What do we do about the the negative mindset surrounding money and bad spending habits we inherit from previous generations? Bestselling author, coach, and mentor to numerous Fortune 500 executives—Judy Wilkins-Smith—appears in this episode to address breaking free from financial patterns that weave throughout families and society at large. When you begin to look at your thoughts, feelings, and actions around money, and the events in your life that have influenced your concept of personal finances, you can understand some of the unresolved patterns that are blocking you from reaching your goals. Not only do our personal lives and familial perceptions of money influence these thoughts; global events can also trigger meta-patterns that control how we act and react around money. Judy emphasizes that money isn’t a commodity; it’s a relationship, and a positive relationship with money can enable us to serve humanity in a valuable way and experience true freedom. Tune in for more insight. 

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Judy Wilkins-Smith
Decoding Your Emotional Blueprint

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The war, the breakdown of international supply chains, and de-globalization coupled with the lasting effects of the pandemic shutdowns have made for a complex financial reality. Here to discuss this is precious metals analyst and speculator Lobo Tiggre, who emphasizes the value of the precious metals amid the downfall of dollar supremacy. Underneath the guise of optimism and reassurance is the bitter truth that, no matter how careful you are about the bank you use, there is always inherent currency risk. Is there any method that guarantees the safety of your money? Tune in to find out. 

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