I sit down with Bob Hoye, one of the world’s leading economic historians, to discuss the current financial situation—especially with regard to the rise in commodities. These are trends that we’ve seen many times historically, and the percent gains for big cap sectors have been extraordinary. The future of gold looks promising as the markets continue to shift. Tune in for more great insight about what’s to come.

-The Federal Reserves and other central banks are probably the most aggressive they’ve ever been. We’re in a financial bubble that has experienced a boom in commodities
-Cobalt and Lithium are reaching new highs, as well as certain meats
-It’s been a selective, rotational market in terms of commodities
-The rise in commodities is partly attributed to the rise in business activity
-The boom in 2008 and 2011 for commodities was the biggest in 100 years
-The percent gains for big cap sectors have been extraordinary
-For the price of gold to go up, there would need to be a financial contraction
-Gold stocks don’t just go up for a few years; they out-perform the S&P
-At the top of the political and financial markets, there is a lot of misguided thinking
-Cryptocurrency hasn’t been stopped because leaders haven’t seen them as a threat, and are probably using them to their advantage
-The future for the gold sector once it turns is very good
-Markets will change, but people don’t

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