There's a new breed of optimism rearing its head. Call it Trumpian optimism. We haven't seen anything like it for decades, not since Ronald Reagan. But will it be enough to solve our yuuge problems? No problem can be solved from an attitude of pessimism and hopelessness. No, only optimism, hopefulness and a sense of positivity can solve personal, societal and human problems. But will it be enough? We certainly all hope and pray that it will be so, but we must be realistic. $20 trillion is a lot of debt! Can Donald Trump do it? 

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In a recent article it was shown that the Millennials have very poor survival skills. No surprise here, the snowflakes seems to melt away at the slightest problem. But author, podcaster Anthony Kovic is optimistic. He believes that the Millennials got an unwelcome wake up call on November 8 and that they will quickly adapt. They won't put up with inefficient government when there's an app for that. Let's see if he's right. 

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In just a few short days Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president. Goldman Sachs appears to be very happy, with much of their staff and alumni in key economic positions. But they're the only ones. Government by Tweet has become the rule. And Obama has become all but irrelevant, Barrack who? What's in store for the new administration, let's see what will happen next. 

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