Working with turnarounds can be one of the most profitable and satisfying activities, and a major proponent of turnaround opportunities comes on the show to speak in depth about how this process works. During the pandemic, John Paul Mendocha decided to use his experience in the turnaround business to start teaching individuals about this pursuit. His company, Turnaround Engine Network, helps entrepreneurial-minded individuals learn how to find turnaround opportunities and implement strategies to execute on these opportunities. They are creating a network of people that know what to look for and how to look for it, and more importantly, are willing to put in the work that it takes to successfully rescue/revamp a business. Tune in for more insight. 

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Financial Survival Network
Turnaround Engine Network
John Paul Mendocha

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On FSN, we’re always interested in hearing about investing alternatives, and the focal point for this episode is wine and spirits. Fine wines have historically out-performed many indices over the years, and the last few years have been no exception—yielding returns in the double digits. OenoGroup’s Managing Partner, Maxwell Nee, comes on the show to talk about this sector and how he came to realize the potential within it. Learning about the pricing of spirits and how wine and whisky appreciate with age drove Maxwell to enter the business, and he helps other people invest in this sector. We discuss financial models, the best up and coming markets for wines, and factors that have significant control over a wine/spirit’s price. Tune in for more insight on this fascinating investing opportunity from an expert in the field. 

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Financial Survival Network
Maxwell Nee

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