California Senator Leland Yee A major anti-gunner is arrested for gun running. What is the world coming to? Just shows how insincere the anti-gun crowd really is. When you read the affidavit of his statements and his total callousness for what purpose the guns he was helping to smuggle were going to be to, it's just shocking. 

Also electronic currencies are going mainstream. Now the Treausury is looking to get in on the act of regulating digital currencies and this can only be a bad sign of things to come. Also Auroracoin is giving digital currency away to Icelanders. Is it too good to be true? We will soon find out, won't we.

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Delia Horwitz author of Collaboration Soup sees a huge societal shift taking place before our very eyes. People can no longer go it alone, nor do they wish to. That's why a company like AirBNB is now working with the "Enemy." Rather than fighting governments around the country, they're embracing them and working with them to insure that members can rent rooms legally and in compliance with local laws. A minor example yes, but important nonetheless. Local agriculture and farm to table is taking off around the country as well, a trend that was unthinkable just a few years ago. Expect the trend to accelerate and dominate in the coming years.  

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