Our friend Wayne Allyn Root joined for another intense interview. It doesn't take much to make the Obama enemy list and Wayne did it quickly. He analyses Obama's latest poll numbers and the results are shocking. The only people who still approve are the hardcore koolaid drinkers. Everyone else has jumped ship and for good reason. Columbia University has done well. 

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Monday's with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Ukraine isn't the top story;
  • Crimean referendum also not top stop;   
  • When Congress comes back hell to pay;
  • China widened the band on yuan to 2 percent wanting it to fall;
  • New Chinese default;
  • Film at 11.
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John Rubino of DollarCollapse.com joined us for our Monday discussion. He's concerned about the potential for our leaders to mess things up and make a truly hopeless situation out of something that could have been salvaged. Also, New York is now licensing electronic currency exchanges, so this can only be a bad sign for digital currencies and bitcoin. 

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What is life all about. If you ask Aaron Clarey, a/k/a Captain Capitalism, it's about enjoying the decline and having a fun enjoyable life. That's means having fulfilling friendships, a beautiful wife/girlfriend, enjoyable activities and living in the land of sunshine when everyone else is freezing their butt off. Actually, I added that, but I know that Aaron agrees wholeheartedly with me. He's planning his winter escape from the tundra up north. He's learning what so many others before have. Listen and perhaps you'll learn too. 

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