Finally, silver has begun to outperform Gold, just as we always expected it would. The gold/silver ratio kept going up until it started going down. People become turned off by the high price of gold and have found that silver is still cheap. The ratio peaked at 125, way above 80-90 where it usually peaks. All as a result of the panic. Now we’re almost back down to 100. Silver needs to do 2.5 times better than gold to just get back to normal relative valuations. 

Stocks were way up on Monday, on rumors of an early stage Bill Gates backed vaccine. What will they fall for next? Happy days are here again!

Finally, the state of the economy is simply stated, Horrible! 35 percent decline in second quarter GDP. And more debt on top of more debt. What's a debtor nation to do. Perhaps buy pre-commie Chinese debt and present it for payment? Interesting times indeed. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_18.May.20.mp3
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The coronavirus crisis has led to an unprecedented number of layoffs across the country. If you're one of the many workers whose job has been affected, you have a lot on your plate right now.

One decision you don't want to let fall through the cracks is the choice about what to do with your 401(k). If you're leaving your job, you have three primary choices, only two of which are good ones. 

1. Keep the money where it is

In most cases, leaving your job doesn't mean your 401(k) has to move. While you won't be able to contribute to it through paycheck withdrawals anymore, you should be able to leave your money invested right where it is. 

Keeping your money with your current employer can be smart for a couple of reasons. You don't have to sell any of your investments (important since the market is really volatile right now). You also don't have to pay any fees associated with a rollover of the funds, which some 401(k) plans charge when you move money out. 

But there are some downsides to inaction. If your plan fees are high, you'll be stuck paying them while losing benefits such as an employer match that may have made participating worth the cost.

You probably also have fewer investment options in your 401(k) than if you moved your money to an IRA. Plus with your money spread across different accounts, it can be harder to look at the big picture and see if your portfolio is balanced. When you have multiple old retirement accounts, there's even a chance you may end up forgetting about the money and leaving it unclaimed

And if you have only a small amount of money in your company 401(k), you may not have the option to keep your retirement funds parked in your old employer's plan. 

2. Roll it over into an IRA

Another option, and the best one for many people, is to do a rollover of your 401(k) funds into an IRA. You can open one at any brokerage firm, usually for free with no minimum investment to get started. 

You can ask for a direct rollover so your money goes right to the brokerage firm holding the IRA. Or your company can write a check to you, in which case you'll need to deposit the money into your new account within 60 days. 

The biggest downside of moving your 401(k) money into an IRA is that you typically have to sell your stock to do it. And it can take some time for your money to move from one account to another, during which you're out of the market. You could potentially be forced to sell shares at a loss to move your money and then miss out on a recovery while waiting to get your money reinvested. 

There are upsides to a rollover, though. You can consolidate your 401(k) money with other retirement funds you may already have in an IRA. And you can avoid plan management fees and open up the door to more investment choices. 

Just be sure you keep the type of account the same. If you have a 401(k) you've invested in with pre-tax funds, you'll want to move the money to a traditional IRA. If you moved it to a Roth instead, you'd end up owing income taxes on the money, although you'd benefit from being able to make tax-free withdrawals in retirement. 

3. Withdraw the money

Your final option is to simply take the money out of your 401(k). This is not a good option. You'll be robbing yourself of funds you need for your future. And you could end up owing penalties on the withdrawn funds.

Normally, you pay a 10% penalty on early withdrawals from a 401(k), in addition to being taxed at your ordinary rate on withdrawn funds. But the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) allows you to take up to a $100,000 withdrawal without owing this penalty if you face financial hardship due to COVID-19. You can also spread out your tax payments on the withdrawal over three years.

But while you can take at least some money out of your account without penalty, the ordinary income taxes you'll owe could still be quite high. Plus, you lose the chance for the withdrawn funds to grow into a sufficient retirement nest egg. 

Putting your 401(k) money into an IRA or leaving it invested where it is are usually your best options when you leave your job.

If your work is affected due to coronavirus and you have to make a decision about your retirement account, consider the big picture -- including future financial security as well as account fees -- when you decide what to do with your money. 

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In the present state of the world economy, there’s more risk not to be invested in commodity markets than to be invested, which makes Sponsor Auryn Resources (TSX: AUG NYSE: AUG) the right stock at the right time. 

Ivan and his management team have taken the enforced Covid 19 break to become better organized, more focused and more efficient. Instead of spending time traveling the globe, they have gotten back to basics. "Sometimes you’re so busy drilling that you don’t have enough time to fully analyse the data, and this pause has allowed Auryn’s highly skilled geological team to go in depth." Ivan believes the results will be apparent for the next drill program. New targets in each of Auryn’s potential Tier 1 swings have been identified and will be explored. 

Work on Sombrero and Curibaya will recommence in June. Peru locked down early and as a result will quickly reopen. Sombrero fundamentals continue to improve. During the shutdown, Auryn shipped a large quantity of supplies to the nearby Sombrero communities they’ve been working with. Keeping their communities healthy and positive was extremely important to Ivan and Auryn. 

The company’s Canada projects are coming along as well. The team worked hard to prepare a highly positive PEA on the Homestake Ridge project in Canada in hopes of an eventual sale. Ivan’s optimistic that Committee Bay will start showing its true potential shortly as well.  

And of course there’s the potential to split the company into three seperate entities. The spin co will enable each outstanding project to command its own market valuation, which will be a major plus for Auryn’s shareholders.  As Ivan says, “The timing is more than worth the wait.”

Finally we discussed the recent price decline in Copper. Of course the increase in gold prices has more than offset copper’s lower price. But Ivan is unconcered, as he should be. The uses of copper keep expanding. It held $2 per pound and has gone up substantially since then. Many major mines have been shutdown and there will be a steep startup curve to reopen them. So the future looks bright. 

As Ivan said, “Auryn was built for this market and it’s not going to disappoint.” All of the needed catalysts are lining for Auryn to be an extremely profitable investment. Which is why I personally own shares in the Company.

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Noted cyber security expert Robert Siciliano observes that within several years cybercrime will be the third largest business on the planet. The current pandemic has only upped the stakes. It doesn't matter if you're a nanny or a police officer, you're still a potential target. And just like the current pandemic, It's not like the government is going to save you. There's just too many cases and not enough cops. That means that it's up to you to become aware, start changing your passwords and be aware that you're a potential target. Make those passwords long and complicated and maybe then you'll stand a chance. 

Direct download: Robert_Siciliano_14.May.20.mp3
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The recent increase is the stock markets is normal behavior after a crash. The majority of stocks are lagging at the same time the small caps are under performing. Many are hitting new lows and are rolling over and heading south. You’re paying more for shares than before the crash. The fundamentals are worse than ever. If you’re a long term investor this is when you need to step up to the plate and learn how to profit from bear market. You need to be on the right side of the market. Bonds and cash. If you play it correctly, retirment becomes a possiblity. Any type of retirment account can really pay off. Another March type crash is in the offing. March was pure panic, the big funds dumped share on bad fundamentals and then people panicked while rushing into cash. The fear of death is over and people will look to gold. Gold is the most stable place to put money. Silver and the gold juniors are not yet in a bull market, but that’s coming soon. We’re going to get close to negative rates. That’s when precious metals will begin to shine. Tech has been on fire but the  laggards such as airline stocks are close to hitting new lows. Financials heading for a major decline. 

Direct download: Chris_Vermeullen_13.May.20.mp3
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There’s a huge gap between asset valuations and the economy.  Just look to the Fed. Many times we were assured there would never be debt monetization. Now, they’re not just buying corporate debt but also buying junk bonds as well. The Fed is actually making loans directly to businesses and passing out stimulus to anyone with a pulse. The Fed has truly gone rogue. And yet, inflation stays down. Q2 is going to see $3 trillion deficit and a $4 trillion deficit for the year. There’s no productivity associated with this stimulus. According to Michael Pinto this will result  massive stagflation due to massive money printing. This is unique. In 2018 stocks took a hit, even though profits were up. Why? It was because the Fed was tightening. And then the reverse happened in 2019. Where do you to find a free market indicator? Michael and I have been warning about this for years. We’re heading for the most negative rates in history. With negative rates, we’re increasing current spending, which can only result in Stagflation. Is hyper-inflation a possibility? Not likely because it’s inconceivable that the US Dollar will collapse against it’s trading partners. But inflation will run into double digits, kicking off the greater depression. The implosion of the bond market is sure to happen. Insolvent debt on the corporate and sovereigh realms. It’s a surefire way for a debt collapse. 

Direct download: Michael_Pento_13.May.20.mp3
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We have been taught that real estate prices are driven by location, inventory, and interest rates.  I will argue all three are important to keep an eye on, but we have not been taught that the most significant driver is the buying AND selling patterns of American consumers Based On Age.

The primary reason residential real estate prices are at nose bleed levels is thanks to 76 million people born between 1946-1964 (legal, illegal, legitimate and illegitimate) that showed up in these United States of America.  Prices rose as a direct result of unprecedented demand.  In fact, there is no other country in history where so  many people came into being during the same twenty year period.  It’s also the first and perhaps the last time such an event will occur in U.S. history.

Thanks to the U.S. Census Bureau we can see the buying and selling patterns.  Please recognize that the patterns have held irrespective of high or low interest rates.  In the early 1980s when Boomers were entering the work force interest rates were 16% but that had no effect on educated well paid young people with their high demand for buying homes.  The age most Americans buy their first home was 31.  It is now 37.

The age of 41 is when most Americans have purchased their biggest home.  Again, Boomers can check box 1 and box 2.  From 1980-2000, 40% of all of the homes purchased in America were on lot sizes of 1 - 10 acres in size.  That was the Boomers buying the biggest house they will ever own during a 20 year period.  Each household thought they were doing something special.  When in fact we were just following the herd.

Today it takes 8 to 10 and even 20 times everyday incomes to buy an everyday house.  Healthy real estate prices are a good thing, indicative that the area is an attractive city or country to live in with a good standard of living.  And wages paid to employees becomes higher to compensate for that higher standard of living, along with more expensive office, store, plant, and warehouse costs.  That’s one of the reasons we are losing key industries to lower cost countries.

 As Professor Robert Shiller put it October, 2019, there are bubbles everywhere.  Bubbles in the bond market, the stock market, and the residential real estate market.  And every 7 year old in the world understands all bubbles burst.  In fact, every child knows the bigger the bubble, the bigger the burst.

 High real estate prices past a normal level of 3-4 times income in good cities only benefits the older people who already own real estate and who are going to work, but they produce less, and then die.  It kills the standard of living for the new up-and-coming generation.  It only encourages more focus on fixing up and flipping homes, instead of investing in productive capacity to produce real goods and services and for export and global competitiveness.

 So prices go up when demand is high and it stands to reason that prices go down when demand declines. Boomers constitute 24% of the U.S. population and it is noteworthy that the age most Americans sell their homes is age 78.  Boomers this year turn 55-74 which means we can clearly see they are increasingly likely to sell.  And it is important to keep in mind the average age of death in America is mid-80s.

Now is the time for those with a lot of equity to consider releasing that equity ahead of the herd.  As an old Eagle Scout hiking 50 miles across New Mexico I know when you are in the middle or the back of a herd of cows, the view and the smell do not change. You must get ahead of the pack.  Or be sorry.  Millennials, on the other hand, may be wise to keep their powder dry to see if the market moves in their direction.  I would not be surprised to see home prices in Cleveland decline by 13%.  And the decline for both coasts to be 50%-60%. When 24% of the population goes to heaven, and the 130 years of residential real estate supply remains stable,  it is reasonable to expect home prices and rental income to go straight to hell.  

Direct download: John_Grace_12.May.20.mp3
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Gary is a master at making the complex simple. In just 4 charts he shows exactly where the economy is now in relation to the 2008-09 economic crisis and where it's probably heading. And equally as important, he makes a compelling case for the only insurance policy available to mere mortals, gold. 

Direct download: Gary_Wagner_12.May.20.mp3
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Just Another Bricks in the Wall - John Rubino  5-11-20

China's Silk Road and Belt initiative goes bust, dollar looking pretty good by comparison. Will the Chinese exercise gunboat diplomacy? 

Battle between ECB and German CB, who can’t agree on how much QE is enough. German Supreme Court has ruled that ECB has gone too far with its version of QE. Europe is only halfway through its integration process and is falling rapidly behind on its goal. 

Second quarter US GDP will be down a whopping 34.9% in the US. CA Deficit $100B for the current fiscal year. Grossly underfunded pension funds. Big bailouts will be demanded by states and the Feds will resist until they can't any longer. 

Swiss National Bank is now officially a hedge fund. It lost money on the decline but made back most of their losses on the recovery. Others are watching and wanting to emulate. 

Germany tries to reopen and appears to be failing. Georgia reopens and appears to succeed. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_11.May.20.mp3
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Before the Coronavirus hit, 5.2 percent of US employees reported telecommuting most of the time, while 43 percent worked from home at least some of the time. Now, with these uncharted waters, that figure has skyrocketed globally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of Americans to work from home. But when it’s all over, many people could be thinking the trip from the kitchen to the living room may not be such a bad commute. That being said, how will people adjust to being FT remote workers?

· What are some ways to stay on top of your game at home?

· How can you communicate clearly while working remotely?

· Is Zoom the #1 choice for remote communication?

· Will Zoom change the way we communicate in the future?

Be sure to check out John's new book, “Remote Work for a Better World,” where he shares all the secrets to working remotely and how to make sure you're productive even when you’re not in the office.

Direct download: John_Paul_Mendocha_11.May.20.mp3
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After 8 years, our good friend Gary Christenson is moving on from his tenure at the Deviant Investor. Just as the world looks like it's ready to move on from the dollar based monetary system. Gary foresees much greater gold and silver prices ahead and a world awash in dollars. As he's said many times over the years, the current system is unsustainable and appears to be breaking down. We're certainly getting a lot closer to that inflection point than ever  before. 

Direct download: Gary_Christianson_11.May.20.mp3
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We talked with our sponsor, Trilogy Metals's new CEO Tony Giardini about the latest developments. Tony has the required skill-set to see this massive project on to completion. Most recently with a stint as CEO at Ivanhoe Mines, and before that EVP and CFO at Kinross, he brings decades of experience with similar large scale remote projects to Trilogy.

As Janice Stairs, Trilogy's Chair of the Board said, "... We will greatly benefit from his wealth of experience with joint ventures and large capital projects, his proven track record of building and leading successful teams, his capital raising expertise, and his track record of executing strategies that increase shareholder value..."

Next on the agenda is getting approval for the needed road that will connect the project to the Dawson Highway, which will set the stage for the mine buildout and eventual production. When asked about the recent copper price decline's affect on Trilogy, Tony indicated little concern. Production is a ways off and no matter what, the world is going to need more copper. Trilogy's cost of production will be in line with the lowest cost producers, making it profitable even at today's prices. And of course there are the credits that will accrue from gold and other metals that are present in abundant quantities at the project.

The road permit could be issued in just weeks and that will be a game changer for Trilogy. It should be a major catalyst for the stock too. Then we can expect major progress towards construction of the road and the eventual completion of the mine. All in all a great place to be. 

Direct download: Tony_and_Patrick_Trilogy_06.May.20.mp3
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Ross Beaty has a habit of being in the right place at exactly the right time.  In 2013 Beaty and his group perceived that in an effort to offset declining petroleum revenues, the Ecuadorian government was on the verge of liberalizing archaic mining laws and letting out extremely promising unexplored concessions.  

In 2018, predecessor company Lumina Gold was awarded 32 mining concessions. 2019 was a milestone year, which saw large scale projects Fruta Del Norte and Mirador come on line.               

The Company currently has 3 key assets and 2 world class partners: Condor which it is exploring iselft; and two separate earn-in agreements with BHP and Anglo American on its Tarqui, and Pegaus A&B concessions. Luminex also holds several other early-stage Ecuadorian exploration concessions.

In mining, management is always the key to increasing shareholder value. However, Luminex has something else that few if any mining concerns possess, long-term loyal committed   management. CEO Marshall Koval and SVP of Exploration Leo Hathaway have been working together since 2004 on a number of the Lumina Group's projects.

During this time, they've helped return over $1.6 billion to shareholders and judging from this interview they have many more successes ahead of them. It's always a good idea to bet on the winners. 

Company website:

Stock Ticker Symbols: TSX.V LR OTC:LUMIF 






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The more things change the more they stay the same. There were 28 credit collapses in Mesopotamia and an early credit collapse in Greece. And thus the pattern was struck. Fast forward to present time and now we have the mother of all credit busts. Dan believes it was in the process of happening, back in September during the Repo crisis. There was too many assets floating around and too little cash to finance them. This led to the Fed to step up and prop up the markets with hundreds of billions. The Fed wasn’t going to let there be a deflationary depression. And there’s always one party who will borrow unlimited amounts of money and spend it as fast as possible, Uncle Sam. Dan likes junior miners because they generally have no debt. Their capital structures can be unbalanced but they aren’t generally debtors. 

Direct download: Dan_Oliver_07.May.20.mp3
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For now FreedomFest is a go. We’ll know more next week. Mock-trial will be a debate about the pandemic response. So far 1100 people are signed up and there should be at least 2500 people attending. Mark is doing everything in his power to make the show happen. As a fellow libertarian and proponent of liberty, Mark is outraged by what he views as an unnecessary draconian measure. He's extremely concerned about the prospect of rampant inflation. Therefore, postponing FreedomFest is an absolute last resort. No matter what happens, we will be there. 

Direct download: Mark_Skousen_06.May.20.mp3
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Is the trend bearish or is the decline behind us? The S&P rallied 35%, in line with prior bear market rallies. You can celebrate making back losses or try to figure out what’s going to happen next and avoid more losses. You should always remember that many of the talking heads are traders and they’re time horizon is much short than the average investors. Don’t get suckered. Timing is everything. We also discussed the appearance of millions of deferrals. People can't afford to pay their auto loans, mortgages and credit card bills. Creditor are only too happy to defer payments, but is that a solution? Eventually the debt will have to be payed back or defaulted upon or forgiven. Which one are we heading for? 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_06.May.20.mp3
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With the sudden emergence of  the Coronavirus Pandemic, companies like GM are cutting their dividends. It's what they have to do to survive. While it was very clear, for very long that the stock market would eventually crash, no one foresaw a pandemic. When will the recovery take place and when is the best time to invest are two issues we discuss. 

Direct download: Eddie_Ghabour_05.May.20.mp3
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They also know that they have only two possible outs: bankruptcy, or some form of federal bailout. Since the former means a disgraceful end to local political careers while the latter requires some kind of massive crisis to push Washington into a place where a multi-trillion dollar state/city bailout is the least bad option, it’s safe to assume that mayors and governors – along with public sector union leaders – have been hoping for such a crisis to save their bacon.

And this year they got their wish.

Direct download: John_Rubino_05.May.20.mp3
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What has been going on with precious metals prices for the past decade? Much of the price is still dictated by the large traders on the Comex. Price discovery can only take place in a free market with equal representation of both the buy and sell side. What’s actually happening is that a hand-full of paper derivatives traders control the price and control the markets. This is a case of the tail wagging the dog. A few paper traders dictate to the real metal world, what the price will be. However, these large traders are in the process of losing their stanglehold over gold. Not so much for silver. It's still being held down by the big traders. The big players went short in gold a year ago and have been stuck on the short-side ever since. These large traders who’ve never taken a loss are out $6-7 billion. This indicates that they're losing control. JP Morgan is the exception, having broke ranks with the big traders. They have managed to slip out the back and go long. They’ve accumulated an incredible amount of physical gold and silver: 25 million ounces of gold for an unrealized profit of $12 billion, and 1 billion ounces in silver for which they have a small loss. 

Direct download: Ted_Butler_04.MAY.20.mp3
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John Foley, is a former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels. He says: This is an important mission because awe is a powerful human experience that unlocks a transformative state of mind. When we witness something larger than ourselves, it opens us up to unforeseen possibilities. In that heightened state of awareness, we see what others don't, and we have the confidence to take action. That's what we need in this world today. 
He looks back at his Blue Angel years with incredible gratitude. He remembers the feeling of hope, inspiration and excitement that a flyover can bring to the crowds below. Amid the current crisis, the team is standing down from their normal show schedule, but they have found a way to share their "purpose larger than self" with a country in need. Safe in our homes, we can only imagine what it means to be on the front lines, but I believe it's within each of us to rise to the occasion, to collaborate and give back to those who are risking everything to keep us safe. 
John shows you how the ability to confront fear and attain clarity could be just what you need to get through the tough times of today and prosper. 

Direct download: John_Foley_04.May.20.mp3
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First off, is anyone really surprised about the Biden revelations?I’ve been saying for months that he would never be the nominee. The me too revelations have been planned for months, assuming Biden wouldn't voluntarily drop out.

Special note to Jimmy Dore, Krystal Ball and Cenk Uygur, you are truly useless idiots and complete dupes and fools. It wasn't bad enough you got scammed by Bernie Sanders in 2016, but now yet again in 2020. How could you all possibly be that stupid. Whatever happened to fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. 

More about the Coronavirus lockdown scam. The governors have no cojones, be they red or blue. Besides Brian Kemp that is and North Dakota governor Kristi Noem. 

Depending upon your point of view Governor Gretchen Whitmer is either the Eva Braun of Michigan or the Comrade Bill DiBlasio

Dr. Fauci is a deep stater and who knows what Dr. Birx is.

The people are going to end the quarantine sooner rather than later. If the sheeeple are starting to rebel in the People's Republic of California, then it will happen all over, except maybe New York and New Jersey. 

Why are we quarantining the well to protect the sick, it’s never been done before! Hats off to Elon Musk, my new libertarian hero for calling them out. Fascism and house arrest go hand in hand. 

This is the biggest failure of Trump’s admin, but he will never pay the price, he was only following medical orders.

If war is too important to be left to the generals then certainly pandemics are too critical to be left to the doctors! 

Cuomo and Comrade diBlasio have blood on their hands. How could they ship Covid patients back to nursing homes only to infect other residents and cause mass death? What is their justification for this wanton act of gross negligence or perhaps intentional murder? 

And to the NY TImes, you are a corrupt organ of the Dem Party. Your charts and graphs have been made purely to scare the public into compliance with draconian measures. The media has committed suicide. You might not have understood it before, as you attacked engaged in non-stop attacks on capitalism for the past 4-5 decades, but you are capitalist entities, dependent upon the success of your advertisers and the capitalist system as a whole. By panicking the public and the politicians, you caused a complete shutdown of the global economy. And guess what happened, you advertising revenues cratered leaving you near bankruptcy and a major casualty on the war on capitalism. Congratulations for being the economic morons that you obviously are. 

Direct download: TLR_482_04.May.20.mp3
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It’s clearly a case of the so-called cure being worse than the disease. No doubt Covid 19 is a very serious virus, however, closing down the world economy and alienating everyone with social distancing and limited travel will have far worse consequences. People who required elective medical procedures will wind up having with incurable cancers and other diseases that could have been helped had they been treated timely. And the toll on the medical staff, doctors, nurses and technical staff has been severe. They often didn’t have proper protective gear and caught the virus themselves or spread it to others. Hopefully a sound analysis will be done and these problems will be remedied before the next pandemic hits. 

Direct download: Carole_Lieberman_30.Apr.20.mp3
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Stock markets recovered much of their March losses Dow up 11 to TSX.V up 21 percent. VIX or the fear index calmed down to 34.5. Currencies fairly flat for the month. 10 Year yield declined to .64. Bitcoin down up 38%. Gold fluctuated but closed 7% to 1687. Silver up 7.3% to 14.94. PT down 6%. PD down 16.5% for the month. Copper recovered 6.3% to 2.35. WTI declined another 8%. Brent 11%. Natgas up 18.9% to 1.95 per mm. Uranium up 25%. 

Ratios: Au/Ag 112.9 - Pt/Au .45 -Pt/Pd .40 -WT/HH 9.7 and AU/WTI 89.5. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_01.May.20.mp3
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Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a highly respected cardiologist whose integrative approach to treating cardiovascular disease has revitalized patients with even the most advanced forms of illness. He came on to discuss: Coronavirus Treatment; Prevention, ways to become naturally resistant to the virus; Nutrients That Help Support Your Immune System Against Coronavirus, Cold and Flu. He gave 7 Reasons Why Exercise Is More Powerful than a Drug. How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally by Reducing Stress Dr. Sinatra’s expertise is grounded in more than 40 years of clinical practice, research, and study beginning as an attending physician at Manchester Memorial Hospital (Eastern Connecticut Health Network). His career there included nine years as chief of cardiology, 18 years as director of medical education, seven years as director of echocardiography, three years as director of cardiac rehabilitation, and one year as director of the weight reducing program. In 1987, Dr. Sinatra founded the New England Heart Center. Through it, he became a well-known advocate of combining conventional medical treatments for heart disease with complementary nutritional, anti-aging, and psychological therapies. Today Dr. Sinatra is active primarily as an author, speaker, and advisor for the research and development of nutritional supplements.

Direct download: Dr_Sinatra_29.Apr.20.mp3
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It is incredibly important that the US get to the bottom of what transpired at the start of the corona virus outbreak, according to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. He said that the Chinese Communist Party needs to “come clean” about how this all began in order to save lives going forward. “We need our scientists, our academics, our epidemiologists all to have access to the data, access to a sample of the virus, access to the places it might have come to.” 

When asked by a reporter if Washington should rethink the US-China relationship Pompeo noted that there’s places that the US can work alongside China while there are other areas such as trade where there is unfair treatment.

Pompeo pointed out that the State Department also is concerned about developments in the South China Sea where China is aggressively claiming territory beyond accepted international limits. He also pointed out that Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications company that is controlled by the Chinese Government, is courting countries around the world. The results, he said, is that American citizens’ data may be subjected to scrutiny by the Chinese Government if it crosses over the Chinese G5 network. 

Direct download: Daria_Novak_29.Apr.20.mp3
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