It looks as if the great taper is upon us, and the market is starting to experience the predicted effects of this. Here to debrief the messy times we’ve found ourselves in is Michael Pento, who has been analyzing these trends for many years. Ultimately, the Federal Reserve has no choice but to combat inflation, and any approach inevitably contributes to the decline. Tune in for more.

-The market believes the Fed; the great taper is upon us and the market is experiencing its predicted effects
-With selling homes, you can essentially name your price and successfully sell it. This is partially because we’ve had negative interest rates for a long period of time
-Tesla, to the market, is what cryptocurrency is to Wall Street
-For a time, the Federal Reserve has no choice but to combat inflation
-The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has gone up tremendously because of all the money printing
-They have to choose whether they want to destroy the economy with inflation, or destroy it by melting down asset classes
-The way that the government deals with these crises always leads to asset class implosions
-The second quarter of this year is only going to get rougher

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Gold prices are going up, and so are…silver prices? We’ve been seeing an interesting shift in the precious metals, and the changes are getting more and more extreme as time passes. Silver leading is indicative of positive change for the sector going forward—tune in to hear more on what’s to come.

-Gold prices have gone up, but silver prices have also increased substantially
-The Fed is (allegedly) going to start raising rates in March, which triggered changes in the gold price. Every day, it has been making higher highs and lower lows
-The cup with the handle representation has been very telling
-Silver is the only commodity in 40 years to have not made a new all time high
-The move in gold yesterday was predetermined by the move in silver
-SILJ is now leading the move
-Silver leading gold is very positive for the sector going forward

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