Inflation is here to stay whether you have real estate or are holding various resources. Peter Badger comes on the show to talk about how we can use real estate to protect against inflation, specifically by investing in farm land. Tune in to hear about this real estate niche and some of its benefits.

-Whether you have real estate or are holding various resources, inflation is here to stay, and will probably last many years
-Real estate is a great way to protect against inflation
-Peter Badger specializes in farm land
-He started to look into where to put your money to avoid losing it in the down cycle
-It’s critical to balance asset allocation
-Outside of the US, real estate is very different; how do you navigate these differentiating factors?
-It’s good to meet bilingual people that have connections
-The pandemic has been a great reset for individuals’ investment portfolios
-Even if inflation goes up, your land also goes up

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Dee Carter comes on the show to talk about what you can do to plan for inflation as it continues to be a pressing issue within our personal finances. In the face of rising product costs, bills, and a number of other things, it’s important to save for the future with inflation in mind—especially when planning for retirement. Tune in to hear tips on what you can do to succeed as circumstances fluctuate and inflation becomes more prominent.

-Inflation has been an issue for many years, and Dee Carter and I are here to discuss what you can do to minimize the effects of inflation in your life
-Carter’s natural gas bill increased by 60%
-Carter deals with people who are retiring and has noticed that many individuals don’t plan for inflation when saving for retirement; it’s important to plan in advance
-The index annuity works well
-People trying to go on vacations are also running into problems as prices go up
-You need to find a financial advisor that is familiar with what inflation does

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