How do you make money in today’s markets? Is there a particular trading methodology or system that you can use to outperform the markets? This episode follows the journey of Anmol Singh through his career as a trader as he recalls what is what like starting out in the markets, and how he got to where he is today. He was struggling in the search for a job/internship towards the end of his undergraduate career, and began educating himself on trading—reading literature, watching videos, and eventually seeking out a mentor that he went to work for. His prop firm experience allowed him to make mistakes early on; with good risk parameters in place and smaller amounts of money to trade, Anmol had about 2-3 years of real trial and error before he was able to start making a living off of trading. He has now been trading for 13 years, and founded Live Traders to inform aspiring traders and provide them with the tools for success. We cover some trading fails, what makes a good Live Traders student, and the importance of well defined systems for trading. Tune in for more great insight. 

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Financial Survival Network
Live Traders
Anmol Singh Instagram

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