As if we needed more proof of New York City's impending fail, this just came in--New York County DA Cyrus Vance, Jr. announced that his office would no long prosecute offenders who are caught urinating in public, engaging in public consumption of alcohol and a number of other low level offenses. Since Comrade DeBlasio took over as mayor, The City Council has been pushing to decriminalize these acts. (See NY Observer Article)

Now it appears that Vance has done the dirty work for them. However, take heart, the offenders can still be issued summones and will be arrested if they have outstanding warrants. Mr. Vance spun his moves as an efficiency measure that will enable his office to concentrate on serious crime and it will reduce the DA's and  Courts' overburdened docket. Note, this is policy applies to just one of New York's 5 boros, but how long will it be until the others adopt this work saving measure?

Gold just broke the 1263 resistance point, is the confirmation of a new bull market in the precious metals sector? It could very well prove so, I'll be convinced when it breaks 1300, even though that number has less technical significance. 

A former drug dealer/federal prisoner proves that you can learn valuable skills in prison and be rehabilitated. Joe Roddick learned poker in prison and became a professional high stakes player upon his departure. He's now proven that there's life after prison, becoming a millionaire in the process. 

Please end the Republican campaign and just acknowledge that Trump is the winner. Can't stand another one of these debates!

And much, much more...

Direct download: TLR_399.mp3
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After generations of bubble blowing we've arrived at the point where the majority of the public has repudiated the political establishment. Chris isn't surprised that we've gotten to this point. Even the Wall Street Journal has become the keeper of the status quo. Trump has the elites tied up in knots. They know they can't control him and they've got trillions riding on this election. Trump dominates the media and controls the narrative. If we peel away the layers we see that there's extreme discontent across the country. But Chris is concerned about voter fraud and the ability to steal elections. 

Direct download: Chris_Martenson_02.Mar.16.mp3
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Eva Rosenberg is the TaxMama. Over 30 years ago she started a temporary gig working with people on their tax woes. Soon thereafter, it became a passion and a career. She started a site to help you avoid ever having to get into trouble with the IRS. During her decades of tax experience she has done a lot of tax trouble-shooting, helping people fix bad audits or reduce enormous tax debts, or to get IRS levies removed from wages and bank accounts. In most of the cases the problems could have been avoided fairly easily, but through inaction, stinginess, fear, or sheer cussedness, people got themselves into such big trouble – the stuff of nightmares. Don’t let it happen to YOU.

So, please, before making any major financial decisions, please sit down with your own tax professional. If you don’t have one, or would rather not do that – then come to us. We’ll do our best to give you our wisdom. We’ll give you legal strategies and tips. We’ll show you where to look or how to research your situation.

Direct download: Eva_Rosenberg_02.Mar.16.mp3
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It was a big month for Gold up 10.7% and Bitcoin up 14.3%. Energy down, especially Natgas, which lost a whopping 27.8% closing out the month at $1.66. Dow was basically flat and the TSX.V had a nice 8% move. The USD lost 1.3% percent. The 10Yr hit 1.74, a level not seen in a long time. Volatility is on the upswing and could very well continue into the foreseeable future. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_01.Mar.16.mp3
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In life it's the Dogs that Don't Bark are the ones that bite you on the rear. The financial bust of 2008-09 is a perfect example. It was obvious and yet it was almost universally unseen. It was right under everyone's nose and yet it was virtually universally ignored. The obvious is always the least suspicious. Jason calls it absence blindness. And he has a strategy for avoiding it and saving yourself when everyone else is getting creamed. 

Direct download: Jason_Hartman_02.Mar.16.mp3
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Wipeout Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Today, I wrote "which of the Big Three PPT's will fail first - oil, gold, or stocks?"

Just focus on keeping the Dow Averages up. Keep the oil prices up. Whistle past the cemetery. 

Following up our "eye of the hurricane interview from last week," the downward pressures on nearly all asset classes are only accelerating, whilst the upward pressures on Precious Metals are going parabolic.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_02.Mar.16.mp3
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Dave Bego is a well known business owner who fought aggressive union organizers and won. He's now at the vanguard of the Freedom to Not Choose Union Membership Movement. They just scored a huge victory when West Virginia became the 26th state to pass Right to Work legislation. And there's more states on the way including Missouri and Kentucky. But there's a dark lining to this silver cloud, a major union case pending in the SCOTUS will probably not be decided due to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. 

Direct download: Dave_Bego_01.Mar.16.mp3
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Noted real estate expert from Florida, Jason K. Roberts joined us today. He's rightly concerned about the diminishing future opportunities for the middle class and their progeny. New business formations were exceeded by businesses shuttering their doors, for the first time in recent memory. Jason proposes a number of common sense alternatives for those who are willing to act before it's too late. 

Direct download: Jason_K_Roberts_01.Mar.16.mp3
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You're no doubt aware that under Obamacare, there's only a three month window for you to change your health insurance company. This leads to a mad scramble to find the best possible policy at the most favorable price. However, because Liberty HealthShare is a healthcare cost sharing ministry, it is exempt from the enrollment window as well as the penalties for failure to cary health insurance. For myself, I'm saving over $1000 per month on the policy I used to own. This explains why Liberty HealthShare is growing by leaps and bounds and why they just passed 20,000 membership households.

Direct download: Dale_Bellis_29.Feb.16.mp3
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Aaron Clarey, also known as Captain Capitalism, has been busy. He took a long motorcycle trip around the South and even tried out a donkey ride while he was at it. But he didn't miss a beat when it came time to his valued clients at He specializes in giving direction to lost millennials and heaven knows he'll never run out of takers. He also found time to publish a new book, Curse of the High IQ, which is pretty much self-explanatory. Talk about enjoying the decline!

Direct download: Aaron_Clarey__29.Feb.16.mp3
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When it comes to the precious metals markets there's no more astute observer than Craig Hemke a/k/a Turd Ferguson. And he's not convinced that the rally in precious metals has legs. Until gold smashes the upper end of the channel, which is $1263 per ounce, Craig is a skeptic. It's just that he's seen it so many times before. And hope is not a successful investment strategy. So you've been warned. 

Direct download: Craig_Turd_Hemke_29.Feb.16.mp3
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John brought to our attention today that famed resource investor Rick Rule believes that it's now safe and probably even profitable to start buying miners again. Rich has been bearish on the sector for many years now. His change of sentiment is notable because of his prior record of success in mining stocks. This could be yet another indicator that the precious metal sector has turned. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_29.Feb.16.mp3
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Daniel Greenfield writes, "Hillary Clinton is her own worst enemy. Just as Bill Clinton's worst impulses did more to sabotage his presidency than any Republican, his wife's worst impulses have always undermined her. Some couples balance out each other's weaknesses, but Bill and Hillary enable each other's misbehaviors. While Hillary enabled her husband's abuse of women, Bill enabled her paranoia and obsessiveness."

Now her flailing campaign is retreating into paranoia and conspiracy theories. The Intelligence Community Inspector General, an Obama appointee, is accused of conspiring with Republicans. The rise of Bernie Sanders is being attributed to “dark money” and political enemies by Clintonworld.

Hillary Clinton has a longstanding tendency to turn to a dark conspiratorial mindset when things don’t go her way. She blamed her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky on a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. Her close friend’s papers reveal that Hillary thought Bill had been “driven” to the affair by his “political adversaries”.

It was easier for Hillary to blame her husband’s misbehavior on Republicans than to deal with reality. And her campaign is showing that her worldview hasn’t changed any since then.

Direct download: Daniel_Greenfield_25.Feb.16.mp3
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Lowell Ponte's new tome We've Seen The Future and it Looks a lot Like Baltimore explores the direction in which the country is heading and what you can expect to occur. Freedom of movement will be greatly restricted. Your ability to renounce your citizenship will be priced beyond affordability. And mass unemployment will become the rule, not the exception. The future does indeed look bleak, but all is not lost. 

Direct download: Lowell_Ponte__25.Feb.16.mp3
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When Dan Pilla was young his family's business was seized by the IRS. Later they attempted to grab the family residence. Dan, then only 19 years old, went to court and successfully stopped them in their tracks. Thus began his 30 year career of helping people successfully challenge the agency. He's written 15 books and is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. 

Direct download: Dan_Pilla_25.Feb.16.mp3
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We spoke for the first time with Frank Holmes. He is CEO and chief investment officer of U.S. Global Investors, Inc., a boutique investment advisory firm based in San Antonio that manages domestic and offshore funds specializing in the natural resources and emerging markets sectors.

Frank recently wrote about the war on Monopoly Cash. The esteemed board game is going cashless, resorting to a scanner and "credit cards." Which is a metaphor for society as a whole and the world economic system. The War on Cash has many faces and many players, but the result will be the same, kiss your greenbacks goodbye!

Direct download: Frank_Holmes_23.Feb.16.mp3
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Where do we do from here Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman. 

PMI down to 49.8 just minutes ago, way below expectations of 53.7. Jack Lew says no crisis response, right...

End of the stock, high-yield, and commodity "dead cat bounce" - and the beginning of the "end game."

Tonight's "most important conference call ever" - from David Stockman
Cashless society, BrExit, and the approaching age of draconian, Orwellian government
Looming PM shortages, as demand has exploded higher in recent weeks
Etc., etc.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_24.Feb.16.mp3
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Leslie Pappas wrote the book on 1031 Real Estate Exchanges. She goes through the steps that can you help avoid taxes on gains from Real Estate that you've sold at a substantial profit. It's not hard to do, but there's a number of steps that you need to take to avoid the tax ax from falling upon you. 

Direct download: Leslie_Pappas__09.Feb.16.mp3
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Danielle joined us today. Why wasn't debt paid down when times were good? When the economy was going well, everyone was congratulating themselves for their brilliance. However, when the economy is going down, they're not taking any responsibility for it. These Masters of th Universe. While everyone is claiming that no one could see the oil crash coming, that's incorrect, numerous people did see it coming, along time ago. Where we head from now is the important issue. Will we learn from history? 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_23.Feb.16.mp3
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Arch Crawford the noted astrological financial forecaster joined us today after a long hiatus. He's down on the share markets but finally is seeing the possibility of a long overdue precious metals rally. There's so much uncertainty in the world with financial disruptions a possibility and potential wars ready to break out all over, it's certainly worth having a PM position. 

Direct download: Arch_Crawford_23.Feb.16.mp3
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Former Congressman John LeBoutillier isn't convinced that Donald Trump will be the republican presidential nominee. Rather he believes that the remaining opponents will get their act together, the weakest will drop out leaving the remaining candidate stronger than Trump. When this will happen is the question. So far no one is budging and time is running out. And the theory is questionable, the belief that all of a dropping candidate's votes would go solidly against Trump. When the Donald emerges from Super-Tuesday with the lion's share of votes, many more will likely jump on the winning band wagon.

Direct download: Lohn_LeBoutlier_23.Feb.16.mp3
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Jordan Goodman joined us today for a look at the worsening economy and what it means to investors and business people alike. Jordan believes that the Fed will keep tightening under the justification of dropping unemployment and low inflation. Even though the numbers are artificial, he believes they'll keep doing, until further notice. This means an appreciating US Dollar and worsening trade numbers and is generally bad for investors. Your choices are limited and you need to start finding alternatives. Keeping a significant cash position is certainly an option as is shorter term low risk investments. 

Direct download: Jordan_Goodman_22.Feb.16.mp3
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You know that times are crazy when you have right-wingers and left-wingers in the UK uniting against Britain's membership in the EU. They want out and so do many people in the UK. Negative interest rates have all sorts of unintended consequences but this one should come as no surprise to anyone; there's a run on safes in Japan as people opt for cash instead of seeing their savings confiscated while being kept safe at the local bank. If you're thinking about buying a safe, be careful, don't skimp out and expect your valuables to be safe. Spend at least $1k, but it's best to have an insurance-rated safe. Finally oil prices see no real recovery in site. Which is bad for the world economy, bad for you bank, bad for your pension fund and just plain bad for everything. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_22.Feb.16.mp3
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Shawn Wallace is President and CEO of Auryn (TSXV: AUG and OTC: GGTCF). FSN partnered with a number of miners such as Auryn, who are in it for the long haul. Shawn has been down this road numerous times. In 2005, he and his partner founded Keegan Resources, a $1 stock that saw a 900% return over 5 years! 

In 2014 during one of the worst gold bear markets of all time, they helped investors see over 5 times their money with their second company Cayden Resources. With a $0.67 share price in 2013, they sold the company for $3.79 per share a year later, in the depths of a one of the deepest resource sector depressions ever. 

Now Shawn intends to make Auryn his greatest offering yet and a resurgent precious metals market, a shortage of good projects and an increasing appetite for acquisitions by the Majors could all be aligning for an amazing result!


Direct download: Shawn_Wallace_18.Feb.16.mp3
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Porter Stansberry is a legend in the alternative investing/newsletter world. He started his company in 1999 with a borrowed computer and some space at the kitchen table. Now he's got one of biggest and most successful investment research companies out there. All of this hasn't gotten to Porter's head. He's still doing what he does best, finding opportunities that are under-appreciated by other market participants. He believes that big money will be made in the future from corporate bonds. You just have to know where to look. For average investors he suggests simply making monthly contributions to a high yield bond fund and an index fund and just letting it ride. Also, he sees oil in a secular bear market, which will take years to get out of. Oh, almost forgot, he believes that it's a good time to own gold and silver. 

Direct download: Porter_Stansberry_17.Feb.16.mp3
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