John Rubino joins us in this episode to unpack the emerging banking crisis, which has become extremely prevalent recently. Last month, Jim Cramer said that Silicon Valley Bank was the pick of the decade, and this week, it ceases to exist. The same is true for Signature Bank, which was the only other bank that went bankrupt this week—making that two failed picks from Jim Cramer in the span of a year. It seems that the banks’ delayed reactions to yield curve inversion have created confusion and misleading outlooks on the economy. The yield curve inversion did not hurt the banks immediately, but we are now at the point of inversion where it does start to hurt the banks. Furthermore, even if a capitulation comes sooner rather than later, we will still see a recession this year—dissolving the illusion that we’ve been living under for so long. Tune in for more insight. 

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Torq Resources’(🇺🇸TRBMF -- 🇨🇦TORQ) CEO and Chair Shawn Wallace joined us for a sponsor update. Fresh off a C$6.26 financing, the company is flush with cash. A fully funded 15,000 meter drill program focused on their Santa Cecilia Project has commenced. The project has been progressing rapidly. Challenges have arisen, ” … mostly external to the project. In a normal world, which we certainly aren't right now … we could have done it more quickly, but you can't really speed up the science and the process to make good decisions”, CEO Wallace stated.

In the face of these challenges, the company’s Chilean team picked up the baton and ran with it. According to Wallace, they are equal to or superior to any talent he’s worked with. While it’s been over a decade since the discovery was made, he observes that, “We have the privilege of following up on historical work that defined 1.5 km of continuous vertical mineralization, starting at surface in an epithermal gold system and then transitioned into copper porphyry mineralization. There are multiple porphyry centers on this project, so this is only the beginning of a significant drill campaign...” The first two drill holes will take place in the Cerro del Medio target, which is centrally located on the project.

Torq has strong local community backing. Chile is stable. The Chilean People made their voice heard during the recent referendum. Now it’s a matter of waiting for the drill results, which should prove that Torq is extremely undervalued. Other companies are watching the project closely. With end users around the world stepping up to insure reliable sources of EV metals, Torq’s market position could get very interesting very quickly.

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Banks blowing up have made for a crazy last couple of days on Wall Street. How are these circumstances going to affect the broader market? Avi Gilburt comes on the show to talk about what is happening with regard to the bank situation; last week, the market gave us a nice setup for a decline to the 3800 region, and things could go in multiple directions. The banking sector has been looking unhealthy for a few years now, and Avi predicts that a lot of banks are going to continue to face major problems—especially the bigger ones. How we handle the floor and resistance in the next week will give us some more insight about how the market is going to react over the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for what’s to come. 

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