3
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Obamacare was never intended to fix the problem of the uninsured. According to Dr. Yaron Brook, it was intended to pave the way for a single payer system. The left is a nihilistic movement who's goal is to enslave humanity. Right now it appears to be winning and no one wants to stop it. Will good men rise up and take a stand? Dr. Brook is pessimistic. 

Direct download: Yaron_Brook_20.Mar.14.mp3
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Peter Grandich gives us a playb-by-play of Janet Yellen's first FOMC Meet-up. He believes she's sincere. She was very blunt and the markets didn't like it one bit. She'll have to watch her tongue in the future. When it comes to the economy, Wall Street and the future of the Western World, honesty is certainly not the best policy. And you can only taper so far, until you run into the brick wall of the deficit. 

Direct download: Peter_Grandich_03-19-14.mp3
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Kyle Olson is all about telling the truth about education. And it ain't pretty. As Washington gets more involved in local education, the quality goes down. Common Core is just another example. Thanks to Bill Gates, Common Core is the law of the land. And just like Obamacare, it will have the same affect upon education. 

Direct download: Kyle_Olson_19.Mar.14.mp3
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The US invades countries without a thought and yet when Russia takes over the Crimea, an area vital to its interests, Obama and Kerry are all up in arms. Sound like a double standard, doesn't it? Ivan Eland explores this double standard and shows how destructive it's been to the country and its standing in the world. Perhaps isolationism isn't such a bad thing. 

Direct download: Ivan_Eland_19.Mar.14.mp3
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Ross Kenneth Urken of MainStreet.Com and TheStreet.Com has news for you. While the IRS is not exactly known as Mr. Nice Guy, there are times when they will cut you a break. You just have to know how to ask. And you better do it nicely and on bended knee. Not really, just fill out a couple of forms, cross your heart and hope to die and you'll get time to pay your back taxes. 

And then there's a revolution in medical marijuana taking place up north in Canada. They don't have half the problems the US does when it comes to figuring out that the dreaded herb really does have some therapeutic applications. Listen and find out. 

Direct download: Ross_K_Urken_19.Mar.14.mp3
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In 2007 Darryl R. Schoon wrote a paper that described in almost exact detail the 2008 Crash. It's now 6 years later and Darryl hasn't changed his tune. He sees increasing instability and increasing failure in the political and financial systems. Most people would be frightened about his vision, but Darryl sees brighter days ahead. 

Direct download: Darryl_Schoon_19.Mar.14.mp3
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David Gurwitz says that when it comes to investing in stocks, gold, silver or anything else, the most important thing is to catch the cycle right. Right now he's concerned about the hundred year war cycle. The second decade of every new century has always seen a major world war, going back hundreds of years. He expects this one to be no different. Perhaps he's right, in which case you need to be prepared. 

Direct download: David_Gurwitz_18.Mar.14.mp3
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Max Yemets emigrated from the Ukraine at a young. But he kept a large group of contacts among his former country men over the years. Therefore, he's able to give us a good picture of what's actually go on there now. Things are not what they appear to be according to the Russian Press. The people rejected the Russian puppet and deposed him. Putin could not accept their judgment and sprung into action. The US watched from the sidelines and now has no idea what to do. Putin holds all the cards and the world will come to regret its inaction. 

Direct download: Max_Yemets_18.Mar.14.mp3
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Jeff Wilson started buying distressed property at 17 when he was a high school senior during recess. That's when he attended his first sheriff's auction. He was hooked! Now he gives common sense tips on how to curb your spending and re-accumulate wealth during this period of economic depressed activity. There's so many places where one can curb spending. It just requires a little discipline and common sense. 

Direct download: Jeff_Wilson_18.Mar14.mp3
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Our friend Wayne Allyn Root joined for another intense interview. It doesn't take much to make the Obama enemy list and Wayne did it quickly. He analyses Obama's latest poll numbers and the results are shocking. The only people who still approve are the hardcore koolaid drinkers. Everyone else has jumped ship and for good reason. Columbia University has done well. 

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_3-17-14.mp3
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Monday's with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Ukraine isn't the top story;
  • Crimean referendum also not top stop;   
  • When Congress comes back hell to pay;
  • China widened the band on yuan to 2 percent wanting it to fall;
  • New Chinese default;
  • Film at 11.
Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_17.Mar.14.mp3
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John Rubino of joined us for our Monday discussion. He's concerned about the potential for our leaders to mess things up and make a truly hopeless situation out of something that could have been salvaged. Also, New York is now licensing electronic currency exchanges, so this can only be a bad sign for digital currencies and bitcoin. 

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What is life all about. If you ask Aaron Clarey, a/k/a Captain Capitalism, it's about enjoying the decline and having a fun enjoyable life. That's means having fulfilling friendships, a beautiful wife/girlfriend, enjoyable activities and living in the land of sunshine when everyone else is freezing their butt off. Actually, I added that, but I know that Aaron agrees wholeheartedly with me. He's planning his winter escape from the tundra up north. He's learning what so many others before have. Listen and perhaps you'll learn too. 

Direct download: Aaron_Clarey_17.Mar.14.mp3
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Gold is back on the move and you should be too. There's so much uncertainty in the world and you need an insurance policy more than ever. Besides the potential for war in Europe, Asia and elsewhere, the monetary system is clearly a house of cards. We also talk about Comrade DeBlasio and much, much more. So listen up. Oh and why the world will never willingly go back on a Gold Standard, especially the Chinese. 

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Nick Santiago of InTheMoneyStocks was back. As predicted, Gold and Silver have been up big time since 1/1/14 and stocks have been struggling. It's all in the charts according to Nick and there's more to come. Just keep your eye on the Yen. A lot more mayhem is on the way to be sure. You just need to know how to watch the charts. It's so obvious. 

Direct download: Nick_Santiago_14.Mar.14.mp3
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Bill Holter was back on discussing the absence of truth in the world financial markets. The latest instance was the destruction of recordings by the Bank of England in an obvious effort to hide what took place during the run-up the financial crisis during 2007-08. What do they have to hide, then and now? If only we all knew the truth, things would definitely be different. 

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Julian DW Phillips has been following Gold markets for nearly four decades. In that time he's seen gold go from $42 to over $1900 and settle back to just under $1400 presently. He has no doubt that the market supply is currently 1350 tons short and that this will result in large price increases. The key is Asian demand, particularly China. It won't be long now.  

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Don Silver is the definitive source for information about Obamacare. Not the harm it's doing or the potential economic devastation it will cause, just the facts. He's spent thousands of hours writing The Best Obamacare Guide. Not only has he read all 2,000 pages of the dreadful law, but he's read over 15,000 pages of its regulations as well. While he may not have a life, he does have unique knowledge about what your healthcare is supposed to look under the new system, so that's all the more reason why you need to hear what he has to say. 

Direct download: Don_Silver_13.Mar.14.mp3
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Dr. Larry Kawa is an Orthodontist from Palm Beach County Florida, home of the Financial Survival Network. He's on a one man crusade to topple Obama and Obamacare. He's got an appeal pending in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the Aministration's use of Executive Order's to illegally modify the Affordable Care Act. While he is clearly in the right, the issue is whether he has standing to attack these orders. We wish him well. 

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Bob Hoye is a noted scholar of economic history. He believes that the 20th century was the third era of centralized governmental authority. The cycle always repeats itself. Great wealth is generated by the citizenry. This leads to an empowered governing class which seeks to confiscate all this wealth. Their appetite then exceeds the citizenry's earning power and we wind up with a bankrupt state. The state falls and then the individual again rises. It happened with Roman, then Spain and now the Modern World. Bob is expecting a similar course to occur this time. 

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Our good friend Joe Messina was on today talking about the media uproar over the latest Cadillac commercial which praises American exceptionalism and pokes fun at the European vacationalism. We talk about the results of the Florida special election, what happens after the Republicans sweep the Senate and more. 

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