We are approaching a new inflection point; there has been much discussion surrounding vaccines, inflation, and competing currencies. Here to talk on this is Gerald Celente. Our nation is finding itself in a very unique position as more mandates arise and uncertainties about the future are brought to light. Tune in for more on what’s happening and what’s to come.

-We are approaching a new inflection point
-There has been a lot of discussion around the vaccines—new strands are emerging, and vaccinated people are still getting infected
-The pharmaceutical companies have been profiting largely
-The organization Freedom, Peace & Justice has been providing religious-based vaccine exemptions
-Celente is still bullish on Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin since interest rates are only going to go up
-Cryptocurrency is ultimately going to undermine the dollar
-It is likely that higher officials have digital wallets
-At the last stages of an empire, it is the weak leading the weak

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The markets are off to a rocky start this year—where are they headed? I sit down and chat with Erik Hadik to discuss some of the primary indicators of the markets, and trends that have alluded to the current circumstances. The market is following short and intermediate cycles, and the tax commodities index has also been key in analyzing inflation. Tune in to hear some of Hadik’s unique insights on the economy, and what’s to come in 2022.

-The stock indices have adhered to a couple different cycles Hadik has looked at
-The market is following what the short and intermediate cycles are saying
-Typically, fundamentals start to kick in a third of the way through the cycle; this is what we’ve seen from the Fed in the last year
-We may see rate hikes, and then a reversal of this trend
-We may also see short term things in the near future that change the inflation mindset a bit
-The tax commodities index helps in analyzing inflation; this demonstrates that we have another peak out on the horizon
-There are key price indicators with gold that need to kick in soon to pinpoint where the surge could go
-Silver is getting close to the point where it may leapfrog gold; as of now, it’s still in a lagging phase

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