Interest rates continue to go up, and the Fed is promising another 50 basis point hike. How is this affecting the real estate market, and is real estate still the place to be? Here to tackle this topic is Real Estate Investor James Dainard, who sheds light on the ways that the Fed rate hikes have impacted real estate in the Pacific Northwest. Higher interest rates have slowed down the disposition, creating more expenses, and have greatly affected the value of flipped homes—especially in the beginning. James says that, although we have yet to see the end of rate increases, there is always a way to make a return in real estate. Transitions in the market unveil opportunities in different places, and James discusses some of these. Tune in for more insight. 

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James Dainard

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Is there a financial crash in our future? Michael Markowski has predicted all three major crashes since 2007, and appears in this episode to tell us why we’re on the road to another. He makes a couple of significant predictions: a 69% decline from the peak to the trough for the S&P 500 and a third US Great Depression that will set in by the end of the year. Michael describes some of the ways in which the S&P 500 can go down by a minimum of 45% (which is required for a depression to occur) and that this decline can be anticipated by understanding investor psychology. Secular markets in particular condition investors to be either fearful or greedy, shifting attitudes towards risk. Michael discusses his company, AlphaTack, and their algorithm-backed strategies that introduce investors to hedge funds with the goal of “growing assets against the wind.” He explains how they integrate in-depth research and market data to provide solutions to investors, and names some sectors and allocation targets they’re working with. Tune in to this episode for expert insight on the crash, and tips on how to prepare. 

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