News from our sponsor Tier One Silver is starting to pick up as assay lab delays subside. TOS has been reaping the rewards of its aggressive 2021 drill program. In the latest report, they struck 384.6 g/t Silver Equivalent over 3 meters and 221.5 g/t AgEq over 5.5 meters. CEO Peter Dembicki said, “We are very pleased to confirm a fourth structural corridor target carrying high-grade silver, both on surface and at depth, through our drill program. We believe the grade and scalability of the Curibaya system to-date are impressive and warrant further drilling.” He commented that there is much more to come as “[Tier One Silver] is heading into the top of the ‘second inning'.”

Co-chair Ivan Bebek observed, “This is a very pivotal result. It’s a spectacular stage. There’s 5 more holes coming…”and each batch of holes has taught us something new and better about the project.” He expresses confidence that, “We're really close to something spectacular here, not just in silver, but there might be a porphyry” as well.

They both thanked Exploration SVP Dave Smithson and acknowledged his contributions for getting the project to its current level and wished him well, as he’s taking a well-deserved break from the industry. New Exploration SVP Christian Rios is a local with vast experience finding silver in Peru. He’s been deeply involved in the project and the transition will be seamless.

Expect more positive news from the company, as they are in good financial shape, with 5 more drill holes awaiting results. (We own shares)

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How can you reduce your balances and raise your credit score? Credit expert Paul Oster comes on the show to discuss this. As a result of the pandemic and the holidays, many adults have increased their credit balances significantly. It is highly important to analyze bills to minimize this debt, and closely track your spending. Tune in to hear more about how you can avoid credit card debt and make positive changes within your spending.

-Holiday spending returned to somewhat normal levels
-Close to 50% of adults with a credit card debt increased these balances, not just over the holidays, but over the course of the pandemic
-The number 1 priority for people should be minimizing credit card debt
-It can be extremely beneficial to minimize subscriptions
-Most consumers spend little or no time minimizing their credit card statements
-Your credit score is either going to cost or save you money every month
-Get copies of your credit report frequently to keep up to date with spending

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