Michael Krieger, frequent ZeroHedge contributor and well known writer, joined us to talk about the epidemic of corporate welfare and the wave of kleptocracy sweeping the US economy. Michael believes the decentralization is the way that people can take it back. He cites the example of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington States as a perfect example. If you wait for the government to figure it out, you'll be waiting a long time. 

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Gordon T. Long appeared on the show today. We took a trip around the world surveying the vast landscape of malinvestment and insane government policies. So many countries are on the edge that it's impossible to know which one will implode. In Japan their money printing and demographics are a sure recipe for disaster. The US's student loan bubble and auto loan craziness can't end well. The EU is sinking money into US treasuries. Russia is determined to sink the dollar. China is seeing defaults and is now starting to see its first bank runs. So flip a coin, your guess is as good as ours. 

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We're catching up for lost time with Bill Holter. Seems there's a bit of a real estate panic going on in China in case you hadn't heard. Just like what happened in the US in 2006-07, only worse. This is leading to a collapse in the luxury Hong Kong real estate market and it's going to be felt in real estate markets around the globe. More importantly, it's going to speed up the global currency reallignment, so buckle your seat belt and get ready. 

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We connected with our old friend Alasdair McLeod of GoldMoney. As he sees it, the US has blown it big time in the Ukraine. Putin is nothing, if not a smart intelligence operative. He knows a CIA operation when he sees one. Now the chickens are coming home to roost for the dollar and they're not going to be pretty. On to China, a big crash is coming there, and the results are going to be felt around the world. Eventually, it's all going to be good for gold and precious metals. 

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Peter Schiff was back and he's not buying any of Janet Yellen's happy talk. While she might talk a big game about ending Quantitative Easing, the reality is that she will never be able to and she will have to come back with even more money printing. Her strategy is predicated on a higher rate of US Economic growth that will prove impossible to achieve. When reality dawns, she'll have no choice but to return to the Quantitative Easing Trough for even more Easy Money.

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