How do you make the Fed work for you instead of against you? Dr. Larry Marsh, professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame, appears in this episode to discuss this topic. Drawing from the subject matter of his latest book, Optimal Money Flow, Dr. Marsh emphasizes the importance of being a long time player in the stock market—explaining how average yearly stock market growth factors into the profitability of ETFs over many years. Moreover, a mentality of frugality allows one to secure future financial stability rather than fleeting wins. Dr. Marsh highlights multiple key takeaways from his book, such as the appropriate level of government involvement within the broader economy and how to gauge investment decisions based on the circumstances. Tune in for more valuable insight, and use the link below to purchase a copy of Optimal Money Flow.

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The secondary market for mortgages is gaining a lot of attention, and Abby Shemesh, the Co-Founder and Chief Acquisitions Officer of Amerinote Xchange, joins us in this episode to discuss note buying and the opportunities in this sector with relevance to the current economy. Abby started his career in originations—the primary mortgage market—and learned about the secondary market as the company he was with started to expand across the East coast. He made the full transition to this market in 2006, founding Amerinote Xchange, and hasn’t looked back since. This market became saturated in 2008 when more people started to discover secondary strategy; today, Abby says that they are now experiencing tremendous activity that they haven’t seen in 14 years. They expect to see increased owner financing—accounting for the lag from the time that interest rates go up—and predict that a lot of the notes created in 2023 will hit the market around this time next year. Furthermore, Abby dives into the note buying/selling process, touching on the criteria for selling a mortgage, the benefits of seller financing, and what determines the attractiveness of a note. Tune in for more useful insight on the secondary market.

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