Tax time is rapidly approaching and we’re all looking for ways to keep more of our money. Thankfully, this episode’s guest is an expert in this and is here to talk about some of the best tax strategies in the game. Shauna Wekherlien, known as the Tax Goddess to her clients, is part of the 1% of CPAs in the country that is certified in tax strategy, meaning that she is the person to talk to if you want to save big money. Shauna says that there are a couple of avoidable mistakes people make when trying to cut down their taxes: they may consult a CPA that does not have the required strategic expertise, or they consult an expert about strategy after the year is over. 98% of the most effective strategies need to be performed within the year, so it’s crucial to speak to the right individual early on. Shauna shares some of her favorite strategies and explains how/why they work; she also dives into some methods that you may have not considered or did not think feasible. Be sure to tune into this episode for more fascinating insight. 

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Tax Goddess

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Grant Norwood comes on the show to give his take on the state of the oil patch, and it looks like the shale era is coming to an end—for oil, at least. We discuss the progression towards an electrified fuel economy that has everyone wondering how long the transition would take, and if this could sustain future energy needs. Grant talks about the current difficulties with acquiring funding for reserves, and says that we would need to take at least half the cars off the road that use fossil fuels to position ourselves for a better future. We also discuss where oil prices are headed, and Grant provides predictions based on government policy, the lack of new supply and companies shutting down. Tune in for more valuable insight. 

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Norwood Energy

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