This is our last Monthly Major Market Review with Mickey Fulp. After 10 years and 118 shows, we’re both tired and pursuing other interests. We will still be doing periodic podcasts on different topics, so stay tuned.

In December stock markets continued making new highs. Dow was up 5.4% 36338, 18.7% for the year. S&P 500 up 4.4% to 4766/26.9% for the year. Nasdaq rose a meager .7%/21.4% for the year. Russell 2000 was up just 2.1%/13.7% for 2021, TSX up 2.7%/21.7% for 2021, and TSX.V was flat for December and up just 7.3% for 2021. VIX settled down to 17.2. The Dollar was off .7% to 95.66 but up 6.4% for 2021. The Euro was up .6% to but down 6.9% for the year. 10 Year yield was flat and up 61.7% for the year. Bitcoin took a hit closing at 46214 down 18.9%, but up 59.7% for the year.

Metals were all down for 2021. Gold was up 3.1% to 1830 but down 3.6% for the year. Silver added 2.0% to 23.30 but was off a major 11.6% for the year. Pt added 2.9% for the month to 963 but was off 9.2%. Pd added 10.2% for the month to 1845 but was off 21% year over year. Copper gained 9.1% to $4.43 but gained an impressive 25.9% in 2021.

Energy was a big winner in 2021. WTI added 13.7% to 75.25 and added 55.1% for the year. Brent followed suit up 12.2% to 79.2 and was up 52.9% for the year. Natgas skidded 18.4% to bring it down to 3.73 but was up 46.9% for the year. Uranium lost 7.3% for the month to 42.25 but was a big winner for the year up 39.5%. Sprott along with other funds are still adding more uranium to their stash.

Ratios:  Au:Ag 78.5, Pt:Au .53, Pt:Pd .52. BRT:WTI 1.05, WTI:HH 20.2, and AU:WTI 24.3.  

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Are you looking for ways to improve and be happier in 2022? I sit down with behavior psychologist Kurt Nelson to talk about the simple practices you can implement to make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling. There are a multitude of behavioral biases that influence how you think and act and the subsequent emotions that occur, so it is important to arrange your personal environment in a way that allows you to thrive. By focusing on health, gratitude, and more compassionate relationships, you can tackle the year with motivation and positivity.

-Kurt Nelson is a behavioral psychologist and comes on the show to talk about how you can make your life happier in 2022
-There are so many behavior biases that influence how you think/act, and the subsequent emotions that occur
-The ‘fake it until you make it’ phenomenon is actually very true to a certain degree
-Beliefs about ourselves have a large impact on our own abilities
-It is important especially for children, teens, and young adults to have their own sense of self/what they want as they get older
-One thing we can do as we ease into the new year is focusing on what will make us healthier—this can include getting more adequate sleep and eating well. It’s important to set up your environment to help you do this
-We are more motivated when we feel like we have control over our lives and when we see progress
-If you’re feeling unsure/uneasy, it can be helpful to jump right in and start—once you start, it’s easier to keep going
-Keeping a daily gratitude journal can help switch the way that you process your days; your brain starts searching for positivity
-It’s important to approach people and relationships with compassion, because it can re-focus the way that you view them
-Try to be someone that cultivates positivity and brings what you would want to a group
-Take ownership of where you are and why you’re not where you want to be, and think of what you can do to get there
-Set your environment up for success
-Remember that everything starts with attitude

Useful Links:
Financial Survival Network
Behavioral Grooves Podcast

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