Hard to believe that Trump has been in office just 10 days. It's a whole new world. But what about his Treasury Secretary Mnuchin. He's Skull & Bones, Goldman through and through. His father was a Goldman director. Talk about someone from the belly of the beast. According to Bix he even ran the market rigging operation for the Vampire Squid. So why did Trump pick him? He had to know what the deal was. Was it just a matter of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? Or is there more? Obviously you can't upset the entire monetary apple cart from day one, or then you'll really have pure chaos. Rather, things have to be done in stages. We're obviously in the first stage now. Trump is consolidating power. Once he's firmly in command his plan, whatever it maybe will start to unfold. Then we'll know if he's a good guy, or a not so good guy. Can't wait to find out. 

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Noah Kerner and Jennifer Barrett have come up with an ingenious app that helps Millennials save by rounding up their purchases and also kicking in a few bucks extra for affiliated merchants. A wise millennial can save $750 or more per annum in an ETF portfolio, which over time will really add up. I was so impressed by their innovativeness that I signed up myself, even though I'm a baby boomer. Hey, you can never save enough, right? 

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Christopher Lochhead is co-author of Harper Collins’ best seller: Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets and the co-host of the new Legends and Losers podcast. He also coaches CEOs and exec teams in category design and marketing from time to time. We discuss what the recent tech winners have in common and why entrepreneurism has taken a hit in the US recently, but why it's coming back now. 


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