Jason Stevens believes that through superior knowledge and strict management of risk, one can gain superior returns in many different markets To that end, he leverages his and his colleagues' extensive technical knowledge of the resource sector to provide valuable information and peerless service to his clients. Focused on applying value-based strategies to volatile equity investments within the natural resource sectors, Jason has spent the last 10 years working with mining and petroleum engineers, influential industry executives, investment newsletter writers, alternative energy specialists, and economic geologists.

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John Manfreda of WallStForMainSt.com joined us today. Looks like DC may be gearing up for an oil war to exact revenge on Russia for trying to bypass the petrodollar in dealings with India and China. While it may be bad for the Saudis it may be the only hope the US has of preserving the status quo. Far-fetched perhaps, but the empire must go on. 

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Mondays with Andrew Hoffman!

  • Gold gets hit as usual;
  • Janet Yellen in less than a week backtracks;
  • Nasdaq rescue underway;
  • Record margin debt;
  • Horrible hedge fund performance;
  • Japan industrial production down 2.5%;
  • Inflation at 5 year in Japan;
  • Consumer spending down 2.5% in Japan;
  • Japan PMI down and Yen getting crushed;
  • China bubble continues to get crushed bank write-offs way up;
  • Europe negative interest rates coming or QE to infinity;
  • US just this year food 19% and gasoline up 11% but inflation under control;
  • Thank you Janet Yellen;
  • Californinflation!
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John Rubino sees big risks for the Dollar ahead. As it tries to punish Russia for the latter’s dismemberment of Ukraine, the West is discovering that the balance of power isn’t what it used to be. Russia is a huge supplier of oil and gas — traded in US dollars — which gives it both leverage over near-term energy flows and, far more ominous for the US, the ability to threaten the dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency. And it’s taking some big, active steps towards that goal.

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Noted writer and author Lowell Ponte joined us for a look at the continuing saga of the Ukraine and Putin's assault on the US and the West. We talked about the divided loyalties of Angela Merkel and her love of all things Russian. Also, we discussed the decline of the Russia and the long term threats to its viability. A weakened US is no help to the a stable world. Lowell also has a free book offer. Just call 800-630-1494.

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