Whether you’re driving a car, calling a big company, or working with your financial advisor, AI is involved in many of our day to day activities. I sit down with Matt Reiner to talk about Benjamin, an AI development that helps financial advisor firms elevate their experience by utilizing automated processes to complete medial, mundane tasks. This ultimately allows advisors to spend more time with clients and allows for a more valuable experience. Tune in for more on how AI is transforming financial advising and bettering firms.

-Benjamin is helping financial advisor firms elevate their experience by designing AI that complete medial, mundane tasks
-This allows for more human to human interactions with clients
-The focus is enabling the team to do more
-Benjamin helps with client onboarding, preparing advisors prior to meeting with clients, and answering questions
-With this tool, advisors can spend more time with clients
-The experience is made more fluid and swift
-Growth comes from clients demanding more proactive service offerings

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We are currently waiting to hear what Jerome Powell has in store for the global economy—especially Wall Street. I sit down and chat with Dutch Masters to discuss the latest updates on the markets; for 2022, it’s looking precarious as rates are anticipated to rise. We talk about Carnivore Trading and some of the strategies that can be implemented to successfully invest as the times change. Tune in to hear how you can plan for the year ahead.

-The price of gold is down, and Wall Street is seeing higher prices and higher volume
-If the Fed
-Crypto has fallen off the table
-Upstart has been performing well
-For 2022, this is a precarious market; the rates will probably not come up as much as promised, but they do have to rise
-Carnivore Trading doesn’t stick to one style of investing because the circumstances are constantly changing
-Carnivore is great at choosing sectors, and demonstrated long and short trades to subscribers
-Stocks always have the opportunity to come back

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