According to noted mortgage specialist Debbie Bloyd, real estate closings are still taking place and while it's very difficult to shop for a home, especially if it's owner-occupied, there are some people who have to move and find a new place. Obviously, how much longer the lockdown continues will have a major bearing on the market. Debbie warns all to be careful about applying for a mortgage payment deferral. You need to know repayment terms and while it shouldn't negatively affect your credit score, you need to check to be absolutely certain. There's other traps that we go into in depth. Take a listen. 

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The country has been in lockdown for nearly 1 month. Has it helped, well of course the politicians think so, they've seen their power increase and they get to make pronouncements not based upon any law or reason. How much longer will it go on? At the first sign of a lessening of the lock-down, people will leave their homes en-masse and that will be the end of it. 

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