Chris Craddock shares with us where to find real estate investor partners and how his team builds relationships with rehabbers and wholesalers. He explains how to get investor referrals and how to turn trash into cash and earn outsized returns. Chris provides insight on positioning yourself as a problem-solver, and how to leverage investor referrals! Whether you're a real estate agent or a real estate investor, Chris's methods can really help you succeed in the coming distressed asset boom market. 

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On electoral votes Trump should win again. Turnout will be at least 55% or even 61%. The model has never been wrong. It also shows that this election will be the most corrupt election in history, with Big Tech conspiracies and mail fraud and who knows? It may take 2 weeks to know who actually won. Hard to say because it’s so rigged and they are so desperate to toss out Trump, in furtherance of their international agenda. 

Biden’s crime family is doing what all political crime families in DC do. This is how the corruption takes place. It’s not just Biden, it’s all of Congress. Report your income and that of your spouse but not the rest of the family, like son Hunter and brother James. 

Martin believes that a 2/3 majority should be required to change tax and economic policy. Shouldn’t be taxing worldwide income. This why companies move, to avoid confiscatory taxation. 

Long term pandemic economic affect, according to Martin the economy won’t bottom until 2022. All man made and unecessary. Masks are useless. In France get caught 3 times and go to prison. Clearly there’s another agenda at work here. According to a memo that Martin has seen, the lockdowns have been a success and they’re going to use them to help implement Climate Change policy. What does the WHO have to do with Climate Change and why are they involved? 

Socialists, climate change people and eungencists all working together to force their agenda upon the world. Digital currency may be coming to Europe 1/1/2021. They want to get a piece of every transaction in the world. 

What do Joe SixPack and Steve Chardonnay do? Normally there would be a two year correction, but this time is different. A blue wave will be awful for the markets and the economy. If Trump wins the stock market goes up due to capital flight from the rest of the world. Capital is running around the world looking for safe haven. The market can go up and peak in 13 years. Between 2022 and 2024, commodities will be rising. Bad weather and commodities cycle, caused by a shortages. Economically we’re down in 2022. From there scarcity driven markets. Major political change in 2022. 

California is on the way down. They’re having rolling blackouts and they’re passing EV mandates for 2034. Totally irrational. Part of the lockdown has been to stop people from driving and ending the work commute. 

Unemployment globally has exceeded 300 million. Why have politicians signed on to the agenda. Monetary crisis and sovereign debt crisis coming together in 2021. Zero and negative interest rates have failed. They can’t raise rates because that will crash the economies. Perpetual bonds are in the offing. Responsible people in governments all over the world are quitting. The monetary system can not go on in its current form much longer. Europe and Japan have destroyed their bond markets. They can’t sell it any more. 

Civil unrest after the electio will a major increase after the election. What started as BLM has been usurped by anarchists. All of it is designed to overthrow our democracy. This is what they’re pushing for. In order to do climate change it mush go through the UN. Biden is fully on board. 

World Economic Conference December 4 & 5. Join us!

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Investors Turn Skeptical of Democratic ‘Blue Wave’ Victory in U.S. Elections



FINANCIAL MEDIA ANALYST: Dan Ferris, is the Editor of the Extreme Value, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on some of the safest and yet most profitable stocks in the market. His is also the host of the Stansberry Investor Hour podcast.
The constant media narrative of what investors are doing for X reason is really a huge fraud. The financial media is as broken as the rest of it, and feels the need to establish a fake urgency to get eyeballs.  So they wind up being like sports commentators, opining on what's happening this minute... then this minute... ad infinitum.  

Too much financial media is to investors what narcotics are to the human body: feels good for a minute but long run it's poison.  

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Hunter Biden saga (laptop, incriminating emails and pics, Twitter banning everyone in sight). Quote from Bannon: If the FBI had acted on this when it first got the laptop Bernie Sanders would be the Dems' nominee"

How can there be a recovery if the new unemployment claims are still elevated and stimulus checks have stopped coming? The math doesn’t seem to work.

Rick Rule says gold mining stocks are overbought

Will gold seasonality matter this time around in light of pandemic, election, etc?  In UK, people in hard hit areas who are dating but don’t live together are banned from indoor sex (outdoor should be okay).

Only 11 percent of student loan borrowers are still making their payments during Covid. Click here...

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Ivan Bebek joined us to provide an update on the completed Auryn Resources transaction (sponsor). Here's how it worked. Auryn acquired Eastmain Resources and became Fury Gold Mines. At the same time it spun off its Peruvian assets into two new companies, Sombrero Resources and Tier One Metals.

Shareholders of Auryn (on the record date) now own 1 share in each of the 3 new companies. Fury began trading last week. Sombrero and Tier One will begin trading in early 2021. Valuation is tentative, because Sombrero and Tier One are currently private companies and for now have no market listings. (Due to US tax considerations). Several analysts are following the company and have issued price targets as high as $5 per share for Fury alone, well above it's current price. 

Not to worry. All the companies are well capitalized and moving quickly ahead with their business plans. Fury has a fully funded 50,000 meter drill program soon to commence. Ivan is quite confident that the program will yield big results and this should mean big profits to shareholders. News will be flowing shortly. 

Once the Peruvian companies start trading, the true value of the transaction will become apparent to all. It's a case of the parts being worth far more than the whole. As shareholders, we couldn't be happier with the way things are progressing.

Ticker Symbol on the NYSE and TSX - FURY

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You are truly on your own. Medical supplies, stock up on OTC Meds and Prescription Meds. Food and water should be acquired now before it’s too late. Guns and ammo are in short supply. It’s probably easiest to obtain a 12 guage shotgun. Vehicle tactics 101 just start moving through the crowd slowly. If assaults start, speed up and survive. Always leave yourself a way out. Look for driveable terrain. SUV’s are better for this than regular cars. It’s fight or flight, your first instinct should always be flight. You need to get out of Dodge. 

First take a tactical medical course. Learn how to care for the injured. Then a tactical pistol course. How to actually react in these threatening situations. Do a lot of gun handling drills and shooting drills with a non-threatening Blue practice gun. And practice.

When driving always check your route and make sure you’re equipped for anything when you leave the house. Unless there’s a credible threat, be prepared and live your life the best you can. 

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According to Mish, the market has followed the exact pattern she was anticipating. Election outcome won’t have a major impact upon on the market. Covid vax is weighing upon the market. Fires are raging but it’s not affecting the market, yet. Is Robinhood a bad thing with young traders pumping their stimulus checks into the market? It’s kind of like the old days where traders ran from pit to pit following the latest trend. Understand one really big lesson, no matter how good things look, with burgeoning debt and stimulus, there could be a bubble. The market doesn’t always come back. Every investment you make should be started with how much of a loss you can stand. Before using options, you need to understand them. Write her at

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It's amazing how Americans and people around the world accept the same line of garbage; the cure to the economic crisis is actually the disease. Ever escalating debt is what got us into this mess in the first place. And as usual, the powers that be solution is ever more debt at an ever accelerating pace. Does that even remotely make any sense?

Intractable inflation, a bond death spiral, constant monetization will eventually result in Fed not being able money to print our way out of it. Right now, Apple’s 10 year bonds yield is below the 10 year Treasury. Jerome Powell wants higher inflation, perhaps double digit and with the cooperation of the Congress and the President he will get it. Paying people to lay fallow and not produce is clearly not the path to prosperity. And that's where we find ourselves now. 

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We spoke with Republican Liberty Caucus head Matt Nye. If enthusiasm is any indicator then it's Trump all the way. He's got every major power group working against him, big tech, the media, the swamp and yet he carries on, against all odds. Will 2020 be a carbon copy of 2016? What are your thoughts?

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 Avery is the CEO and founder of the Short Term Shop, a real estate team that helps investors acquire short term rental properties in the most recession-resistant markets, and trains them on the methods that led her out of the corporate rat race and into financial freedom. Avery would love to share how she turned her first property into a million-dollar business! Avery gives the things to look for in a property and the things to avoid. Airbnb's that can survive a pandemic

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Gold Terra Corp's CFO, Mark T. Brown joined us for an update on Gold Terra’s Yellowknife project (sponsor). After raising C$7 million in a recent oversubscribed capital raise, the company is aggressively moving forward. Mark is the right person at the right time, as he formerly oversaw finances at Miramar Mining for the highly profitable adjacent Yellowknife Con Mine.

Drill results have been delayed due to COVID and increased mining activity, but will be out shortly. The Company is extremely optimistic about them. CEO Gerald Panneton of Detour Gold fame, said "...this project is more exciting than Detour Lake." And considering that Detour was acquired by Kirkland Lake for nearly $5 billion, that means a lot. With all this going for it, Gold Terra is certainly worth a look.

Ticker Symbols:  OTC - YGTFF  TSX.V - YGT

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From October 30th to November 3rd, the market is likely to be done. If the market goes to the highest levels then it’s time to short. Calling Trump to win even after Covid. Gold will be climbing no matter who wins come November and December. Right now markets are rallying, if they take out their highs, it’s time to short. Pre-Covid it almost certain Trump would win. In any case, cash, gold and silver are preferred. Time to protect your assets. Covid will be over in the coming year. Oil will be up next year $40-$50 a barrel. The next 20 years will see decentralized living. Entertainment is going to be big in the coming year. Safety and security is looking up. Healthcare is up after the election. Computer tech is already high, but China’s coming ills could affect the Apples of the world. China is in for a very challenging time. Expect them to be bellicose and belligerent.

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WHO says no more lockdowns

Robinhood Hacked

Mail-in ballot fraud

My wife has gotten two ballots from Idaho, where she hasn’t lived for a year. I haven’t gotten any, even though we had the same address until last September. Election is close and chaotic. 

Costco UK selling gold and silver

Costco in UK now selling gold and silver bars. What happens if they start doing this in the US? Could be a big deal for the PM market. 

Uber for evictions

Realtors specializing in private islands overwhelmed by rich fleeing covid

This one ties into the story about rich people overwhelming the private island market:

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Stephen Stewart CEO of Mistango River Resources ( Ticker CSE: MIS sponsor) recently gained control of the company through a protracted proxy fight. The stock was selling for just a penny, but it’s payoff potential is huge. It’s 4000 hectare site is adjacent to the highest grade gold mine in the world, Kirkland Lake. The company has raised C$7 million to embark upon an aggressive drill program with legendary investor Eric Sprott fully on board. Based upon all this, the company represents an incredible value potential. Pretty soon we’ll know if it’s another Kirkland Lake, with shareholders basking in oversized profits. And if it is another monster, well who knows? The team bringing all this to fruition is high quality all the way, headed up by VP of Exploration Dr. Keith Benn. With money in the bank, a highly seasoned team and a project with such excellent potential, all signs are headed up for Mistango River Resources.

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What’s happening with the stock market? The budget deal isn’t such a big deal. No one cares about anything. People have been conditioned to buy every dip. That’s why the cycles are so important and why they rule. It will continue until after the election. Huge meltdown after the election going into April. The algorhythms are not going to save us. Get ready to go long the VIX. 

Gold $2500 is still expected. In 2 weeks there’s a cycle low and then we’ll head up to $2500. The cycle has been up for 2 years and it will go higher if it gradually hits $2500. If silver closes above $25.50 for the December contract. 

Oil could go up another $3 and then it’s going down. Charles will research it and report back to us.

Natgas is headed down after going above $3. 

Deflation is going to happen. The European retirement system keeps buying bonds that yield nothing. Deflation is the norm. Most of the time gold goes up in a deflationary crisis. Eventually hyper-inflation will occur.

BTC cycle bottoming shortly. After some weakness it should go higher. It will break $12000.

USD is weak for the next 4-6 weeks. No dollar crash coming yet. 


Go to for a free 4 week trial of his newsletter. We follow it religiously at FSN. 

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Stimulus Is Out Of The Question - Eddie Ghabour

Speaker Pelosi panned stimulus for the airlines than anyone else. The airlines are going to see major layoffs. The bottom lines is that there are certain areas that need stimulus and any bill should be targeted, rather than bailing out states and municipalities. Beware of polls. From a market standpoint Eddie is cautious now and very bullish for next year. It could very well be a buying opportunity. Will the courts finally fulfill their responsibility and throw out the Covid restrictions. Florida is the test case.

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Last time Chris was bearish on the stock market. Big money is moving into defensive stocks. We saw utlities blast off earlier in the year. Money could be rotating out of tech. Can’t buck the Tesla trend. Covid is good for Tesla. People don’t drive as much and don’t need long range. 

Gold and silver short term down trend. Lower highs and lower lows, trying to find a bottom. If we have stock market weakness or dollar strength, with a downside target of $1810 and silver could slip to $21. Long term bullish. Good time to get it. A bear market in equties could lead to a correction in the sector. Metals and miners will be the first to rally after the bottom. 


Dollar has been weak, yesterday dollar and bonds rallied. Dollar will probably hold its ground. Could have a bounce. Dollar and metals could move up together. Rest of the world keeps moving into equties, which will pump up the dollar. No matter how much stimulus comes, the dollar is the beneficiary.

Interest Rates bonds can’t go much higher. It’s been a 30 year rally. The trust and the returns just aren’t there. Not much interest. Bull can’t continue much. 

Any hope for the oil market. Decline of driving has slammed it. Lockdowns taking place, there’s no demand and way too much supply. Companies are losing money at these prices. Energy stocks have been underperforming. 

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Danielle DiMartino Booth is a global thought leader on monetary policy, economics and finance. Among her varied career milestones, she’s been a full-time columnist for Bloomberg View, a business speaker, and a commentator frequently featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News, Fox Business News, BNN Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance and other major media outlets.

Before starting Quill Intelligence in 2018, she spent nine years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Danielle served as Advisor to President Richard W. Fisher throughout the financial crisis until his retirement in March 2015. Her work at the Fed focused on financial stability and the efficacy of unconventional monetary policy.

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Dudley is the proprietor of Dudley spoke about the recent consolidation phase. It’s time to take advantage of the dull market. Are resource common stock warrants becoming a thing of the past or are we just seeing a lull in issuance right now? It’s always up to the company whether they want the warrants to trade publicly. Dudley mentioned a new one that was recently listed and it’s a 5 year duration and he thinks it’s a real opportunities. There’s still a number trading for pennies and show great potential. Find the company you like and before you buy the stock, check Dudley’s site to see if there are warrants traded. The database has been updated to make it easier to filter and identify. Dudley gives a few great recent examples. Dudley is starting a new service dealing with SPAC’s (Special Purpose Acquisition Companyies a/k/a Blank Check Companies). Many have warrants and they’re providing a great potential opportunities. There are literally tons of these coming out now. Is the election causing it? The amount of money is staggering. It goes into a trust account until the acquisition takes place. Richard Branson has a new SPAC. 

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We sat down with Marshall Koval (CEO) and Scott Hicks ( VP - Corp Dev) of Luminex Resources (sponsor) to get updated on the company's latest developments. While the world has many issues and challenges ahead, Luminex is moving full steam ahead. Their joint ventures with BHP and Anglo American are progressing well, with new drill targets identified and preparations taking place. Shareholders have been waiting patiently knowing that there investment will pay off big time. Drill results at the Condor Project just came in and they point to an even more richer resource. Luminex is currently hitting it's stride and all shareholders will likely soon be grateful.

Stock Symbols - TSX.V: LR - OTCQX: LUMF


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We caught up with our good friend Dunagun Kaiser. When we last spoke, before the pandemic, he was urging people to prepare themselves. If you’re still not prepared, it’s time for a wake-up call. He’s not expecting a return of the so-called normal. This is our new reality and it could well get worse. The most important part of prepping, is to prep your mind. You need flexibility and the ability to adapt to ever changing circumstances. And always remember that happiness takes place between your ears. He’s thankful for the opportunity to reconnect with his family and community, all brought on by the pandemic. And perhaps that is the greatest lesson we can learn from the current situation. The most important things should never be neglected. 

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Lockdown and apoclyptic fires in the Pacific Northwest. Downtown Seattle is a wasteland. The only people on the street are homeless. The last thing you want is a sick president in the tail end of the election season. Would have been nice to see it play out “normally.” Supreme Court nominee in flux? Even if Trump loses he’ll still be a highly consequential president, with three conservative appointees. If Biden wins and dems get the senate will they pack the court? Will they dump the fillibuster? October surprise yet to come or has it come and gone? Trump appears to have lost weight. Supposedly he’ll be discharged shortly. Fund managers start going into gold. Right now it's a trickle but it could turn into a flood of money chasing a relatively small market and then it's Katie bar the doors. Congressional Stimulus coming soon. Politically good to give out money to people, but not so much to Blue cities and states.

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Naresh Vissa gives us an insight Florida hospital Covid responses and how the media overhyped the pressure on hospitals. July was very similar to the usual peak month of January. No other state had the critical situation that New York suffered. As is known, 50 percent of all deaths have occurred in nursing homes. From Day 1 Covid has become a political issue. There hasn’t been a separation of medicine state. 

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Stock markets were up again: Dow down 2.3%, S&P 500 down 3.9% Nasdaq finished down s down 5.1%, but TSX.V down 5.9% percent. VIX at a still above average at 26.40. Dollar was up 1.8% and Euro lost 1.8%.  10 Year yield down 4.2%. Bitcoin lost 8.6% during the month. Gold was near down 4% to 1886. Silver 17.4% to 23.25. Even PT was down 4.3%. PD ended up 3.4% for the month. Copper down .9% to $3.00. WTI seesawed down 5.6%. Brent down 9.2%. Natgas lost 3.8% to 2.53 per mm. Uranium was down to 30. 

Ratios: Au/Ag 78.2 - Pt/Au .49 - Pt/Pd .40 - BRT/WTI 1.02 WT/HH 15.9 and AU/WTI 45.2. 

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When was the last time you saw your weekly grocery bill go down? The price of gold is the ultimate price indicator. Short-term gold price fluctuations aren’t meaningful. Newly printed money takes time to filter into the economy. The needs of life, insurance, medical, college, etc., are all going up. The exodus from the cities is deflationary but certainly not positive. And it's leading to higher housing costs in the suburbs and exurbs. While auto sales have gone up, new cars have headed south, but used cars sales are up. We talk about many other economic issues that are often neglected by the financial press and the news media. They're extremely important to our personal well-being and our families. 

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