Live in the present, don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future. Our trust in the electoral system is being tested. When you’re anxious, your fears become reality. Stop drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and eliminate stimulants like crystal meth or aderol. We’re all just acting out on our programming. When fight or flight is triggered you lose perspective. 

Direct download: Dr._John_Huber_10.Nov.20.mp3
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When discussing today’s precious metals market dive, noted investor Rick Rule says, “Volatility is part of dealing with investing. The volatility we’re seeing today is setting up the upcoming precious metals advance. Is it the vaccine or is there something else inovlved? It’s just part of the landscape. If you’re not psychologically prepared for these movements you need to get out of the market.” Rick’s got a hot list of 45 precious metals equities that he’s now considering for purchasie. He’s looking to sell a few dogs and buy the quality issues. Middle market companies generating substantial cash flow will lead thenext wave up. There’s a dearth of quality exploration issues. During the past decade, exploration has been nearly non-existent. Tier 1 deposits (5mm ounces of gold and 400k per year potential production) and Tier 2 (1-1.5 mm ounce resource 150k per year production) are going to sail higher. Institutional investors need to get into this market and understand the huge potential opportunity. Intelligently crafted mergers are starting to take place. For valuation purposed, P/E is pretty much irrelevant. P/NAV is where it’s at. Rick’s take on royalty companies, the larger ones are still going to do well because base metal producers will be selling their pm streams off. There will be huge transactions of this ilk. Hedge funds may very well become a driving factor in taking miners private. They’re sitting on funds that they either have to use or will have to return to investors. Pension funds are starting to call Rick. Suddenly there’s interest among the largest investors in the world considering putting money into the sector. And long suffering silver investors, take heart. Silver is next. Silver is substantially more volatile than gold. A cyclical decline in a secular bull market always hits silver harder than gold. First comes gold then comes silver, always in that order. Make sure you contact Ric by going to for a free resource stock portfolio evaluation.

Direct download: Rick_Rule_09.Nov.20.mp3
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If divided government is bad for stocks, so why are stocks soaring? Markets have gone into a bout of euphoria. Big news. Vaccine 90% effective. UK to roll out Vitamin D supplements for people vulnerable to Covid. UK plans Vitamin D rollout to vulnerable as COVID-19 › ... › International › World News Covid death rate keeps falling, now almost statistically insignificant. Let’s assume that the vaccine is the cure, what will happen then? Stocks were doing really well before today on the expectation that stimulus would be on the way, in very generous amounts. Treasuries were on the rise. Whatever happens next is great for gold, though the timing is tricky. If stocks tank when traders figure out that stimulus will be delayed, that might pull gold down. But the eventual resulting stimulus will send it through the roof.  NJ credit downgraded on big pension bond sale, Illinois tax measure failed, and that's pretty much it. Junk rating is coming. A sign of things to come all over.

Direct download: John_Rubino_09.Nov.20.mp3
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Larry Klayman, has just written It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry! Larry founded and was chairman of the successful non-profit foundation Judicial Watch, and current chairman of Freedom Watch. 
In the book, Larry details how our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government have become thoroughly corrupt and failed the citizenry.  

Imploring Americans to turn away from the “scandal industry” of the cable news networks, which enrich themselves by magnifying crises—if not creating mass panic to boost ratings and advertising dollars—and offering false hope to lure viewers that there will be justice to remedy government corruption, the author Larry Klayman, both the founder of Judicial Watch and now Freedom Watch, offers concrete solutions for creating a federal judiciary and instituting citizens’ grand juries. Quoting Founding Fathers like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Klayman explains above all that without ethics, morality, and religion, it will not matter how many times we change our forms of government or rules—there will be no lasting liberty.

This work is a call to arms during these times of crises, when government corruption has hit a “cancerous state.” The overriding message of It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry! is that Americans should turn off cable news, stop being entertained by it, get up off of the couch, and join the second American Revolution—albeit a peaceful and legal one—to restore the greatness of our nation in these trying and perilous times. Our continued existence hangs in the balance!

Direct download: Larry_Klayman_06.Nov.20.mp3
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Tom is a 40 year veteran of technology startups, both as
a founder and an investor. After multiple successful exits,
most recently selling VectorLearning for $268M, he is now
the Managing Partner at Florida Funders, a hybrid of a venture capital fund and an angel investor network focused on finding, funding, and building the next generation of breakout technology companies in Florida and beyond. As an angel investor for the last 25 years, Tom has learned how rewarding investing in early stage technology companies can be...and how
challenging. The mission at Florida Funders is to provide better and broader access to tech investments for new and existing angel investors and to turn Florida from the sunshine state into the startup state.

Direct download: Tom_Wallace_06.Nov.20.mp3
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We’re going to be wishing we had listened to Andrew Yang. Money is nothing more than a trading coupon that people have belief or confidence in. The current monetary system can’t be received. Waves of inflation are coming. Humanity has rare periods of stability and they are inevitably interrupted by great waves of inflation. We’ve printed so many coupons in the last 6 months, there will be consequences. Everyone owes money. It’s a daisy chain of debt. Covid has broken the chain. Darryl believes the Time of the Volture is upon us. It will feed upon the blindness of OThe greatest inflationary wave in history is about to subside. Cataclysms always bring about these global collapses and deep change. The cure is the disease. 

Remember you can never have too much gold and ammo. Keep the faith and don’t lose your head, don’t get sucked into the up and down and you’ll be able to clearly see the paths of success. 

Buy gold, buy silver and have faith! The great wave’s purpose is renewal. 

Direct download: Darryl_Schoon_05.Nov.20.mp3
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A look at what’s happening to big cities after the pandemic. A look at postal change of address forms, it’s quite shocking.

Chicago’s change-of-address notices more than doubled over last year’s for the period from February 1 to August 1; New York City’s are up 490%; San Francisco’s up 180%; Los Angeles’s up 96%; Washington D.C.’s up 160%; Houston’s up 60%; and Philadelphia’s up 60%. 

Thomas Jefferson’s disdain for big cities and his agrarian vision for America was based partly on the danger of epidemics. He lived through a major one, yellow fever in 1793 that killed one in ten people in Philadelphia, then the nation’s capital. We’ll see if the cities have outlived their usefulness. Will people come back to Chicago, San Francisco, New York, etc. Will remote workers pack it in? 30% of San Francisco is vacant. Personal safety is a key reason why people are fleeing. People are moving to smaller communities and smaller cities are benefiting from the transition. Large cities will be going belly up. Living conditons are getting worse and worse. Even if they do get bailouts, will that have any lasting impact?  How will people ever return? 

What happens when tech starts contracting. 

Exit plan. Rent don’t own. Live away from the problem areas. Adjust to remote working. Look at what is happening. Resort areas are becoming very popular. Prices are going up. Much better quality of life. Jefferson would be retreating to the hills of Virginia. 

The walkability index is turning into the run-ability index, how fast people can run out of dodge. 

Direct download: Mark_Glennon_04.Nov.20.mp3
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With the election season winding down, it’s time to step away from the the deception, lies and noise to figure out what’s really going on. What’s is driving things? The math is the math. What we’ve always called it is the end of the great Keynesian Experiment. Servicing the debt can no longer be maintained by the central banks. With everything going on, we’re a runaway train heading down the track towards Deadman’s Curve. Does it really matter who’s president? Just the amount required to service the existing debt is over $1 trillion per year and rapidly going higher. The Fed is manipulating the markets as always. Powell is to announce that he will keep rates down until 2023 at least. And now the Fed is looking at yield control, cap interest rates because rates cannot be allowed to go higher. 

As a gold and silver investor you need to be buying the dips. If you’re still on the fence, wait till the yield control begins and then the fun will really begin. 

We've been in an intermediate metals downtrend since August. Just like last year. There's nervousness about gold today due to what happened 4 years ago. Negative nominal interest rates are extremely positive for gold ownership. Last time it happened was in the 1970’s. And remember where gold went then? 

Interest on all debt is going parabolic. We don’t know what point it will break, but it’s going break, of that we’re certain. It’s an absolute certainty. The solution is to keep buying bullion, mining stocks and get ready for the ride of our lives. 

To save 50% off first month’s subscription to  use the coupon code LUTZ when you sign up. 

Direct download: Craig_Hemke_03.Nov.20.mp3
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Stock markets were up again: Dow down 4.6%, S&P 500 down 2.8% Nasdaq finished down a hefty 9.6%, but TSX.V down another 3.3% percent. VIX blazed higher finishing at 38.00. Dollar was up .2% and Euro lost .6%.  10 Year way up at .88%. Bitcoin was a big winner rising 26.1% during the month. Gold nearly flat with a .4% loss to 1879. Silver  rose 1.7% to 23.64. Even PT was down another 5.2%. PD down 5.4% for the month. Copper up .8% to $3.03. WTI was slammed 11.2%. Brent down 7.5%. Natgas was the month's big winner up 32.4% to 3.35 per mm. Uranium was down to just under $30. 

Ratios: Au/Ag 79.5 - Pt/Au .45 - Pt/Pd .40 - BRT/WTI 1.06 WT/HH 10.7 and AU/WTI 52.6. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_02.Nov.20.mp3
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New York has seen a precipitous slide recently. Hotel occupancy rates are down to under 10%. 90% of restaurants are behind on their rent. Criminal justice enforcement has been all but done away with. Civil unrest could well break out after the election. This is a real test of the City's long-term survival. Michael is speaking out against #KillerCuomo and #comradeDiBlasio and their refusal to enforcement the law and keep order. Time will tell. 

Direct download: Michael_Fischer_02.Nov.20.mp3
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Polls tighten, raising odds of civil unrest:

--Trump drawing insanely large crowds in battleground states, dwarfing Biden’s audience;

-- Minority turnout is disappointing compared to probable Trump voters;

-- White House building big fence in anticipation, cops are on alert in big cities.

If stimulus is delayed through the holidays, mass bankruptcy and default in both private and public sectors. Malls, restaurant chains, airlines are all toast. Lockdown impoverished travel, government and so many millions. If they don’t money in a hurry, they are bankrupt. It would have been done if not for the election. It’s in each party’s interest to delay it for a while. Each month that goes by makes it less likely many of these companies will survive. 

JPMorgan came right out and said economy chaos is great for stocks!

Europe is locking down again, will President Biden do the same for the US? 

Is gold the big winner from this election?

Silver would be the big winner from a Blue Wave?

Greenwald quits Intercept after being censored.

Direct download: John_Rubino_02.Nov.20.mp3
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John provides residents of high density population areas comprehensive options to strategically relocate to a prepared retreat. One of the first thing that John recommends is reconnecting with relatives who live in remote areas. Or perhaps acquiring a vacation home away from urban areas. You’re not going to become an Army Ranger overnight. The key is to get away from people. Then you might be able to watch it pass. John will help find you a place within a tank of gas range. Logistics, setup and planning are key. You can’t count on the media to inform you of the impending social breakdown. Planning is key. You want to be around people who produce more than they consume. That’s why it’s important to stay away from large urban areas. The best place to escape to is one you can actually escape to. Low population density areas. 

  1. A plan to get out of town;
  2. A place to go;
  3. So prepared place to ride it out. Strategic Relocation Consulting Services

Phone Number: 406-438-5919

Direct download: Jon_Albertson_29.Oct.20.mp3
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Government agencies say this evening that Iran and Russia have taken actions to influence public opinion in the run up to the U-S presidential election.

The director of National Intelligence says some voter registration information was obtained by both countries while they believe Iran has sent out emails designed to intimidate voters.

But it appears that Facebook and Twitter are far more dangerous. Their behavior is the exact thing that happened in Venezuela. Failing to cover the Biden corruption stories, which detail legendary corruption by the Biden Crime Family, could be construed as an act of treason.

Long term politicians can't help but be criminals in their careers. Some states are worse than others, but Delaware has always been corruption central. 

Trump's release of transcripts during the Ukrainian brought Barisma to the public's attention and paved the way for the Biden Scandal. 

FBI refusal to pursue the laptop was completely corrupt. Wray is a passive leader and he clearly has no control. The FBI had it and he had an obligation to disclose it to AG Barr. 

The censorship backlash created a firestorm and are now going to be held to account. The debate truly did air the dirty laundry. It was truly a turning point. Anyone watching had to know that Trump was the winner. 

Now on to the election. 

Direct download: Brian_Boyd_28.Oct.20.mp3
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Go back to summer of 2017. The German Bundesbank announced a 2020 deadline to repatriate all of their overseas gold. This was followed by a number of other European Countries. They appeared to be in a rush. At this point CB’s were net sellers of gold. In 2018 the CB’s became buyers. In 2019 Basel 3 came into play, reclassifying Gold as a Tier 1 asset on bank balance sheets. On the Comex there is a designation of “others” all of whom are standing for delivery. Highly unusual. One week ago we see the IMF calling for a new Bretton Woods. The Great Reset meeting is coming in Davos. Federal Reserve issues new rules to protect against the collapse of large banks. The call for a new system is here. We are entering a period of time where we must ask how much longer will the dollar last. We’re approaching the end.

Direct download: Andy_Schectman_27.Oct.20.mp3
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We could see Election Day chaos. If ransomware gets into any of the swing state’s computer system, the results could be disastrous. Every cyber security expert is focused on the election and are not sleeping soundly. If access to voter data get restricted via ransomeware, it will cast doubt into the election results or even worse. Many swing states in the last election were won by less than one percent. Microsoft and the DHS worked together to shut down a botnet recently. The network was spewing out malware and capturing peoples’s data on a mass scale. The election system across the country is composed of thousands of different systems of various age and quality. It’s documented and that information is available to hackers and other bad actors. This enables Russia and China to target vulnerabilities and possibly sabotage the results. Should this happen, we might need a do over. Back to paper ballots? It’s all about planning. Has the government planned adequately. You need to plan ahead. Just think of paper towel and toilet papers shortages that we saw from Covid, on steroids. Prepare, prepare, prepare…

Direct download: Robert_Siciliano_27.Oct.20.mp3
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Junior Miner Junky's David Erfle joined us for a precious metals market review. David is seeing a repeat performance of the 2016 election pattern in precious metals. Be prepared to be underwhelmed by the movement. He's seeing more of a pullback, possibly down to the 1750-1800 level. Gold is like Natgas, just when you think you have it figured out, that's when everything goes to hell. Right now, the stocks are lagging the metals and this is the opposite of what you want to see for higher metals prices. But  there is hope, David believes that when this consolidation is over, we'll seen even higher metals prices and possibly record high prices. Sometime after the election when things get back to normal.

Direct download: David_Erfle_26.Oct.20.mp3
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    1. Markets down big on the back of 2nd European Covid Wave. Markets are down 2.5 % except for Nasdaq 1.7%, S&P 500 down over 2%. Hospitalizations are up. Caution going into the election. All election induced. How long with the post-election chaos last for? Probably the most divided time for our country since the Civil War. Hopefully people will wake up. Biden’s campaign is flagging. He’s unintelligible. He’s been on the take for decades. The laptop disclosures have been shocking. Word is getting out, despite efforts to supress the story. Trump supporter caravans are breaking out all over. 5th Avenue in New York.


    1. Anti-covid riots cropping up all over Europe. People are done with this. They want to get on with their lives. Will they be able to lockdown everything again. 


    3.Earnings are coming but they are taking a back seat to the election and Covid. Highest number of reports coming this week. SAP, huge German company getting absolutely slaughtered, down 24%. 


    1. Election outcome, you can speculate on your own. 


    1. Gold is up slightly. Silver down about 1%.
Direct download: Nick_145_26.Oct.2020.mp3
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Might not be a stimulus bill before the election, which means before January. Major economic disruption if so... let’s go through some of the things that would happen.The game is still ongoing and there’s a number for how low the stock market goes until they see reason. 

It’s earnings season, and the biggest bright spot will be the gold miners. Record number of Zombie companies who’s interest expenses are greater than their profits. Stimulus is coming. 

Commercial real estate is tanking: NYC hotel occupancy rates now around 10%, San Fran office vacancies surge, apartment rents plunge.

The real story of the Biden laptop is the censorship by Twitter and Facebook (and WaPo)

Post-election violence is baked in the cake.


Direct download: John_Rubino_26.Oct.20.mp3
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Gordon T. Long joined us for a very insightful look at the markets and precious metals. Gordon is super-bullish on gold and silver. Based upon what's happening in the US and abroad he sees a very bullish movement ahead. Stocks may keep on going up as a result of all the liquidity that the Fed keeps pumping into the market and we will see this strategy continuing onward indefinitely. In the end, this is what will see precious metals go ever higher. So get ready!

Direct download: Gordon_T._Long_22.Oct.20.mp3
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Election day is coming, and with it more civil unrest seems extremely likely. The New York Police Department is preparing for it. A close friend who’s a NY City Seargant has been told she’ll be working 12 hour shifts and must be on call 24/7. The New York Post has been reporting on a major exodus from the City in anticipation of the event (see here). It’s clear that NY’s governor (#KillerCuomo) and the City’s mayor (#ComradediBlasio) will do little, if anything to stop the impending riots. Heck, they’ve welcome the riots with open arms and couldn’t be more thrilled. Comrades daughter was even arrested while attacking the police. Where was the National Guard and NYC’s mounted police when they were needed most? This scenario is likely to be repeated in cities, large and small, throughout the nation. Of course Blue cities and states provide a more conducive environment to civil unrest than Red Cities and States, but no place will be exempt. During the summer riots, many Red cities in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma and elsewhere were briefly the site of looting and rioting. Red Governors acted quickly to restore order, but the damage was done. As it becomes more and more likely, at least in my opinion, that President Trump will be re-elected, the potential for violence increases exponentially. This violence is leftist inspired and both supported and encouraged by the wealthy globalists. It has been pre-planned and orchestrated, just like during the summer. If you think there’s any validity to the suspicions above, than now is the time to prepare. You must plan and practice, so if and when the actual event occurs, you’ll be less likely to panic and make potentially grave errors. If possible, it’s advisable to flee cities where the highest levels of violence occurred during the summer, Portland, Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Washington DC, etc. If you can’t get out, then be prepared. An ample supply of food (14 dqys), water, household goods, first aid and pharmaceuticals, medical products and some cash, would be the minimum required to ride out the storm. Self-defense items should be obtained, trained on and ample ammo should be acquired. You should analize your daily patterns to insure that you can avoid potential hotspots and places where violence is most likely to be centered. Police stations, city halls, retail shops are all likely to be targets. You should avoid going out at night and avoid routes in your car that could be subject to blockage. If you wind up in the middle of a violent crowd while in your vehicle, do not under any circumstances stop moving or flee your vehicle. A moving target is always harder to attack than a stationary one. Try to slowy move through the crowd, but if you’re attacked, do not hesitate to floor the acceleartor and get out of danger. Your life and those of your family mean nothing to these people. Next week, I plan to never leave my home unarmed. Whatever your means of self-defense, plan to have it on your person until at least one week after the election. We’re dealing with an organized and determined plot to destroy the country. The interesting part is that the country has been doing its best to self-immolate for decades. If the left had simply waited patiently, eventually they would have had their way. But now, they’ve antagonized and outraged the normies. And the normies are not going to sit around waiting to be attacked or eliminated. Remember forewarned is forearmed. Hopefully, I’m all wrong and none of this comes to pass. But based upon recent history, it’s certainly wise to prepare and plan. And that’s all I’m asking you to do.

Direct download: TLR_485_23.Oct.20_.mp3
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Christian Allen the Founder and CEO of the strategic planning firm Money Insights. His team specializes in helping clients understand and implement alternative wealth-building strategies centered around life insurance (and not the type of life insurance you get when you go to your local agent). He’s passionate about making it easier for his clients to build and protect their wealth, and he is here today to share some insight into his strategies.

• What makes Christian’s core strategies, The Investment Optimizer and The Retirement Accelerator, so impactful? 

• How to invest the same dollar in two different places at the same time 

• The four stages of the Money Insights Method: Discovery and education, Strategic design, Implementation, and Collaboration 

Direct download: Christian_Allen_22.Oct.20.mp3
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While the economy continues to go down hill, stock markets and real estate have been going gangbusters. The flood of money has created winners and losers. Income that was previously spent on travel is going into savings and other purchases. The Chinese travel market has stopped further hitting the international tourist market. People are being more cautious in spending their money. Used car sales have been on the rise.  

A lot the bankruptcies that we have seen are companies that were struggling badly even before Covid. Look at JCPenny – when is the last time they made a profit – a really meager gain in 2017, but other than that huge losses back as far as the eye can see. Finally folded in May 2020. This is more of an act of mercy than anything else. Ascena is another example, the parent of Ann Taylor and Dressbarn. These are all brands that had been struggling.

Selection of Retail Bankruptcies in 2020

·         Century 21 

·         Stein Mart 

·         Tailored Brands 

·         Lord & Taylor 

·         Ascena 

·         The Paper Store 

·         RTW Retailwinds 

·         Muji USA 

·         Sur La Table 

·         Brooks Brothers 

·         G-Star Raw 

·         Lucky Brand 

·         GNC 

·         Tuesday Morning 

·         Centric Brands 

·         J.C. Penney 

·         Stage Stores 

·         Aldo 

·         Neiman Marcus 

·         J. Crew 

·         Roots USA 

·         True Religion 

·         Modell's Sporting Goods 

·         Art Van Furniture 

·         Bluestem Brands 

·         Pier 1 

·         SFP Franchise Corp 

The largest US retailers are getting bigger, and their latest quarter figures are very encouraging in terms of revenue growth:

Largest US Retailers

Quarterly Revenue Growth 













2.  What about gold? Is it out for the count? Gold has been pushed forward by uncertainty and reached a high point in early August at just over $2,000/oz. This has been a phenomenal run from one year ago, when the metal was trading at only $1,500/oz. It has retrenched somewhat since August and is at just under $1,900/oz now. A couple of factors speak in gold’s favour-monetary policy is likely to remain very loose and investors afraid of price inflation will be drawn to gold. However, gold has also been a safe haven in times of political uncertainty, and this presidential election has the opportunity to offer that in spades, which I do not think is reflected in the price of gold currently. It looks like we may well have a contested election result, and the legal fighting back and forth we saw in 2000 between Gore and Bush is likely to be a walk in the park compared to the upheaval we will see with a hung election in a few weeks.

Direct download: Octavio_Marenzi_22.Oct.20.mp3
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I sat down with Bill Powers (Mining Stock Education) and Keven Drover CEO of Aurcana Silver Corp., (sponsor) which owns arguably the world’s highest-grade silver mine in Colorado. All permits are in place. With the announcement of a secured a debt facility to cover costs needed to achieve production, the final hurdle to production has been cleared. Drover believes it can happen in as little as six month. A lesser known part of the story is the exploration upside. Initially they'll be mining a relatively small portion of their land package. Assuming that favorable silver prices stay with us, and this mine could be producing for many years to come. And that could mean big gains for those who got in early. 

(Disclosure we are shareholders)


Direct download: Bill_P_Aurcana_22.Oct.20.mp3
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The U.S. dollar has joined other major currencies in a race to zero value as central banks are failing, unable to preserve purchasing power in fiat currency that has lost 100% of its value since the U.S. went completely off of the gold standard under President Nixon in 1971. The U.S. dollar, along with other major currencies around the globe, has lost over 90 percent of its value since 1971. The sad truth in this same time frame, U.S. national debt has on the average doubled every 8 years since Reagan assumed the presidency in 1981. Even more alarming, the Congressional Budget Organization (CBO) published a study last month that reported the national debt will rise to nearly twice the U.S. total economic output in 2050, an increase from less than 80 percent since last year. The last thing you want to do is give politicians a printing press, it's a surefire prescription for disaster. 

A note about the election. We discussed the latest October surprise with drug addicted Hunter Biden's notebook and all the damning information contained therein. Complete with details of the Biden Crime Family, direct pay-offs to the Vice President and his family members. This is why the Mafia whacks drug addicted members because they can't be trusted and might rat them out to the Feds. Fortunately for Hunter, politics is a little bit different. 

Direct download: Dr._Jerome_Corsi__21.Oct.20.mp3
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One of our favorite guests, Dr. Steve Turley came on to give us the latest election update. Seems that rumors of Trump's demise could be greatly exaggerated. There's a number of things taking place that virtually insure his  reelection. From primary vote tallies, to emerging Biden crime family scandals, to a number of other relevant issues, it's beginning to look a lot like a major Trump blow-out. And there's nothing that can stop it. 

Direct download: Dr._Steve_Turley_20.Oct.20.mp3
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