With 'The Great Resignation' continuing and labor shortages in many industries this may be the year you ask for a raise. Employers in businesses big and small are desperate to attract, and more importantly, retain employees.

-“While this is the time to ask for a raise, in many ways the same rules apply with regard to how to go about doing it," says Business Management Expert and owner of Business Management Firm '7 Stage Advisors' in Butler, NJ Carl Gould (see short bio below). 
-Major chains like Chipotle and McDonald’s have been fast to provide higher pay and better perks while larger companies like Bank of America have raised analyst pay by 10-thousand dollars and the salaries of associates and vice presidents by 20-thousand dollars. 
-Tips to ask for a raise include eliminating any fear you might have about asking, making a list of your accomplishments on the job, making an appointment with the 'decision maker' and not the person who cannot make it happen, and preparing answers to any objections in advance.
Questions addressed:
• Why is this the year to ask for a raise?
• How can you prepare for the meeting?
• Why do you have the upper hand?
• What could you ask for in lieu of more money?

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I sit down with John Rubino to discuss the taper-tantrum at hand and what’s happening with the tech stocks. Tech stocks are tanking at the moment, and we see historic trends repeating themselves. This puts the economy in a unique position, because we need to view cryptos as tech stocks; ultimately, these stocks need to tank in order for the Fed to tighten. Tune in for more.

-We’re looking at the taper-tantrum, cryptocurrency, etc.
-The Fed doesn’t have to raise interest rates now—they now just merely talk about it
-Tech stocks are tanking
-Early investors in the ETF stock are down, and a lot of things are being reversed out in a hurry
-Trends are repeating; just as things start to look positive, these stocks begin to go in the opposite direction
-If the higher rates never come, will anyone remember what’s happening now?
-A 25% drop in the NASDAQ could kill other industries
-The Fed should be fighting the 6% inflation, but thus far they have just talked about doing it
-When you shut down the global economy for six months and pour money into people’s pockets to be spent, this is a recipe for inflation
-Cryptos are also not holding up too well; it’s best to thing of them as tech stocks. Bitcoin, for example, is traded like a tech stock
-Tech stocks need to tank in order for the Fed to tighten
-It’s not a great time to be an aggressive tech stock investor
-We have to keep our eyes on the prize, which is Fed capitulation

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