Frank discusses the negatives of what life will look like ahead now that the Supreme Court has ruled that honest elections don’t matter and no one has standing any long to challenge an election anyway. Unless something happens to change things quickly, democracy is going to wind up being an asterisk in history. 

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When it comes to wisdom, it’s off devoid in the young and in ample supply in the elderly. Orest has been a stand up comic, a retired periodontist and an all around renaissance man. He’s currently retired and has now become a podcaster. Remember, wisdom doesn’t have to be boring or dull, it can come with large does of humor. Listen on and hear about the world according to Orest. 

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There’s no alternative to the stock market. Investors are staying in the market because they believe that the market always comes roaring back. They were  slammed in March, but now they’re up for the year. The market could continue to advance and this has created complacency. However, a wise investor is always prepared for the inevitable pullbacks that inevitably occur. We could very well see a reversion to the mean. WIll it be this year or next? Beware of corrections, but the timing is the tough part. Whenever the market is pushing higher, bears are always portrayed as alarmists. And then in a matter of days they can appear to be prophets. Covid has put a dent global wealth with 200-300 million people unemployed and trillions of wealth lost. Q1 pullback in equities? Or perhaps a consumption boom? Let’s see what happens next. 

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Look out above. Jordan Roy Byrne sees things unfolding later next year. Once Covid has subsided, probably after the vaccine is distributed and herd immunity is achieved, people will start leaving their homes and spending money to make up for lost time.  Money will be pouring into the economy. This will be the beginning of inflation, led by increased consumer prices. A look at the trend lines, shows the CPI is already heading higher. There will be a temporary growth pop and we're seeing copper take off, as a result; it's currently trading at $3.58. Commodity price inflation is baked in the cake. It’s anticipating growth and inflation, a strange convergence. No matter how you cut it, interesting times are ahead. 

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Mary Anne and Pamela Aden are two of the most renowned influential and well known investment analysts, writers and lecturers in the world. And they’re extremely lovely people to boot. At this point in life it’s all about helping Joe Six-Pack and Sharon Chardonnay to survive the coming economic downturn. 

We discuss Covid 19, where the economy is heading - south - as well as buying some Gold/Silver to preserve wealth. The Sisters are heavily bullish on silver and believe it will soon be hitting record prices. They fully embrace the rise of the resource sector. However, not surprisingly they believe that the stock market will continue to rise.

They’re a little uncertain as to Bitcoin, because it’s the new guy on the block, but they’re keeping an open mind. 

They are the co-editors and publishers of The Aden Forecast, a monthly investment newsletter, which specializes in the U.S. and global stock markets, the precious metals and foreign exchange markets, as well as U.S. and international interest rates and bonds.

The Adens are the Directors of Aden Research, based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

They have authored dozens of reports and articles and have spoken at investment seminars around the world. Their work has been featured in newspapers in several countries, in such publications as Business Week, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Smart Money, Barron’s, The London Financial Times, as well as CNBC and the international television documentary, Women of the World.

Mary Anne and Pamela Aden are sisters and they’ve lived in Costa Rica since 1974. They’ll definitely be returning soon to FSN.


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Never look at the precious metals futures market in the middle of the night. You’re going to be seriously disappointed. 

The inadequacy of the latest stimulus bill. Which is why gold and silver tanked. Now the markets are saying it’s not enough. 

Vaccine is making people sick

Cuomo bans indoor dining – in the middle of winter.

Will eBay prohibit bullion sales on it’s auction website?

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Doré Copper Mining (TSXV: DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF) (Sponsor)  Some juniors have it all, which is why CEO Ernest Mast couldn't be more optimistic . It has great projects with high grade deposits, excellent infrastructure in a mine friendly Quebec and has near term production with very low capex. The projects are a stone’s throw (8 miles) from the town of Chibougamau. The company has no debt and owns a 2,700 tpd mill with a 8.0mt tailings facility, who's replacement cost is several times Dore's market cap.  The project is on the grid, has highway access and to has a rail link to boot.  They're expecting to produce 100,000+ ounces per year au equivalent. The low capex needed to restart production means that it could all happen very quickly. We love it when a plan comes together, which is why we own shares in Doré Copper.

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Dr. Steve Turley joins us for his latest take on the continuing election saga and what it means for the country and you. He’s convinced that things may not turn out as they seem. Alas, this is the season of miracles, so you never know. 

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Andy gives sound advice on how to handle your scrap gold and silver. It’s very easy to get taken advantage of by unscrupulous Cash for Gold companies. You can either take the cash or Andy will send you bullion in exchange, all for very low or no fees. We also discussed what’s ahead for 2021. It’s going to be a very challenging year ahead. Out of control governments, out of control spending, out of control pandemic fears will make for worsening economies around the globe. We’ll be checking in regularly with Andy during 2021 to get his latest updates. 

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Dr. Giorgianni has a long history in public health and is well respected in the field. He is very optimistic about the vaccine. He’s not overly concerned about side effects. Will we achieve population immunity? Will we see any unusual side effects? Will it provide permanent immunity? It’s ana amazing feat to get a vaccine to market this quickly. Dr. Giorgianni believes that there has been more than adequate testing of the vaccines and believes that the potential risks are worth the benefits.

On the therapeutic front, remarkable progress has been made. Within 8 months very effective protocols have been developed, the death rates while high, could have been much worse. 

Taking Vitamin D and Zinc could have benefits in staving off Covid 19 and there are observational studiesFor further information go to    

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As George Carlin once said, “It’s all a big club and you ain’t in it?”

Has anyone been paying attention to the departure between the price of gold and the price Bitcoin. Comex and LBMA are applying the equivalent of a date rape drug to gold and silver. It is signaling that the powers that be prefer a digital future to precious metals. The metals market is bound to soar, because the Comex is becoming a cash and carry market.

Creation of money is grossly understated by FRED, new money creation has been increased by 3-9 trillion over the past year. However, there are those who believe it is many times over that already frightening number. Eventual hyper-inflation is a given. Witness the sinking dollar. What’s next, a Chinese dystopian crypto-currency. 

Direct download: Rob_Kirby_15.Dec.20.mp3
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The financial state of the world is totally insane. The powers that be somehow believe that printing money will enable countries to avoid recessions and depressions. It’s like believing that blood-letting will cure whatever ails you. We’re now in the 19th recession since the inception of the Fed. In addition to failing at its major responsibility, It’s been totally corrupted. It’s primary mission has devolved into creating unlimited money to fund unlimited government. As Bob notes, this has all happened before. He goes on to give an excellent historical perspective on the madness. Ultimately, the power of the government is used to constrain the middle class. Is there a difference now? Are we in for another Glorious Revolution? A bloodless revolution. Check wikipedia and learn about the Glorious Revolution. When authoritarianism arrives, freedom and prosperity flee always flee.

What next in the financial markets. You will find the answer is in the history of all great booms and busts.

Direct download: Bob_Hoye_15.Dec.20.mp3
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Don’t ever fight the trend. You don’t know better than everyone in the market. The market can remain irrational much longer than you can remain solvent. Options trading can be profitable using Chris’s system. The longer Chris has been trading, the simpler his system has become. Not the get rich quick system. The AI stock trading system using artificial intelligence has been a real game changer. The key is how to use the data. There’s sensible speculation and then there’s gambling. Chris engages in the former. 

Direct download: Christopher_Uhl_15.Dec.20.mp3
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A $900 billion stimulus bill is inadequate (it might cover the coming student loan defaults, but that’s all … or the restaurant industry implosion, or maybe 1/3 of the cost of state and local pension underfunding and so on. The crisis may be imminent. Everyone loves a bailout. All the bailouts have to happen regardless who’s in power. Watch what happens to currencies around the globe this coming year.

Trump reportedly open to pardoning Snowden?

Hi, we’re from the CCP and we're here to help. Leaks reveal Chinese Communist Party has people in high places, in education, large corporations and governments all over the world.

Bitcoin or bust? Will the dissolution of the country lead to a new crypto emergent economic power? No reason for Bitcoin and gold to be antagonists. John just bought his first Bitcoin. 

Chinese version of Robinhood. With WeBull, free stock trading is now a video game. Kind of like blowing up people with drones. Perhaps they should be in the gaming sector. 

Is civil unrest complete with gun battles on the way? Record gun sales may be the ultimate indicator. 

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According to Marshall Koval (CEO) Ecuador mining was hit early by Covid-19. However, the interruption was short-lived, by May drilling had resumed and is continuing. Mining was deemed an essential industry, assuring that operations will move forward. Lumina/Luminex and its peers have established strong protocols to protect its workforce. And perhaps most importantly, they’ve been supporting their communities in many different capacities to help get them through this crisis. 

Lumina Gold -  TSX: LUM - OTC: LUMIF  

Marshall informed us that the PEA update is completed. The economics have been substantially upped, making it a great acquisition target. Permitting work is continuing. Ross Beaty mentioned that the Lumina's strategy of execution by adding value and de-risking is has been well under way and a sale of the company is expected, at terms that will be highly advantageous to  shareholders. In the interim, Beaty has provided a C$5 million financing to sustain operations. Shareholders' patience will likely yield large rewards. 

Luminex Resources - TX: LR OTC: LUMIF

VP Corp. Dev. Scott Hicks indicated that significant the Company is moving quickly ahead. Drilling on 5 different potential projects will be taking place by both the Company and its joint venture partners. He's expecting a PEA on the Condor project, with needed engineering work proceeding apace. The other 4 projects are at different places in the process. Targets have been identified and they'll be vigorously pursued in 2021. 

All things considered, it looks like the coming year will be another one of major milestones for a group that has already accomplished so much.

(Both companies are FSN Sponsors)

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According to precious metals expert Ted Butler, $1950 on gold is the line of demarcation. That’s when the Technical Funds jump in with two feet and start buying up every available ounce. The banks are short and underwater by at least $10 billion. They either have to deliver the metals or buy back the position. $350 million ounces of silver is too tall an order to fill. The last thing they really want to do is a  buy back, because that will light a fire under the market and drive it to all time highs. Either they keep it under control or they lose control. If they decide to buy back or run for cover, that could blow the lid off. They’ve been playing this dangerous game well for many years, so perhaps they can hold off a while longer. But eventually, something’s got to give.

Direct download: Ted_Butler_10.Dec.20.mp3
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Our good friend Dr. Steve Turley joined up. Forever the optimist, he believes that justice will eventually be served and that there's an unstoppable rise of conservatism and nationalism. Others are not quite so sanguine. We hope that Steve is right and the rest of us are wrong. 

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If bond prices start spiking then look out below. When the Door-Dash’s of the world go up 90 percent in a day, something is amiss. 40 percent of publicly traded companies aren’t marking money. 20 percent of them are zombies who can’t even make enough to pay their debt service. People have to have a hedge other than Wall Street’s 60-40 portfolio allocation strategy. Wall Street is betting on the return to normalcy trade. The buy and hold Mantra of Wall Street is sure to fail. When will the next crash come, because it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when. Being prepared and hedged is the key to not just surviving but thriving as well. 

Direct download: Michael_Pento_10.Dec.20.mp3
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The world is in very serious shape right now. Governments have use the pandemic to greatly increase their power and further subjugate their citizens. And this is very worrisome to citizen off the world Doug Casey. Freedom is on the run. The only safe places he sees are Uruguay in South America and perhaps Portugal in Europe. He refers to Europe as a sinking ship and certainly most of Asia is a no-go. Depressions can last for decades and the Great Depression may go on for quite a while, just look at Russia's 20th Century Depression that lasted over 80 years and China's near 50 year Depression. They're caused, directly or indirectly, by government and this one is no different. And as Doug also states, "Government is the cause of poverty."

Direct download: Doug_Casey_10.Dec.20.mp3
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Markets are in for a very wild ride. Covid taking front and center and the stock market is still holding up in spite of the threat.There’s an attempt at the Santa Rally, we'll see if it succeeds. However, markets will close higher for the year. Renewed investor interest will keep things moving to the upside. They’re looking beyond. Rally will continue into January. More stimulus is certainly coming and the markets can't get enough of it. At some point there will be a pretty sharp connection. Perhaps another March crash. But until then, individual industries are rocketing higher. EV market is on fire. Big money is flowing into it. How long will they print for and drive the Dollar down? Nominal returns aren’t real returns. 

Gold and precious metals are the ultimate insurance policy. For obvious reasons. You need physical things and we’re coming into a commodity super-cycle. Where do you go when currencies are falling. 

Copper has had an impressive upward move. It’s a good sign on the overall economy. Fundamentals are down, but markets are saying otherwise. Oil is recovering and this could be a full-fledged bull market. One reason why metals have been under-performing. Gold and silver are still in a very positive bull flag pattern. 

Platinum could be on the verge of great returns. It was near a breakout. Could be a multi-month/year breakout. It’s not a crowded traded. This is how bottoms are created. 

Interest rates will be stagnant for well into the future. Bonds are starting to show some signs rallying upward. The Fed can't afford to raise rates now or forever. 

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What does they term insanity really mean? It’s actually a legal term  when a person doesn’t not know the difference between right and wrong at a particular moment when a crime was committed. Mental health professionals deal with mental disease and personality disorders. 

Finally, there are new approaches in this area. Many efforts to treat the mentally ill, until recently, have been ineffective. Now, there’s great hope that mental illness and personality disorders can be effectively treated with hallucinogens? Society is desperately seeking ways to help these people change for the better. You can teach some people to change their behavior, but changing their thoughts isn’t going to happen.

Case studies have indicated there’s an improvement treating them with psychedelics. There’s great a volume of studies done by Russian psychiatrists that show high cure rates of depression and other mental maladies. In the West, the area has been dominated by big Pharma and it is very hard to publish research into hallucinogen treatments. In short, there’s no money in it.

But all that’s changing now. Widespread use of Ketamine to treat a variety of illnesses is going truly mainstream and Dr. Huber is helping to lead the way. We’re on the brink of a major breakthrough in treating mental illness and it can’t come soon enough. 

Direct download: Dr._John_Huber_08.Dec.20.mp3
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Right before Biden’s electoral victory, JPMorgan had called another 5% price hike in a “blue wave”.

Though Trump loves gold and adorns everything with the precious metal, the precious metal itself was banking on a Biden win.

Why? Because what it loves more than anything is the Biden-backed promise of monetary stimulus

Historically, gold has risen consistently on similar economic packages…

And today is no different.

But the best way to take advantage of a transformative year for gold is at the center of the next major discovery …

Where will the next major gold discovery be?

Direct download: Octavio_Marenzi_07.Dec.20.mp3
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Lockdowns spreading: Starting today CA has closed bars, hair salons, restaurants. Some California and NY Sheriffs have refused to enforce.

Too good to check: In San Fran, smoking indoors is now banned – except for weed.

Weak jobs report guarantees stimulus. But the coming bill won’t be big enough to impress the stock market. We got the no civil war relief rally. 

Bank of Japan is now the biggest single holder of Japanese stocks.

IPO boom and “deal frenzy” for start-ups are more signs of a market bubble. Beware of SPAC’s. You’re just throwing money at someone and hoping for the best. Time for the Elon Musk SPAC, oh that’s right it’s called Tesla. 

5G and Musk’s satellite internet service could help further hasten the urban decline in the US urban areas.


WHO to speed up vaccine trials by giving covid to healthy people. Death could be a side effect. Gene therapy has killed many people in early testing. No vaccince

VIdeo and other evidence about the election and vote tallies. We’re not out of the civil war phase yet. Electoral th-ft, is it real or is it memorex?

Gold and silver rebound. Is it the beginning of the next upward leg or just a bounce from an oversold market? It’s a secular bull market, but we’ll need to wait before deciding. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_07.Dec.20.mp3
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Today markets are making new all-time highs. There’s been a disconnect in the market and the real economy. November was one of the best months ever. Value stocks are under performing and it’s been all about growth stocks now. Has it peaked or is it time to go elsewhere? Money should be rotating into dividend paying companies. Dividends are still relevant according to Andrew. He believes that vaccines will help the economy recover, but we don’t know when and how fast. There will be bumps in the road. Are value investors becoming an endangered species? What about Tesla? Just upgraded today and it’s been going parabolic. Andrew believes the volatility isn’t right for his clients and the valuations could be too high. It could get hammered in a down market. 

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Karen Katalin believes in fighting the good fight. It ain’t over till it’s over. And it’s not over yet. While you host believes Trump’s chances are between zero and none, there are still many court cases yet to come and SCOTUS will probably wind up deciding the ultimate outcome. In the meantime, the fight continues until the last drop of blood has been shed. 

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