Liberty HealthShare has been making incredible inroads in their efforts to empower people and giving options for health care spending. The concept of Healthcare Cost Sharing Ministries is really catching on. And for good reason too, the concept of peer-to-peer healthcare cost sharing is an idea who's time has come. Using these plans cost a fraction of traditional health insurance. Certainly cost sharing is not for everyone, but if your health is good and you're living a healthy lifestyle, it's always worth checking out, like I did. I've saved well over $10,000 since starting with them, less than one year ago. 

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Anthony Kovic has a mission in life, helping the average person prep for disaster. Depending upon where you live and your personal situation, Anthony has a plan for you.  It's not about extreme prepping at all, it's about what you would need to have if the lights and water went out for up to two weeks. Anthony was inspired to write his book after Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast and he had helped a number of friends and family to avoid the worst parts of it. 

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Where do we go from here Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

-Shanghai Fix, Deutschebank, PSLV (and soon CEF and PHYS) deals
-Exploding global demand, falling production
-Worst global economy every, exploding money printing
-Doha meeting

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Whatever happened to full disclosure and transparency? Seems now-a-days virtually everyone in every sector has a conflict of interest. Conflicts may or may note be acceptable to the parties involved, but they are never acceptable when they remain hidden. And that's exactly the problem today. The revolving door between the SEC, Treasury and the Justice Department makes it impossible for the government to hold guilty players accountable. Accountability is required to flush out the bad players, insure the fairness of the market and bring the system back to life. When and if this will happen is really in question. 

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