Something was going to pop these bubbles and it just happened to be the Coronavirus. Oil crashed again to $12 per bbl. Diamond Offshore just went BK. Offshore drilling is super costly and their oil has no market. 27 oil tankers off the coast of Long Beach and even more off the coast of Singapore. We’re almost at the point where there’s no more storage capacity. Until we start driving and flying again real soon. Shale oil junk bonds are worthless. The oil producing countries have either cut spending dramatically or they have to borrow a ton of money that isn’t available. Money center banks, hedge funds and pension funds are going to see massive losses. It starts with oil and ends with Illinois. States will go bankrupt. Trump asked why we should bail out Blue States. The number of things that blow up become catastrophic. The Feds have no choice but to bail out everything and that’s the end of the dollar, as we know it. There’s not a hedge fund left after the big bang! 

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New York Based - Attorney Jonathan Bell ( is a Labor and Employment Attorney and the Founder of Bell Law Group, PLLC.

Jonathan Bell discusses:

  • Coronavirus Job Losses Could Total 47 Million While Unemployment Rate May Hit 32%
  • Potential Future Lawsuits Against Employers Over The Coronavirus
  • What are three ways that Coronavirus may create lasting change at the workplace?
  • How the Family and Medical Leave Act applies to the coronavirus 
  • Companies' Legal Obligations Around Coronavirus
  • Furlough Vs Fired

And many other important topics. 

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