Carl Delfeld joins us in this episode to discuss the ramifications of the Ukraine war to the US, Russia, and China, and its role in the ongoing struggle for power. The situation at hand has allowed China to rise up even more, and Carl contends that it will be easy for them to dominate Eurasia, as they are already a superpower in Asia to some degree. They are still facing their own challenges, however, specifically with the real estate market and accumulation of debt. Moreover, Carl says that the biggest mistake would be for the US to become complacent, and emphasizes the need for smart diplomacy moving forward. Tune in for more insight. 

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Power Rivals: America and China's Superpower Struggle

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Is there a universal formula for retirement planning? Brad Barrett comes on the show to talk about tailoring your retirement plan to your interests and goals, which is the premise of his recent book, Retire Right: Secure the Right Path to Your Retirement. Retirement planning entails considerations that are subjective amongst individuals, and Brad finds it helpful to start by assessing a client’s long term vision and behavioral financial DNA, or the psychology behind their finances. Furthermore, he explains that income and assets are a married concept, and highlights the importance of assets earning for you relative to your distribution rate. Tune in for more useful information about preparing for retirement. 

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Financial Survival Network
Retire Right Book

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