If you’re looking for a great real estate investment opportunity, this episode’s guest is worth checking out. Jon Jasniak is a successful land investor and entrepreneur that buys, sells, and flips land for a profit. He is based in Texas and primarily does it himself, but he has students all over and offers numerous resources to educate people on land investing. Even in the current market, Jon notes the great demand for raw land outside city limits, and sources an abundance of deals online. Tune in to hear more about this profitable venture and Jon’s real estate insight. 

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Jon Jasniak

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Is the inflation scare over, or has the true scare yet to come? John Rubino joins me in this episode to discuss numerous factors that allude to the worsening of inflation before anything remotely positive takes place. The economy needs to roll over in order for the Fed to go back to easing; in this case, a good jobs report and housing report promote further tightening. This is bad news all across the board because we’ve already tightened enough to trigger a recession—with the effects are showing in the housing industry, automotive industry, and many other areas. Will we ever escape the feedback loop that ends in disaster? Tune in to find out. 

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