Can the Fed get us out of the mess they got us into? Here to speak on this is Octavio Marenzi, who thinks that we’re in for a rough ride in 2022; this will probably entail a stock market crash, and the Fed pouring money back into the market to save it. Wage and price controls will not necessarily be feasible in these circumstances, and it is difficult to predict exactly what is to come; we all become spectators in this situation. Tune in to hear more considerations about the future of inflation and how to prepare yourself.

-Can the Fed get us out of the mess they got us into?
-Marenzi thinks that the Fed will carry on doing what they’re doing until the market crashes, and start to pour money back into the market—it will be a very rough ride in 2022
-We will probably start to see a correction in 3-4 months
-The Biden administration is worried about inflation, and they are wary of industries hiking up prices. Inflation is going to be a huge political issue for them in 2022
-Inflation finds its way around price controls—people find other ways to trade
-The Fed will probably take the easiest past rather than the most effective one
-Price/wage controls won’t be very effective
-Nixon pointed out that we want to use problems to our political advantage—not necessarily solve them
-It’s smart to hold a larger cash balance at the moment, but this is still a risky strategy
-This monetary policy turns us all into speculators

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Brad Heavey, an experienced real estate investor, comes on the show to talk about REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). REITs are particularly beneficial because they provide a stabilized income stream. There are many categories of these trusts that all have different qualities and advantages, and a REIT with a diverse portfolio of properties is worth exploring, as it could have decent yields. These are low-risk areas to invest in, but they require research to find out what companies are stable and worth investing in. Tune in to hear more about how you can invest in REITs, and some of the best tips for entering this sector.

-A lot of people have decided to invest in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
-When Brad Heavey became an appraiser, his niche was appraising multi-million dollar homes
-As a landlord, collecting rent from a tenant can present issues. The upside of being a landlord is real estate appreciation
-The benefits of REITs are that you have a stabilized income stream.
-As an investor, it’s best to avoid the REIT categories that you don’t have a lot of knowledge on
-A REIT that has a diverse portfolio of properties is one that is worth looking into further
-It’s important to analyze how stable a company is
-Real estate is based on income and how solid that income is. This is why REITs are advantageous
-The pandemic has made people think about how we can protect our future financial position and start taking steps today
-REITs are a low risk area to invest in, but you have to do your research
-Many REITs have gotten a free ride because rates are so low, but things could be subject to change if rates start to go up rapidly

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