I sit down with Gil Baumgarten to discuss where the market is heading in the coming year, and the ways that you can play it safely to mitigate risk and maximize returns. He contends that energy is probably going to continue to go higher into the new year, especially if demand spikes during the winter. Additionally, we’re seeing a rise in interest rates, threats to traditional real estate, and other drastic changes. Tune in to get the full scope of the future market.

-Where is the market heading in the coming year and years ahead? How can you play it safely to mitigate risk and maximize returns?
-Energy is probably going to continue to go higher
-Oil has advantages in terms of transportability, but you can’t transport Natgas as easily
-During winter, if demand were to spike, energy could go up very dramatically
-Rise in interest rates is putting a lot of pressure on tech stocks
-There has been a shift back towards value that has happened over the last decade
-There’s a lot of smooth sailing with regard to this shift
-Baumgarten in concerned about traditional real estate, and states that the effects of the pandemic will still be visible
-Weakness of office space rents
-If you see something you want on the market, it’s smart to buy it sooner rather than later
-ETFs are more tax efficient, and from an estate-planning standpoint, much more effective than mutual funds
-ETFs are better vehicles all around and have a spectacular tax advantage

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