“Gold is about to go ballistic and fortunes are about to be made!” – Doug Casey


Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research, is a real legend. He’s made hundreds of millions of dollars speculating in the junior resource sector.



00:30 Introduction to Doug Casey

01:30 Metals have Bottomed: Doug on Where Mining & the Economy are Going

03:30 Printing Money will Cause a Panic into Gold, Possible China/Russian Gold Backed Money

04:15 Best way to Profit off the New Bull Market

05:30 Doug's Top Resource Stock Right Now

07:10: Marin Katusa: The Best Stock Picker Doug Knows

07:40 Getting a 20 or 30 Bagger in Today's Market

09:30 Donald Trump: What Mr. Casey thinks of 2016 Election & Trump

11:20 Hopefully Hillary will be indicted

13:40 Is there anything to be Optimistic about? Diversify Internationally

Other savvy investors are already taking note of the deep-value trade we have in the gold sector, while at the same time, currency wars are escalating and government debt is surging higher. Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, and George Soros have all been entering the sector.

In August, Stanley Druckenmiller shocked the world when he moved 21% of his portfolio into gold, and then in March of 2016, updated his filing to a 30% gold position! Mr. Druckenmiller is the “smart money” – his fund, over 3 decades, beat Warren Buffet’s by more than 50%!

In his interview, Doug Casey said to bet on the jockey in these cycles. Which, for his top suggestion, Brazil Resources, is Amir Adnani, a younger executive who’s already delivered large gains for investors in his previous ventures.

Right now is the time to be entering into the mines and metal shares.


Max Porterfield's is President and CEO of Callinex Mines. They're located in Canada and have a number of projects in Manitoba and are an FSN partner. The news out of the Callinex is exciting as world class investors have have invested heavily in the company. Max believes that there's an emerging supply issue with Zinc, mines have closed and above ground supplies are being depleted. This could spell opportunity for Callinex and investors who get in early. 

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