Jeff Berwick wrote and produced a number of articles and videos last year about the Shmita. He saw major market disruptions and much chaos ahead. Just when you thought it was safe to day trade again, Jeff has been writing about the Jubilee, which is the year after the 7th Shmita. Though not observed by the Jewish religion for quite a while, Jeff believes we are experiencing the Jubilee year now and that there's much turmoil that's already occurred, but there's much more to come. Being prepared is the only way to get through this challenge without great suffering. Is he right? Probably too early to tell, but the year is already 1/3 over and if the remainder is like the beginning, buckle your seat belts. 

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The U.S. experiences a financial and terror crisis as it wrestles with the Presidential election of 2020. So goes the theme of Jim's next book. How far from reality will it be?  

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Jeff Cox is the Finance Editor at CNBC. His first book expressed great concern about the burgeoning deficit. That was in 2011 and things haven't gotten any better in the past 5 years. Things are changing, the US is changing its monetary policy and the easy money has been made thanks to Quantitative Easing and money printing. There will always be opportunities and Jeff believes that one needs to invest internationally. He also believes in holding a portion of your portfolio in gold. A very refreshing outlook from a member of the mainstream financial media. 

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Woody believes that recession is right around the corner. It's been a year since the stock market has hit a new high. Precious metals are up, oil is looking better and most commodities overall have made a hard bottom. And add Donald Trump into the mix and it doesn't getting any more interesting than that. And then of course there's "Crooked Hillary."

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