Like all things new and socialist, eventually they lose their luster and wind up being discarded. When Comrade William "Bill" Wilhelm deBlasio was elected mayor of the collectivist utopia known as New York City, we took bets on how long it would take to make the once great metropolis bankrupt. It's hard to believe that just 3 years later the Comrade has exceeded our wildest expectations. A man of limited intellect, extremely poor judgment and an exaggerated sense of self-importance, the Comrade is now grasping to hold on to his political life. Seems that City Hall under his regime became an organized crime outpost where pay to play wasn't just a philosophy, it was a religion. Now the US Attorney is circling his rotting carcass as well as the DA. A recent report about electoral corruption in the City, describes a web in which deBlasio was at the center. And it just shows the difference between a rat and a politician, there are somethings a rat just won't do! 

Obama is attempting to bridge the diaper gap with generous subsidies to low income parents. Seems that being poor also means you kids will go without Pampers, isn't it wonderful the things that government will do for people in need.

Finally the lie has been put to social promotion, the practice of public schools promoting illiterates to higher grades to get rid of unwanted problems. The deal is that if your kid can't read by the end of 3rd grade, he's screwed. Florida of all places recognized this fact and outlawed the practice in most cases. Michigan is next on board. Can you imagine a world where all students learn to read and write at school? 

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Where's It Going Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

April 27th (today) - a day of Central bank infamy?
The Myth of "QE to Infinity"
The Ultimate Chinese Finger Trap
Silver 2016 - the Cartel's last stand
China vs. the Gold Cartel - No Contest!

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_27.Apr.16.mp3
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Professor Alain Sanders has been watching the election like the rest of us, never really sure where it's heading. But now the field is finally narrowing down. He believes that Bernie Sanders will have a major role in the party once Hillary has secured the nomination. 

Direct download: Alain_Sanders_26.Apr.16.mp3
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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier joined us for a discussion about Trump and Cruz. Can Cruz stop Trump? Not likely, but John says wait, this is an insane election year and you never know what's going to happen next! Where did we hear that one before? 

Direct download: John_LeBoutellier_26.Apr.16.mp3
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Wayne Allyn Root has been a big Trump supporter almost from the get go. Now we're getting down to the final lap and Trump is looking like the winner. Of course in politics as in sports, it all comes down to not taking anything for granted and not resting until the prize is won. But Cruz and Kasich have real issues and their attempt at a alliance is having unintended negative consequences. And it may not matter in the end, Trump is coming on strong, with his likely sweep of 5 primaries today. Be prepared for Republican Nominee Trump. And get ready for Crooked Hillary!

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_26.Apr.16.mp3
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Michelle Seiler-Tucker doesn't see the problem with NBA Teams selling ad space on players' uniforms. That's what free enterprise is all about and it could mean over $100 million in additional annual ad revenue. But the teams should not get special government treatment either. Expensive arenas, special tax breaks, etc. They can either be private businesses fighting it out in the competitive arena or government sponsored entities, they cannot be both. 

Direct download: Michelle_Seiler-Tucker_25.Apr.16.mp3
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Union fighter Dave Bego believes that because Republicans are firmly in charge of Congress and have been for a while and probably will continue on, the Unions in order to survive are starting to hedge their bets. And since there appears to be only one party at the national level, what difference does it make anyway? Politics and war always make for strange bedfellows. 

Direct download: Dave_Bego_25.Apr.16.mp3
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John Rubino spoke with us on Monday. Seems that China has printed up a cool trillion to bail out its stock market earlier this year. And Japan's Central Bank is now one of the top 10 owners of 90 percent of Japan's publicly traded companies. How did this happen? Is this really the way to bring the economy back? It hasn't worked so far and there's no reason to believe that it ever will. What's the definition of insanity? 

Direct download: John_Rubino_25.Apr.16.mp3
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Max Porterfield's is President and CEO of Callinex Mines. They're located in Canada and have a number of projects in Manitoba and are an FSN partner. The news out of the Callinex is exciting as world class investors have have invested heavily in the company. Max believes that there's an emerging supply issue with Zinc, mines have closed and above ground supplies are being depleted. This could spell opportunity for Callinex and investors who get in early. 

Direct download: Max_Porterfield__18.Apr.16.mp3
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Liberty HealthShare has been making incredible inroads in their efforts to empower people and giving options for health care spending. The concept of Healthcare Cost Sharing Ministries is really catching on. And for good reason too, the concept of peer-to-peer healthcare cost sharing is an idea who's time has come. Using these plans cost a fraction of traditional health insurance. Certainly cost sharing is not for everyone, but if your health is good and you're living a healthy lifestyle, it's always worth checking out, like I did. I've saved well over $10,000 since starting with them, less than one year ago. 

Direct download: Dale_Bellis_20.Apr.16.mp3
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Anthony Kovic has a mission in life, helping the average person prep for disaster. Depending upon where you live and your personal situation, Anthony has a plan for you.  It's not about extreme prepping at all, it's about what you would need to have if the lights and water went out for up to two weeks. Anthony was inspired to write his book after Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast and he had helped a number of friends and family to avoid the worst parts of it. 

Direct download: Anthony_Kovic_20.Apr.16.mp3
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Where do we go from here Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

-Shanghai Fix, Deutschebank, PSLV (and soon CEF and PHYS) deals
-Exploding global demand, falling production
-Worst global economy every, exploding money printing
-Doha meeting

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_20.Apr.16.mp3
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Whatever happened to full disclosure and transparency? Seems now-a-days virtually everyone in every sector has a conflict of interest. Conflicts may or may note be acceptable to the parties involved, but they are never acceptable when they remain hidden. And that's exactly the problem today. The revolving door between the SEC, Treasury and the Justice Department makes it impossible for the government to hold guilty players accountable. Accountability is required to flush out the bad players, insure the fairness of the market and bring the system back to life. When and if this will happen is really in question. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_19.Apr.16.mp3
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Jeff Berwick wrote and produced a number of articles and videos last year about the Shmita. He saw major market disruptions and much chaos ahead. Just when you thought it was safe to day trade again, Jeff has been writing about the Jubilee, which is the year after the 7th Shmita. Though not observed by the Jewish religion for quite a while, Jeff believes we are experiencing the Jubilee year now and that there's much turmoil that's already occurred, but there's much more to come. Being prepared is the only way to get through this challenge without great suffering. Is he right? Probably too early to tell, but the year is already 1/3 over and if the remainder is like the beginning, buckle your seat belts. 

Direct download: Jeff_Berwick_19.Apr.16.mp3
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The U.S. experiences a financial and terror crisis as it wrestles with the Presidential election of 2020. So goes the theme of Jim's next book. How far from reality will it be?  

Direct download: Jim_Mosquera_19.Apr.16.mp3
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Jeff Cox is the Finance Editor at CNBC. His first book expressed great concern about the burgeoning deficit. That was in 2011 and things haven't gotten any better in the past 5 years. Things are changing, the US is changing its monetary policy and the easy money has been made thanks to Quantitative Easing and money printing. There will always be opportunities and Jeff believes that one needs to invest internationally. He also believes in holding a portion of your portfolio in gold. A very refreshing outlook from a member of the mainstream financial media. 

Direct download: Jeff_Cox_19.Apr.16.mp3
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Woody believes that recession is right around the corner. It's been a year since the stock market has hit a new high. Precious metals are up, oil is looking better and most commodities overall have made a hard bottom. And add Donald Trump into the mix and it doesn't getting any more interesting than that. And then of course there's "Crooked Hillary."

Direct download: Woody_OBrien_18.Apr.16.mp3
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When it comes to trailer parks, most people have unpleasant stereotypes mapped in their brains. However, most trailer parks couldn't be further from that image. They're places where lower income working class people can buy a home take pride in their ownership. Business is stable and growing in large measure because most towns and cities will not allow new parks to be built. Legendary investor Sam Zell controls a REIT that is the largest owner of trailer parks in the nation and routinely earns 17 percent. Is it right for you? Listen and find out. 

Direct download: Jefferson_Lilly_18.Apr.16.mp3
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John Rubino was with us today discussing the recent admission of Deutsche Bank's role in fixing the gold/silver markets. John is of the opinion that this isn't the big smoking gun that everyone was expecting. Rather it was a simple case of using their knowledge of the upcoming fix to effectively front run the price and make some money in the process. The big issue which will probably never go to trial is Fed/Central Bank fixing where gold is leased and contracts floor the market in an effort to control the price. Is it really happening? You be the judge. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_18.Apr.16.mp3
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When it comes to saving on taxes, few people have the depth of knowledge and experience of the Taxmama-Eva Rosenberg. Her new book Deduct Everything is must reading for anyone who's every deducted anything from their taxes. And if you have a tax question, just go to her site and she'll answer it to the best of her incredible abilities. 

Direct download: Eva_Rosenberg_15.Apr.16.mp3
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We spoke with our partner's president recently. We've been following First Mining Finance (TSX.V FF). They were listed just over a year ago and have already done 5 acquisitions with more on the way. Currently, they have over 9 million ounces of gold in the ground and are looking to close out 2016 with over 15 million. The goal is to find strategic partners to actually develop the mines and handle the extraction process. So far things are looking good, the strategy is working and the stock price has increased of late. With Keith Neumeyer, Patrick and the rest of the team, this is a rare company that is actually shareholder-centric. Their goal is simple, build another billion dollar company, and do it fast while the window of opportunity is still open. 

Direct download: Patrick_Donnelly_15.Apr.16.mp3
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William Hurley of CEO of has come up with a way for small businesses and 1099 Employees to seamlessly accumulate and invest large amounts of savings with a low-cost easy to use service. It make such sense to start saving early and often. It's one of those things that if only you did it sooner, you'd be so much better off. The free market can come up with solutions, if only they're allowed to. Don't count on the government to solve this problem, it's up to you.

Direct download: William_Hurley_12.Apr.16.mp3
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Where Do We Go From Here Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:


-PSLV offering last Thursday night, per my “Admiral Sprott rides again!” and “PSLV secondary offering – a major blow to the Cartel” articles

-exploding institutional demand, per my “institutional gold and silver demand, the final piece of the puzzle” article

-silver COTs getting crushed, per my “COTs don’t matter, part II” and “about those COTs” articles

-EMERGENCY MEETINGS amongst TPTB, like the FOMC and Yellen/Obama yesterday, per my “emergency meetings!” article

Etc., etc.

-AND Q&A EVENT/WEBCAST FROM Florida next week!

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_12.Apr.16.mp3
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The attempted fixes by the Fed and the Treasury are now wearing thin. What's an ordinary person to do? And what will happen if you don't take measures now? Philip Kennedy author of Financial Judo examines these issues and presents fresh common sense alternatives for the average person. 

Direct download: Philip_Kennedy_12.Apr.16.mp3
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Wayne Allyn Root, author, movie producer and famed Vegas odds maker weighed in on the election and the efforts to Dump Trump and make Hillary Electable Again. Wayne believes that the GOP Establishment will go to their deaths fighting Trump. In the end, if they succeed they fail because the party will cease to exist. And if they lose, they're done for it because Trump will sweep them aside. And then the winner gets to take on Hillary, an extremely flawed candidate who should be serving time in prison, not the White House. It's all building up to be an incredible election, but next week is New York's Primary and the stars are lining up for Donald Trump!

Direct download: Wayne_Allyn_Root_12.Apr.16.mp3
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