When it comes to food and precious metals there are few people out there with more experience following them than Ned Schmidt. He believes that Fed tightening is the death knell for the Nasdaq or Techno-Junk as he calls it. He sees the up cycle for food and precious metals as full steam ahead. The California Drought and increased population as well as other factors have seen food prices take off in 2014. According to ZeroHedge, they're up 19% this year already. There's probably some inflation due to money printing in there as well. Ned suggests a number of stocks that will benefit from the trend. He's been right for the past couple of years and there's no reason to believe he won't be right now. 

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We caught up with our friend Joe Messina today and covered a number of topics. From Comrade DeBlasio's collapsing agenda in New York City, to teachers getting caught having sex in school and then having a court say they can keep their jobs, to the UN taking over the Internet, to Obama missing out on Fortune's Top 50 Leader list; you have wonder can the world get any crazier than it is now? 

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A major precious metals dealer goes belly up and virtually nobody is talking about it. Well that's not how FSN deals with major news. Fortunately that's not how our sponsor Owings Metals deals with it either. This is important information that you need to know about. In addition to talking about the gold market, we discuss ways for you to protect yourself from insolvent bullion dealers and ways to split up your purchases to avoid a similar fate. You need to hear what Seth and I have to say about this. 

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