Don Silver is the definitive source for information about Obamacare. Not the harm it's doing or the potential economic devastation it will cause, just the facts. He's spent thousands of hours writing The Best Obamacare Guide. Not only has he read all 2,000 pages of the dreadful law, but he's read over 15,000 pages of its regulations as well. While he may not have a life, he does have unique knowledge about what your healthcare is supposed to look under the new system, so that's all the more reason why you need to hear what he has to say. 

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Dr. Larry Kawa is an Orthodontist from Palm Beach County Florida, home of the Financial Survival Network. He's on a one man crusade to topple Obama and Obamacare. He's got an appeal pending in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the Aministration's use of Executive Order's to illegally modify the Affordable Care Act. While he is clearly in the right, the issue is whether he has standing to attack these orders. We wish him well. 

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Bob Hoye is a noted scholar of economic history. He believes that the 20th century was the third era of centralized governmental authority. The cycle always repeats itself. Great wealth is generated by the citizenry. This leads to an empowered governing class which seeks to confiscate all this wealth. Their appetite then exceeds the citizenry's earning power and we wind up with a bankrupt state. The state falls and then the individual again rises. It happened with Roman, then Spain and now the Modern World. Bob is expecting a similar course to occur this time. 

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Our good friend Joe Messina was on today talking about the media uproar over the latest Cadillac commercial which praises American exceptionalism and pokes fun at the European vacationalism. We talk about the results of the Florida special election, what happens after the Republicans sweep the Senate and more. 

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